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Trailer Tongue Extension?


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I HAD the aluminum cargo basket mounted on the tongue of our Oliver. The sharp corners of the basket damaged the bumper of my old tow vehicle during tight turns, so I took off the basket and haven't been using it since getting a new tow vehicle. Have any on you experienced the same problem? How have you dealt with the problem?


I was thinking about further extending my trailer tongue, so as to make it long enough the basket would clear each end of the tow vehicle bumper during tight turns. Any advice or ideas from anyone who may have had the same problem?

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I have extended my trailer tongue enough so that the factory aluminum basket clears the ends of the bumper on my tow vehicle. I took the trailer for a short test tow and it towed great. I had to get a new electrical cord to reach the tow vehicle. The chains were long enough to reach, so no problem there.

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