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Making Things Easier, Propane Tanks and Water Heater


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Finally got around to solving a couple of issues I have had for a while with our Oliver. The first is the fact that the pulling propane tanks in and out can be a bit of a pain. The regulator, hoses and bracket seem to always be in the way. Study the issue a little bit and decided it would be easier if the regulator and hoses where on the back side of the tank compartment. Simply reversed the setup and it does seem much easier to get the tank in and out.


Next I shortened the bracket that holds the tanks in place, by about 3/4 of an inch to where I only have two notches on each side rather than three. This makes it easier to get the bracket out of the way.


And finally, the hot water heater switch in our Oliver is near the floor and kind of under the rear bed. I decided it would be much better to have it next to the water pump switch.

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Moving the water heater switch was a very good idea, it was never convenient where it was. I had to modify our propane tank setup too, for the same reasons that you stated.

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Basically just reversed where the regulator was. It was original on the forward side of the tanks and the hoses were always in the way. Reversed everything by mounting to the rear of the tanks, which keeps the hoses out of the way when moving the tanks in and out.

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