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Introducing RVillage - Come Join the Oliver Group!


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We are so excited that Oliver is back in production, and it's so wonderful to see this community growing! While we no longer own an Oliver, the trailers and the community remain near and dear to our hearts.


For the past several months we've been involved with an exciting project called RVillage. It's a new social network specifically for RVers. And we just recently launched.


Ya - we know. You're probably saying 'Do we really need another social network?'.




This one, we think, you'll find different.


It's designed specifically for RVers, by RVers. The intention is to help us meet and find like minded people right in the RV Parks and locations we park at.. and keep in touch with friends we've met. When you log in, you set your location to where you're at, and then can browse others right in your park or nearby location.


You can also 'friend' each other, and see where your friends are on our 'Explore' map.


And.. an exciting feature - is the group's map. This one below is from a group of fellow bus conversion owners (what we travel in since selling our Oliver)... but you can get the idea of what an Ollie map might look like once folks are joined up on RVillage:





I've set up an 'Oliver Trailer Trailer Owners' group on RVillage that you can join, and you can track each other around the country. Wouldn't it be awesome to know when another fellow Ollie owner was nearby, or soon passing your way?


RVillage is completely free for us RVers to use. And creating a new account/profile is super simple and easy.


If you'd like to check it out, please join us at http://www.RVillage.com - and then be sure to join the Oliver Travel Trailer by clicking 'Groups'. You can either search for it, browse through the pages and pages of groups (maybe you'll find other special interests you'd like to join too!)


For more information:

Our blog announcement: http://www.technomadia.com/2014/03/intr ... t-project/

RV-Dreams Review (and a tutorial to RVillage): http://www.rv-dreams-journal.com/2014/0 ... ction.html





RVillage is a brand new site, and we are technically in a 'Public Beta'. That means our team is still actively developing, and there are some rough edges that are still be smoothed out. But we're making progress every day, and are inviting the public to come on in and help us make it even better!


Hope to see you on RVillage!


- Cherie & Chris

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