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Another solar problem

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Night 1 of my texas to alaska trip results in the first problem I've found. Solar is not charging the batteries even in highest sun. My parents used it on shore power and I didn't have time to do a test night on batteries. I've verified that the panel switch is on I measured 13.8V on panel side and battery side of zamp controller. If I understand it right after the zamp it should be a straight shot to the batteries with a fuse or breaker on the positive run am I wrong? I'm having trouble identifying which one is for the solar the manual lists a red/black wire leading to it but the only red/black wire I can find under the dinette seat doesn't look like it has any sort of breaker on it before it goes to the bus bar

2018 F150 FX4 5.0v8 

2022 Oliver Elite Hull #1285

2023 Oliver Elite Hull #1434

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I don’t have the factory solar package (but I do have the wiring), so not sure if this will help, but there is the master DC 60 amp breaker and another smaller 20 amp resetting breaker (under the red rubber cover), for the DC circuits under the street side bed that you can check for proper voltages as part of your troubleshooting.  


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