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Dicor's new "gunnable" butyl sealant

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This popped up in my feed today. Basically a replacement for my favorite tried and true sealant (butyl tape), for windows, vents, and ports.

The actor in the video claims it is  much faster to use than  butyl tape. Since we've used tape so many, many times, we're pretty fast with that. Sealant doesn't look as thick, but it is a nice light gray.

I got a kick out of his "finish" with big blobs of lap sealant run around a nice installation of the butyl caulk with the vent. (We normally finish the edge of trimmed butyl tape with a nice even bead of white caulk, to keep the butyl from attracting dirt, and limit uv exposure.)

We'll have to wait and see how this compares to old school butyl tape, in the long run. It's so new, I haven't found any user reviews yet.

The "can be used on some plastics" is also a concern. I'd want to have a conversation with dicor before using it, as fiberglass is actually glass reinforced plastic, as we all know.







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