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Weight Distribution Hitches & tongue weight redux


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This is a timely discussion as I have ordered a new Oliver 23.5. I researched this a bit and discovered that there are indeed two criteria for towing. Weight Carrying, vs. Weight Distributing. It was hard to find but my 2011 Chevy Avalanche with the Z82 towing package, and VR4 trailer hitch will stretch the limits of Weight Carrying when I pick up the Oliver. The label is hard to find. Above the 7 wire receptacle and you have to stand on your head almost to read it. Mine says the following...


Carrying Weight 600 pound tongue 5000 pound maximum trailer weight

Distributing weight 1,500 pound tongue 12,000 maximum


So will my Ollie weigh more than 5000 pounds?

Is the Anderson hitchworth the $534 Oliver charges. Probably yes.

Current 2007 Airstream Classic Limited 31

2015 Oliver Legacy Elite II (Sold)

2016 Ram 2500 HD 6.7i Cummins turbo diesel


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