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I was looking at the Classified… Too confusing …

Someone needs to delete the already sold items in fairness to those who do have a unit for sale.

Who cares if an item is sold; someone actually put SOLD on a formerly for sale unit. Who cares? a potential buyer wants to look at what's available…not what's not there anymore. I know I'm always curious… but not when there's a whole list of old stuff listed.

I don't mean to be cranky, but gee whiz, this is today, not 2 years ago.

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I understand your frustration but if you look at the Air Stream and Fiberglass Forums they don't delete their classified posts and they go back many years. Not sure if you know anything about the Oliver trailers but there are few out there and they sale very fast. When you look at the classifieds in this Forum the last one you see posted for sell is probably already sold if the post is older than a week or two. When I was considering selling mine at one time I was able to look at the past posts to help determine the value of mine and found it very helpful. As a owner of an Oliver I hope no one deletes any of the past posts of this Forum because it is a very informative forum.

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