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  1. Pete posted pictures of installing a macerator system. It's under Alternate Sewer Hose System dated June 22, 2009. Good luck with installing it. Pam
  2. We live in Northern CA and bought our Oliver in 2008. We have only taken it to a RV service center once for a repair on the refrigerator and it was covered by the refrigerator warranty and Oliver. Ours was delivered to us in CA because we were unable to go to Tennessee. It would have been nice if we had been able to pick it up at the factory because there was a couple minor issues and a learning curve that we could have dealt with there. Oliver authorized work to be done on the minor issues but we fixed them ourselves. They are a great company to deal with even from this distance. I wouldn't let the distance stop me from buying one of these gems. Pam
  3. We have constant problems with mice getting in our vehicles and was concerned that we would have the same problem with the Oliver. The seven years we have had our Oliver we have not seen any sign of mice getting in it. Pam
  4. Been looking at the Parkit 360 to help us maneuver our trailer into a space beside the garage. See that Sherry and Paul purchased one almost a year ago and am looking for a hopefully positive review. Any recommendations from others would be helpful. There is also a Trailer Valet that looked promising at first but it hooks to the frame which isn't possible with the Oliver. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you, Pam
  5. We put up one of those inexpensive carports with a canopy top. It cost about $300 and the canopy lasted five years and we replaced it for $50.00. We are in Northern CA and this has worked well for us. We get no snow and use to get lots of rain. I keep a product like DampRid in it and the tires covered. We also keep it plugged on all the time and as we have been on able to travel for quite some time we test everything monthly to make sure everything is still working properly. It's located on a graveled area. Good luck finding the best solution for your new trailer. Pam
  6. It is a magical place Pete. We are fortunate to live under these beautiful redwoods, although, stormy windy weather remind us that one may fall on our house at anytime. We have been unable to travel due to caring for parents but being grounded to this area is fine as it is so beautiful. I try to look at the beauty around me everyday and appreciate it. I am so glad you were able to enjoy the area. In a few years we hope to travel the US and take in the beauty that each state offers. I look forward to following your adventures. Pam
  7. I very much enjoyed looking through your blog posts tonight Pete. You have wonderful photos. I see that in Oct. of 2008 you stayed at Jedediah Smith State Park in Northern California. We live about three miles from the park and had just purchased our Oliver in Aug. of 2008. Small world. Thank you for the great posts. Pam
  8. Where are you located Dave? We have a 2008 Oliver and live in Crescent City, CA and I think someone still has one in Sacramento. We have no issues with the height; but my husband is 5'8". They are a wonderful little trailer. Pam
  9. We don't have the King Dome in ours because like you we didn't want to set up an account. A lot of campgrounds have regular cable hook ups. The cable outlet is on the outside near the back bumper. You just have to make sure it is hooked up to the TV. All the cables were already run in ours so it was easy to hook up to the TV. We like to rent movies now and then while camping also. Of course, technology is also changing and leaving me behind. Not sure about other states but in CA we have to have a black box for each TV so we can no longer just hook our TV's directly to the cable outlet so I'm not sure if that's an issue in campgrounds. A two month trip sounds wonderful. Pam
  10. We have two of those utility pop-up containers. The small one we keep in the bath room next to the toilet and the larger one we put under the small table. It's small enough that it isn't in our way when setting there. We also store things in collapsable baskets that slide under our bed. Camping World has a great selection of items that help you better utilize space in RV's. Pam
  11. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Pam and Allen
  12. No experience with other fiberglass trailers but we tow our 17' Oliver with a 2008 Avalanche. It tows beautifully. Our gas mileage doesn't change when we are towing; we get 18 mpg. We do a lot of back road driving though so we're seldom driving very fast. Would image the 22' Oliver tows just as nicely. Pam
  13. Thank you to all of you that have helped to keep the Forum up and running. Pam
  14. I love the inside layout. Thanks for posting the pictures. I don't think any of us ever get tired of seeing photos of Oliver's. Pam
  15. When the tail gunner yells to circle the wagons everyone else will wish they had your Oliver. I looked at the website and that looks like a great trip. You are going to have a great time. Pam
  16. I hate to age myself but I remember when those caravans first started over 30 years ago. As I was running a white water rafting business at that time I spoke with some of the "wagon masters" at trade shows who were just starting out. Thought it sounded fun. I would definitely check on the company's track record and make sure there are no issues with taking dogs. Baja is still considered safe for tourist. Too much money being made to not keep the criminal element out. Sounds like it could be a great trip and hope you take many photos to share with the rest of us if you go. Pam
  17. I understand your frustration but if you look at the Air Stream and Fiberglass Forums they don't delete their classified posts and they go back many years. Not sure if you know anything about the Oliver trailers but there are few out there and they sale very fast. When you look at the classifieds in this Forum the last one you see posted for sell is probably already sold if the post is older than a week or two. When I was considering selling mine at one time I was able to look at the past posts to help determine the value of mine and found it very helpful. As a owner of an Oliver I hope no one deletes any of the past posts of this Forum because it is a very informative forum.
  18. We tow our 17 footer with a 2008 Chevy Avalanche and our gas mileage averages 18 mpg whether we are towing the trailer or not. We drive between 55 and 65. Pam
  19. That's a great idea Stan. As you can see our license includes our hull number. Maybe the year and hull number on the spare tire cover would be a good spot. I'm not sure if we have the only Oliver with the web name misspelled but I'm pretty sure we are the only one with Jim Oliver autograph on the outside and inside of our Oliver. Pam
  20. I was delighted to see that you have joined the Oliver family, Scott, and decided on the 22' Oliver. They are by far a superior trailer to many on the market. Enjoy many happy trips with your Oliver! Pam
  21. Plexiglass is a smart way to go. My parrots habitat is built into the wall with plexiglass doors. It is good protection for them from the cats and also contains the mess they seem to love to make. It's never to early to start planning for your new trailer and I'll look forward to someday seeing your planned modification.
  22. I loved the reason for your requested modification. I have a couple of parrots myself and have been trying to figure out where to make room to include them in future travels. Hope you post pictures when the modification is completed and be sure to include your bird. Pam
  23. Welcome to the Oliver world. Happy to see a 22' Oliver coming to California. We have a 17' and live up the road from you in Crescent City. Enjoy your many travels and adventures in your new trailer. Pam and Allen
  24. A Thermarest is a backpack pad that rolls up. When you open it up air fills it up so it's about a half inch thick. It seems to be just enough to give you a little cushion. If I didn't already have those to use I would probably go with memory foam. Pam
  25. We also found the cushions not very comfortable for a bed. We talked about getting a 2" foam mattress to put over the cushions when we realized we had a couple of Thermarests that would work. They aren't the perfect fit but the difference was unbelievable. They are a little spendy so I'm not sure I would buy them for that purpose but we already had them. They are very comfortable and if we want to put the table up they are easy enough to roll up and stow out of your way. Pam
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