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Quick question for anyone out there………can someone explain what these little “drain ports” are for, or what they are draining?

They are located under frame, just left and right of the steps.   I didn’t really have anything running other than refrigerator, but thought that condensation drain is the little tube that hangs down.   Let me know any thoughts out there, thanks.  GDF 



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Actually they are called "scupper" holes or drains.

These serve a couple of purposes:

1 - they "vent" the area between the inner and outer hulls.  Any condensation that might form between the inner and outer hulls will either drain or be evaporated due to increased air movement from these.  Actually when you are driving down the road these cause a "venturi" effect which actually draws air/moisture out from the hulls.

2 - they allow for the draining of any "leaks" that might occur.  In turn, this reduces the chances of mold or mildew that might be caused by any water collected within the inner and outer hulls.  If you ever actually see any liquid draining from these scuppers, it would be advisable to search for the cause of that as soon as possible.


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Very helpful.  If you see water coming out of one of these scuppers be sure to investigate as you surely have a water system leak.

We have have had two instances where water poured out of one of these scuppers.  The line attaching the water pump to the water line popped off when the trailer was new and on another occasion water poured out of a scupper forward of the steps when the overflow hose on top of the freshwater tank split due to faulty installation.  

We opened interior hatches and ran fans in the bilge for a couple weeks in order to dry things out.  Without the scuppers water would have been trapped between the hulls and would likely cause damage over time.

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