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  1. My 2023 F-150 Lariet with just about everything on it except the sunroof stickered at about $75,000 and my out the door was just north of $72,000. Bill
  2. Historically, our Rally has been the weekend after Mother's Day. This year those dates are May 17 - 21. All the info you need can be found by clicking on "Home" at the top left of this page and then scrolling about half way down to where you see the Oliver Owner's Rally OR click HERE Bill
  3. There was at least one Oliver Elite II that has tank heaters. It was ordered by a guy from South Carolina that did what I believe was oil shale work in the northeast during the winter. Bill
  4. This too has been discussed here on the Forum many times. Oliver did produce 4 Olivers (red, blue, black) plus, of course the white ones we all know and love. Simply put - the man-power cost of adding color as compared to the volume of units produced simply didn't make economic sense. This primarily is due to the need to get every spec of color out of the equipment and environment where the shells are manufactured prior to producing anything of a different color. Bill
  5. Even though this topic of hitch height has been covered many times before here on the Forum - your best bet is to call or email your Oliver Sales Agent and ask - "how high off the level ground should my hitch ball be?". Ford does not require you to have a WDH with the 250. And, Olivers do not sway. Bill
  6. I'm next door just on the other side of the mountains in Western North Carolina. Bill
  7. I get all the "Nose Art" I can handle when I see all of those bugs that I've got to clean off!🤣 Seriously - this is the reason I have opted to NOT have a decal on the front of Twist - it is a bit more easier removing bug guts off gel-coat versus off a decal over gel-coat. Bill
  8. there are a ton of these available HERE Bill
  9. I'd bet that Matt is presently working his butt off showing the Olivers down in Georgia. Probably will not be back in the office until Tuesday and then will be trying to play "catch-up". Bill
  10. From what I've heard - there is a ton of boondocking in and around that area. You might go on over to YouTube and type in the search box something like Moab boondocking. Good luck! Bill
  11. With the type of pipe insulation I pointed you to, you can simply apply it to a pipe that you can access and then push/slide it along that pipe until it will not slide anymore. This allows you to "reach" into areas without tearing things apart. To do your heat tape you will need very close access to each pipe - that will be very difficult given the time constraints you originally mentioned.
  12. There are a few owners that have name their Oliver - Olive. I believe that one of them had the "third brake light" decal changed to that. And, of course, there is at least one Oliver named Olivia. Bill p.s. Almost any print shop/sign shop worth its weight can easily make a hull number decal for you and they are fairly easy to apply too.
  13. Thanks. Actually, its funny watching peoples faces while they think about it. This is especially so for English teachers. Bill
  14. I don't normally name vehicles, campers, motorcycles, etc. But - one morning prior to taking delivery my wife and I were sitting at the breakfast table and she said that I have to name the Oliver. I said "why" and she (three times in a row) said "because". Well, after that third time My "husband alarm bells went off" and I (finally) realized that she was actually trying to tell me something - "duh". So, I said, "OK, what should I name it". She replied, "Twist". Well, it took me about 30 seconds of sitting there with a more than usual dumb look on my face before I figured it out.
  15. Glad that things went well. You might want to contact Oliver to let them know that you (or Magnus) are the new owner so that you will be notified in the unlikely event of a recall or service notice. Enjoy the heck out of it! Bill
  16. Nice - but - You could up the ante by getting rid of that "tin" RV and getting yourself one of THESE
  17. So - paint your hubs pink or blue and call it a day?😉 Bill
  18. Well - if it were me I'd winterize my Ollie. Simply put - the cost of potential repairs far outweigh the comparative inconvenience. In cold weather I leave my Oliver winterized and carry a couple of gallon milk jugs for water to flush the toilet and/or sponge baths (where campground facilities are not available/there are also "Dude Wipes" that can be used for this purpose). Drinking and cooking water is also carried either in the tow vehicle or within the Ollie - depending on temps. Good luck! Bill
  19. So glad that you caught the problem BEFORE it really turned into a problem. Sure would have been easy to miss that tread on the inside - again, great work on seeing it. Almost makes one wonder what was keeping that thing from letting go on you. Bill
  20. Many of he things in this regard that apply to the Elite II will also apply to the Elite I. I'd insulate just about anything that I could get my hands on and I'd start with the water lines. Actually at the elementary level this is fairly simple - go down to the local hardware store and get yourself several lengths of 1/2 inch foam pipe insulation like THIS and put it on any (yes - both hot and cold) pipe you can reach. Then start shoving extra insulation anywhere you can (I'd use something like Reflextix) anywhere you can - an extra layer in the attic, a layer in and around the external shower and under the dinette seats, layer behind the kitchen drawers, etc.. You don't have enough time for more "extreme" measures. In any case have a great trip! Bill
  21. Hope your "collection" of 225 goes well for you. We are here to help as is the rest of your family at Oliver Travel Trailers. Bill
  22. Here's that same fan after being up (and down) a 40 mile dirt road!
  23. I manual switch is REALLY helpful when in the middle of the night that fan decides to start screaming like some demon - don't ask me how I know this. Bill
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