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  1. I really kike that garbage bag holder - neat, small and easy. Thanks! Bill p.s. assume that you found it on Amazon?
  2. Handy indeed. A couple of years ago, Mossemi posted a similar device for use with an outdoor shower curtain he had designed. I've used mine a number of times. Bill
  3. Many of us now use this mod but all users should remember to check the condition of those chains beneath the wire loom every so often. Thanks Foy for coming up with the idea. Bill
  4. I've watched a number of YouTube vids on how to lessen the A/C noise of RV A/C units. Your approach looks similar to many - a combination of sound deadening materials plus smoothing the airflow inside the unit. Nice job with nice results. Thanks for posting this. Bil
  5. The pic below might not help you too much, but, if you count the number of chain links that Oliver added to the basic Andersen setup you will then know how many to add (assuming that the Andersen you bought simply comes with the standard amount of chain. From there you can then simply use the chains to measure off for the placement of the brackets. Remember, once the brackets are installed, you should normally have between 4 and 7 threads showing after the nut when the chains are properly tightened. Hope this helps! Bill p.s. I've also added a pic showing the placement of the brackets on my Ollie which should help give you a reference point.
  6. For the most part - Jason (W) makes and/or posts these types of posts by copying them from other sources. Therefore, the specific brands, models, and other details contained in any specific post of this sort is not necessarily Oliver specific and are generally meant for "general" reminders or "general" information. In this specific example - we are being reminded to change the batteries in our installed safety devices - no matter which devices they really are. Bill
  7. From time to time members of the Forum have asked how they can "bookmark" a particular thread for future reference. DavidS did a post several years ago that basically suggested using Apple Notes for this purpose. Another way of doing this basically within the Forum is to "follow" the thread (click on the dark blue box at the upper right of the thread and then click on "Do not send me any notifications" After that all you have to do is follow Wandering Sagebrush's advice posted above and you can see all the "bookmarks" that you have created. Bill Thanks to WS for starting us down this road and another thanks to Jason (W) for basically suggesting this method.
  8. Instead of replacing this cover and then a few years down the road when it "yellows" again, I took mine off hull #117, cleaned it up (very well) and used Krylon gloss white rattle can paint. It still looks new after three years. Bill p.s. of course with the cost of a single rattle can these days and the work involved in cleaning the cover up .......
  9. Glad to hear that the trip was a success! The first of many to come. And, it sure was nice meeting the two of you in person at the Rally. Wish that we could have spent more time together. Certainly you are no longer "Newbies". However, into my 9th year I'm still learning new things about the Oliver company and the fine product they make. Bill
  10. Those rubber "cushions" look like they are a bit better than the Monroe's too. I really like the attention to detail by facing the Bulldog label to the exterior - assume that four all were installed that way. Nice job! Bill
  11. During the "Open House" at this Year's Rally there were a number of people who asked me what I used to keep the interior of Twist clean and shiny. Actually, I can take no credit for the product nor the formulation, but former owners of an Oliver (Cheryl and Bruce) showed me this product several years ago, and I've mentioned it a few times here on the Forum since: "The fan was then wiped down with the same mixture I use on the interior of the Oliver – 4 parts Duragloss detailer (product #923) with 1 part Duragloss liquid wax (product #951) – in order to give it a nice clean shine." This mixture can be used on any surface on the interior with the exception of the floor - you wouldn't want the floor to be slick. Obviously all the white fiberglass, the counter tops mirrors, stainless, aluminum - everything. All it takes is a light spray with the mixture and then wipe with a microfiber cloth. Flip the cloth over and wipe again and you are done. No streaks (even on any mirrors) and it leaves a very light coating of wax that helps repel dust and dirt. Bill
  12. Welcome - a bit late. You're going to love it. Safe travels and let us know if we can help you. Bill
  13. I didn't ask nor did I hear anything - sorry. Bill
  14. Both for those that missed attending this year's Rally and for those that were there, Steve's Road Trip Chronicles has posted the first of a two part series about his experience at the Rally. This part one includes remarks from Rodney Lomax at the opening reception. A big thanks to Steve (and Oreo) for posting this! Bill https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AhTMweTUB8&ab_channel=Steve'sRoadTripChronicles
  15. Next time for sure - great breaking bread with you two. Certainly IMO you surely over kicked your coverage - what a delightful partner you caught. Only "problem" is she kept after me about eating green things.😁 Also, I've got a bone to pick - I hear that coffee was delivered to someone near and dear - what am I - chopped liver?😇 Get home safe! Bill
  16. I don't know about that "face" part but I really enjoyed our visit. Glad you didn't have to get wet/drowned in that storm.⛈️ Bill
  17. There are many stories here on the Forum that show the generosity and kindness that is shown when one Ollie owner helps another. However, during the Rally there were a number of angels among us that deserve a special mention. First - while I do not have all the names of all the people involved with the team led by Steve Landrum (ScubaRx) and Mike Mossey (Mossemi) who replaced the bushings on Coy's trailer, all those that were involved deserve a big pat on the back. Those people were there from 1pm until after 8pm getting that job done - even through a sudden t-storm. Nice job guys (and lady)! And, this brings us to the second set of angels. As that storm suddenly hit (high wind and heavy rain), Krunch Mossey was at their Ollie down by the lake. Unfortunately, as the wind and rain hit she was unable to retract the awning that had been left out and that awning was just about to sail away. At this point the 4 guys from CGI Detailing (Colin, Gavin, Gauge and Denver) just happened to be cruising by and saw that Krunch was in trouble. They immediately hopped out of the truck and saved that awning. Getting back in the truck (soaking wet) they proceeded to drive around the camping area looking for others that just might need help. They found two more campers - one holding down a Clam shelter while the other was trying to save the awning on their Casita. Again, these four hard working guys came to the rescue. Those of us that have used the services of CGI Detailing already know what fine hard working men the guys are. Certainly they deserve a big pat on the back from all of us for helping while fellow members of the RV community were in trouble. Thanks to all those involved in the above situations. Your selfless actions are appreciated by us all! Bill
  18. Either way - not the end of the world as we know it. I'd flush the heck out of both tanks and call it a day. Bill
  19. Sure - but that means that you only have to do 1/2 as much stuff in order to still have a great Ollie!😇 Bil
  20. Steve - What is your absolute "cut-off" date and time for this project? Bill
  21. Just wait until you see that very same river in Gunthersville!
  22. Yep = Call Service or send them an email or open a Service ticket telling them what you need. Bill
  23. If you are referring to the end of the pipe that is inside the fresh water tank and is used for pickup then I don't think that there is supposed to be one in that location. The screen in/on the water pump takes care of that issue. Bill
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