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Truma Anti Freeze Troubles

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3 hours ago, GAP said:

Lucky you Jason.  I keep having to run water through the faucets to purge air, throwing a W27 code (air in lines) till I go through a gallon or two.  I catch that water in containers and put it to use so not a waste.

It does go through a little bit of water to prime, but I don't really limit the amount of water I use.  There is 30 in the holding tank, and I generally get more water wherever I am camping.  This is a different story when dispersed.  In that case, I put the extra water in gallon water jugs and keep for other things.  I don't drink the water in the holding tank so it is just used to clean hands, dishes, operate the toilet and clean up at night.  30 gallons is more than enough for about 3 days.

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2014 Ram 2500 Cummins Diesel 4X4 Truck

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