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  1. I have a 2017 Oliver with the old bathroom fan that someone said was crap around Tennessee. Mine has a problem and needs to be replaced so I had one sent for installing. Jason said if I install it backwards it won’t come open while driving. It is a little inconvenient to turn on from that direction but eliminates the problem. He has asked production to do the same but that is backwards.
  2. Yes, alter the Oliver shower to provide hot water to wash the dishes on a portable table a few feet away from the slide out that is coming from the Sprinter. I found a blog with a van owner using the Aquaor Hydrant. Shut offs and valves could be in the compartment with just the Hydrant appearing behind the Fontana door. The Aquaor is all metal and all shutoffs and connections would be brass. I would have to come up with portable sink and faucet with quick connects.
  3. We are putting a slide out kitchen on the side of our Sprinter Van along with two water tanks over the wheel wells and 11 cubic ft refrigerator. We are installing a awning on the Sprinter and will have awning to awning facing with the outdoor kitchen in the middle when space allows. I would like to replace the plastic fixtures and eliminate the shower handle. Replace with higher quality and quick connect for doing dishes. Also eliminate the opening the shower handle goes in and out.
  4. Where you find the shower curtain rod and what is securing the fabric to the counter? Thanks
  5. Hi Spike, is Matt ready to do the same thing on our #266? We just bought it back and want the same thing you were after. We are in Oregon but will go anywhere to get this done correctly.
  6. I sold #266 and kept the fiberglass tanks. I use them for the BBQ. We just bought #266 back. New owner bought 30 pound steel tanks. I am going to fill both steel and fiberglass. Use the fiberglass to power a Joolca instant water heater to take showers in one of their tents between the opened back doors of our Sprinter. I am getting 32 gallon saddle tanks for over the wheel wells for shower and backup water. A guy in Bellingham makes them for the thousands of converted Sprinter Vans. In almost five years we and the other owners never took a shower in #266. I recently stayed at the Ambassador RV park in Caldwell Idaho when I picked up 266. The showers were cleanest I have seen. Half their property is in monthly renters and it is the tidiest park I have stayed at with monthly’s.
  7. If you don’t want Dish or Direct TV is the device good for anything? Can it be altered for local TV? Has anyone removed a G2? Every time #266 is plugged in the G2 is frantically trying to phone home.
  8. My search for a travel trailer began when my wife saw a Casita in our neighborhood while on a walk. The Casita steered me to Oliver after a few weeks. i have been in the Furniture business for 45 years starting with Antiques and quickly moving to Antique Reproductions of solid oak Like round Oak tables and Roll Top Desks. For 25 years we only sold Furniture we could guarantee for a lifetime. When I buy things that is what I look to buy. My first factory visit April 2017 Anita told me about Viking Fiberglass propane tanks. I investigated and purchased two of Vikings biggest tanks. They weigh half as much,last 5 or 10 times longer and you can see how much is in the tank. When I went to pick up our Oliver Elite II #266 in October 2017 Anita had turned anti Propane tanks. A Tennessee company Lite Cylinders made 55,000 defective tanks they were to recall but they went bankrupt. Viking tanks are certified in over 130 countries. They are so much easier to lift in and out of the Oliver Propane housing. I have been moving heavy furniture for 45 years but most people haven’t and most of the girls aren’t heavy weight lifters. They do cost more. The 22lb cost me $299 landed for a pair.
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