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  1. @georgelewisray, there are two ignition control switches on the inverter. Switch #1 is for the entire inverter and switch #26 is for the charger portion only. So I don't mess with switch #1 and the inverter is always working. When I turn switch #26 to "auto on" the charger will be DISABLED (since there is no ignition circuit connected on the Ollie) and when I turn switch #26 to "off" the charger will be ENABLED. You will see this on the remote - when #26 is set to "off" the remote says it's charging the battery (e.g., "BLK" for bulk charging) and when #26 is set to "auto on" the remote say
  2. Elite II #688 also has the Lithium package with the Xantrex XC Pro 3000. I also use #24 (Charger Current) and #28 (AC Breaker for Load Share) occasionally to match and manage power better as described above. However, setting #26 is the best thing since sliced bread! I use #26 (Charger Ignition Control) to manage my Lithium charging the most (by far). Since there is no ignition control in a travel trailer, this switch can be used to turn the charger "off" and "on" via the software while you are using the inverter functions. When we are on shore power I don't want the batteries al
  3. Hi trekhard, I'd never consider reuse of the grey water in that manner. I simply keep the grey water in the black tank until the whole trailer is at the dump station and then you can open both valves (grey and black) to empty everything. Putting 15 gallons of grey water in the black tank gives us about 2 extra days without having to empty the tanks (which is a lot of work if your in the middle of your stay). Hope this makes sense.
  4. The black tank is only a 15 gallon tank. I opened a ticket and was told it's a "misprint" in the manual. Maybe the older Ollies have an 18 gallon tank, but I doubt it based on the response I got. I have been using the 15 gallon black tank as a temporary storage for grey water. It's a manual process of pumping 15 gallons of grey water from the outlet in the back using a pump to push the water into the black tank with the flush port. It's working great so far and has saved us from having to carry around one of those "totes" on wheels I see other campers towing / dragging to the dump sta
  5. IL_Travelers, several owners have replaced the Dometic with a RecPro Houghton unit. There's a pretty nice thread with a lot of information in it on the model numbers, noise levels, etc.: https://olivertraveltrailers.com/forums/search/?q=earplugs&quick=1 We have a Houghton and it's very quiet. Haven't used it a ton yet, but so far so good.
  6. There is a fuse (30 amp I believe) inline between the Zamp controller/charger and the batteries (John Davie's diagram above shows them). When we picked up our brand new Ollie last November, we had NO fuse in the holder, so the Zamp was lit up and appeared to be working, but the missing fuse prevented it from actually charging the batteries. I put a fuse in and everything worked fine. From reading this thread, I'm not sure if anyone has checked that fuse? It's worth a check if you haven't.
  7. Owners have now gotten various answers from various employees on why Oliver won't share electrical diagrams any longer. From there are none (right!) to not sharing a super competitive design (right!) to a liability issue (right!). The real liability is in the fact that every time an owner of a 2020+ trailer has an electrical problem, add 1-2 hours of discovery work (more $$$) and/or risk (more $$$) to the labor tab due to lack of information. Oliver has set a precedent and provided electrical diagrams for all models until they magically disappear in 2020, so I think they need to provide
  8. Your Oliver's brakes must work better than mine. I know mine don't work as well as I'm used to because when I slide the manual knob on my brake controller over to max, the brakes barely grab and slow me down. I've had horse trailers whose brakes could easily make the trailer tires skid if desired. Anyway, I also tow with a heavier 2500, so I agree the brakes don't have to work that hard in the Oliver. But.... with wet or slick roads, having good brakes on the trailer would sure make me feel better. 🙂
  9. I do feel like the current drum brakes on the Oliver's are useless - at least the ones on mine are (relying on them is dangerous), so this mod would be compelling to me. It's too bad that it takes a smaller wheel to upgrade the brakes because I like the look of the current tire/wheel combination on the Ollie's. I think small wheels on a tandem trailer look cheap. I suppose you could still get "bigger" LT tires with the 15" rims and it wouldn't be that noticeable. Thanks for bringing this to light JD, I didn't realize this design boxed us in so much. 😞
  10. Hey jordanv, I'd say you definitely have a leak (or three) somewhere downstream of your pump. Did you experience a deep freeze or a pressure spike in your water source? From your pictures of where the water is leaking (more like pouring) out, it looks like it's coming from the front portion - around the bathroom. You may have to remove the shower caddy from the vanity to have a look at that plumbing. There are weep holes all around the Ollie so wherever the water's coming out will help you narrow it down (assuming your Ollie is fairly level). The blue tube is the fresh water drain so
  11. I called RecPro technical support with questions about the dehumidifier and how it functions. I sent them a graph that showed the humidity going up (or holding steady) rather than down when I used the dehumidify function. The response was that I likely had the temp set on the unit too close to the room temp. The owners manual says to set the thermostat 1 degree colder than the room temp, so I did (in Fahrenheit) - turns out it's 1 degree C and not 1 degree F. 🙂 So the recommendation was to set the thermostat AT LEAST 5 degrees F cooler than the room for the dehumidifier to operate as it s
  12. Excellent craftsmanship as always JD! I really like the location you chose as compared to OTT - they are putting the master cutoff under the street side bed. I have never personally used the master cutoff (I'm sure I will someday). Do you plan on putting a cutoff between your charger and the batteries as well? OTT also puts that cutoff switch under the street side bed and I used the cutoff at least 2-3 times a week. I was seriously considering moving that cutoff to somewhere more accessible until I figured out how to turn the charger off with software. If I'm ever forced to move tha
  13. Hi John, the Bluetooth app doesn't offer anything special over the remote itself except that it's less button pushing and scrolling to use the Bluetooth app for configuring the Xantrex - so it's more of a convenience in my mind. In fact, you have to be right next to the remote and push a button for a few seconds to connect the Bluetooth every time anyhow - no automatic reconnecting, no remote monitoring/notification capabilities, etc. A working remote on the other hand is important because it reduces the amount of times you have to dig under the bed, etc. to get physical access to the invert
  14. Well.... @ScubaRx, I do take exception to some of these comments. If "constant state of flux" is an excuse, Oliver shouldn't publish a LOT of things in the manuals, because there are many, many components that are in my 2020 owners manuals that are out of date or just wrong - they are in a constant state of flux too. If Oliver isn't serious about keeping owners manuals up to date, they should just stop giving them out and explain to owners why they are such a burden to keep up to date. There have also been a handful of recent owners asking for the electrical diagrams, so I'm curi
  15. Here you go @connor77... this is what SeaDawg used and recommended and it is the one I bought and am using now as well: Leisure Coachworks 14" x 14" Universal RV Roof Air Conditioner Gasket Kit
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