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  1. Hi SeaDawg, if I were going to name my Ollie, it would probably be "Powder Hound". I love skiing, especially in the deepest powder I can find. 🙂 For the past 3 seasons, I've been driving my truck (from NC) to CO, UT, WY, etc., and bouncing around for 3-4 weeks at various ski resorts. I love having the mobility and flexibility to pack up quickly and go wherever the best conditions are. I have gotten so many more quality days in the past 3 years doing this than I had in the past flying in for a week and hoping it snowed where I was staying. Anyway, I can't live in my truck so I use expensi
  2. I've spent well over an hour searching and can't come up with anything but guesses. 😬 If/when time allows, can a current Elite II owner measure and post the distance from the ground to the bottom of the propane cover on the tongue when the Oliver is sitting level? Thanks in advance.
  3. I don't see anything out there yet as far as reviews, etc., as I think they may be too new. I suspect they would work as well as any other skirt if it fits - I was interested due to it's simplicity and portability (cost aside). Skirts can be made for free using snow if one so desires, but I'm willing to pay for something if it's innovative and works. So skirts.... no I don't plan to live full time or camp through and arctic winter in my Oliver. But... I want to insure that if I'm on a winter camping trip and it gets pretty cold (Rocky mountain cold) for a few weeks or even a few days
  4. Hi John, I'm interested in the clearance around the perimeter of the body to see if https://www.airskirts.com/ would work on the Oliver. I spoke to the owner of the company this morning (super nice, responsive guy) and he thinks a small RV kit with a few modifications to the sizes of the tubes would work. I'm going to ask him what the diameter of those tubes are to make sure the Oliver doesn't sit too high off the ground for them. Thanks.
  5. The camper shell works out great for the bikes. I like the looks of Patriot's system, but I'm lazy so I just leave the front tires on and lean the bikes to get them through the back door. Once in the shell they can stand up straight and I just use tie down straps to secure them there. I have a hitch bike rack that I've used over the years when my truck bed was full and we still wanted our bikes - but I don't like that much because the bikes were always filthy after a trip - including fine dust and dirt in the chains, etc. I like them inside for sure. I've only had to take my shell off
  6. Hi all, I'm trying to figure out the clearances around the body of the Elite II. Has anyone by chance ever measured this? I'm guessing from pictures and the size of the tires that it's about 16" but I hope someone has measured or knows this offhand. Also assuming it's the same all around but that may not be true. Thanks!!!
  7. My receiver is 22" from ground to center, 23 1/4" to the top inside edge. Oliver has told me (and there are numerous confirmations on this forum) that 23.5 to the top of ball is optimal. Just so happens that if I use a hitch without rise/drop, I'm super close to 23.5" unloaded. I found through simulated load testing (using a 600 lb. tongue weight and several hundred more pounds worth of camping gear in the back) that my truck will drop about 1". I have air springs, so I can just add air to bring my truck back up to 23.5". If I didn't have the air springs, I could have used the longer shan
  8. Here's some cool storage boxes I put in the bed of my truck a few months ago called "Swing Case" that I'm really loving so far (Undercover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box | SC101D | Fits 99-07 Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra 1500-3500Drivers Side 1500-3500). I bought the Chevy brand and they make similar cases for the other major pickup truck brands. They use the spaces behind the wheel well that are tough to use. They are easy to remove if you want to use the entire bed for plywood or sheet rock, etc. They swing out for easy access to the storage which is awesome because I used to have to
  9. Yeah, I definitely see your points. I was trying to figure out why you only have 10 full cycles on your batteries over 3 years and I think I remember you mentioning in another thread that you camp where you don't need the A/C that often! I'm still glad I'm getting Lithium - I will need the A/C and plan on using space heaters for winter camping (lots of ski trips). 😉 Extra Ah could reduce propane dependency for me as well. Do you think it has reduced your propane dependency at all? If nothing else, I'll not have to get out and jump in my truck and get the generator as often as I would ha
  10. hmmm... interesting perspective that cost is a big (seemingly negative) factor for you, I agree that cost is a big factor but I definitely went with Lithium because I was sold on lower maintenance and longer life that over time should be significantly LESS expensive. I have come to the conclusion that if you have batteries, no matter what kind, and you dry camp, you will always have to consider having a generator of some sort with you or risk not being able to recharge (solar or otherwise). If I didn't think I was getting more value over time for the Lithiums, I would have passed. Hope I d
  11. Ah - yes - good catch... 15 amps AC with the generator. For all solar charging, it looks like I'll be able to use the BMS app to monitor the charging amps and either plug in my solar suitcase or not... that's sweet!
  12. I'm planning on just using the package price to keep it simple. I don't know any better and Oliver has been nice enough to call it a "Solar Package". 🙂
  13. Actually, it makes no sense to me whatsoever to try and prorate something that you haven't even used yet!! 😏 But we are talking about the federal government! Trust your tax advisor of course. Based on what I know from research and what Larry said about what other customers do, I will be taking the credit for the entire package. Here's a good summary that is in line with other things I've read... https://www.wholesalesolar.com/solar-information/federal-tax-credit#:~:text=Solar Tax Credit History&text=As of January 1%2C 2020,your solar system%2C including installation.
  14. Ok, thanks Larry. So with the package that Oliver is providing (2 x 200 Ah LT LifeBlue's), when the battery is cold enough (which should be very rare), we need to be sure we are charging the LifeBlues with something under 20 amps or over 24 amps - but not in between. My 180 watt solar suitcase produces 10 amps in maximum sun. My generator can push 15 amps sustained. Looks like it would be wise to know the amps on the various charge sources in case I have to mix and match to avoid that "gap". Anyone happen to know how many amps the 340 Watt solar panels on the roof of the Ollie can produce
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