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  1. Hull 688, delivered November, 2020 had split plastic loom installed at the factory. There's also no cable anywhere near the bottom of the battery box or tray - it's all up top - at least on this one which is full with the 2 LifeBlue's.
  2. @katanapilot, I saw that relay box. I was hoping it would fit somewhere in a "new" void, but if you are modifying it I assume it doesn't. I'll be interested to find out how this final part of your upgrade goes. I'm not against getting a new thermostat if that's easier - running wires to the furnace from where the thermostat is would be pretty simple. I initially toyed with the idea of cutting off or ordering a connector for the main power like the Dometic uses to connect to that relay box and splicing the Houghton in, but quickly realized it might work for the AC but certainly not with the
  3. We spent our first night in our Oliver with the AC on last week for the first time. I was prepared for loud because I had tested it, but trying to sleep with it running was impossible for both of us. My wife actually considered moving to the truck that night because it woke us up every 20 minutes. I ended up turning it off - a bummer because it really was needed to keep the Ollie reasonably cool that night. A new A/C is now at the top of our list too! Thanks for sharing your experience @katanapilot! It will make this a bit less stressful knowing that you have found a pretty good unit
  4. John, thanks for sharing this years ago. A gift that keeps on giving since the Elites still don't come with a mud flap option. 🙂 I'm going to tackle this mod soon. I happen to have enough 1" x 1" x 3/64" scrap steel square tubing for this job but I'm willing to get 1" x 2" aluminum if there's big benefits. To John and others that have done this mod, is 1" square steel tubing feasible? Thanks in advance!
  5. I just returned from a camping trip and I'm now having my tires balanced as well. I've chosen to take them off one at a time and send them in to be balanced by my son (who is a mechanic), so it will take me 5 days to complete - he has a small car and can only fit one tire at a time. 🙂 I had the first one done yesterday and my son said it was "pretty bad" - although it wasn't as bad as the one Ray found - it only took a little over 3 ounces. I'll report back on how the other 4 tires are (in a week) but I'd say based on what Ray has reported back and what I've seen with my first tire, balanc
  6. You want the first one - make sure it's version 1.06.
  7. 23.5" for the 2020 EII we just picked up last November. Keep in mind your tow vehicle hitch will sink an inch or two (depending on your suspension, etc.) with the additional tongue weight (and any other weight you may be carrying in the back of your TV). My '06 2500 Silverado sinks 1.5" and I raise it back up to 23.5" with air shocks.
  8. There is only one update and one set of instructions that I know of. Problem fixed? So far I have not seen the [20] error code again since I upgraded the firmware but it's only been 2 days now.
  9. Hi Ray, I did hear from OTT. I suggest you open a service ticket and OTT will in all likelihood offer to pay for the tires to be balanced. I haven't had the time to do it yet but I will when I return from my camping trip next week. I'll definitely research and scout ahead as suggested above.
  10. Just the files. They are pretty small so any small usb / flash drive you have around should work. @ScubaRxalso posted the links to the exact same files - the firmware and the instructions - earlier in this thread.
  11. I reset the inverter first and got it working properly with the remote before installing the firmware, although it probably doesn't matter since you have to power cycle the inverter as part of the upgrade process anyhow. I just haven't been able to figure out why the "power" button on the inverter works sometimes and not others and I suspected the remote [20] error may have had something to do with it so I did a hard reset first. During the firmware upgrade itself, I was able to use the power button on the inverter to do the power cycle since I had done the hard reset first. 👍 You actu
  12. I suggest you contact OTT service by updating your service ticket on this issue and just ask for the instructions and the software. They were in the middle of testing the software and then the big storms hit and they haven't been able to get back into work and finish, but they have sent it to at least me and @Mcbvia email - maybe others. I have had it installed for a day now and fingers crossed - no [20] error code yet. 🙂
  13. Hi @Ray and Susan Huff, you don't have to disconnect the batteries - use the relay cutoff located under the street side bed - nearest the pantry. There are two in there and you want the one that is mounted directly under the pantry. Here's a picture looking down the basement from the rear to the front on the street side. I've circled the breaker that is in between the batteries and the inverter. This is the one that you want to "trip" by pushing the top red square button. When you do that the bar on the side will come out - the picture shows the bar on mine "tripped". Do this and also cu
  14. Moving the cold air vent seems like it would work, but I have some data that may work against this concept. While working on my bilge fan that I installed under the dinette seat, I tested and saw that for the first 15 minutes or so many areas of the basement didn't budge - even with the fan set on high at 350 cfpm. It took prolonged airflow to get the basement temps and humidity to move in any appreciable way. I haven't had extreme cold to test in this winter, but the furnace fan never runs for more than about 7-8 minutes when the temps are down around 20F and the cabin is set to 68F. This
  15. @Ray and Susan Huff, this might be worth a try as it works for me. I am able to clear the [20] error code by disconnecting the shore power AND battery from the inverter for a few minutes. When you do that and restart it by putting it back on either shore power, battery or both it apparently does a hard reset. Even if you can't get the [20] error code cleared using the hard reset, you should put the new firmware on. It's easy and very quick once you get it on the thumb drive. You don't need the remote to do this and it also requires a power off / power on sequence, so either way you ar
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