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  1. Has anyone had a problem hitting their heads on the TV when getting up at night? We have ordered the twin bed model and were considering leaving off the tv altogether but really hate to do that especially if it is a non-issue the way it is. Thanks, Yvonne
  2. Thank you Mike. We would love to come to the rally if our little Ollie is ready in time. Sounds like there is going to be a good turn out!
  3. Thank you for the warm welcome Buzzy. I am very happy to see you have little Buddy Bear. We have a couple of fur babies too. I may use them for our avatar if I can ever figure out how to do it ????. I am sure to have a ton of questions. Right now we are a little overwhelmed trying to make our decisions on all the options for our trailer. It is already in production and changes can cost money if made too far down the line. I currently am worried about the TV placement with the twin beds. I am not tall but don't want to knock my head when nature calls in the middle of the night,...thought I would read on that end too since the night stand is there. Does the TV get in the way? Jason said it was fixed and did not flip up...
  4. We would love to come to the rally and meet everyone. Not sure if the timing will workout for us though. We have friends in town that week and we don't have a firm delivery date on the new Oliver yet. I will be talking to Anita today and will ask about the rally....maybe it will work out ????
  5. Hello everyone. My husband and I are new to the Forum. We have learned a lot from the site, reading as a guest and watching many of Buzzy's fine videos ( big Thank You for those Buzzy!), but thought it was time to join the group and introduce ourselves. We are long time fiberglass fans. We stared out in a Casita in 2005; up-sized to a 21FB Bigfoot in 2008. And now, after 9 years, it is time for a new trailer. We were planning another up-size but decided to take a look at Olivers first. We toured the factory and we were hooked ????. We hope to take delivery of our new 2017 Oliver Elite II in early May! Our decision on an Oliver was made in part because of the stories, experiences, and information that you have shared on this site. So hello everyone... and thank you!
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