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  1. We have not tired one yet on the Oliver. Our bigfoot had a 2800 Onan generator that was permanately mounted to the bottom of the trailer frame. It did not cause much vibration. Ideally ,I would like a light weight aluminum or fiberglass shroud that would mate with the Oluver basket and lock in place for storage/transport. I could remove the top completely for running the generator. We got the basket because we dont want to lift the generator. We arent as young as we use to be????
  2. Those blackflies can be the worst. One year my eye swelled shut from them. My dog had both eyes swell shut ???? that year! Already removed 2 ticks this week..
  3. Anybody found a good box to store a honda 2000 in that will fit in the basket and allow the genertor to run in it?
  4. How are the bugs up there? We are headed to Quetico provenical park in a couple weeks.
  5. Thank you Raspy for the peaceful picture you described. Sounds wonderful ????. I am not camping this weekend but at the beach with my Mother and sisters celebrating Mothers Day. Speaking of which, Happy Mothers day to all! Yvonne
  6. The doors are not standard. The round access port is standard. I use the doors to for easy access to the the water pump valves (curbside) and the rear of the basement storage compartment ( nightstand door). The were $175 each.
  7. Welcome! I found this information on yardage that Anita sent me. Hope it helps you????
  8. Nice faucet! I am considering changing our faucet too. The one the factory is installing now is too big for the sink. The one you chose looks like a bettter fit. Was it an easy change out?
  9. For all of you lucky enough to attend the rally, what did you think of the easy start? Can you run the current Ollie A/C with a Honda 2000? Can you start with the inverter? Seriously considering this purchase... Thanks Yvonne
  10. Good question. I am not sure why they have that access port. I was told by Anita that it was not large enough of an opening to reach all the valves. I sure don't think I could reach them without the door. I suppose the port was already in when I asked for the door.
  11. Thanks for all your responses. It was the satellite. I unplugged it and no more noise! That dish sure is noisy when it moves. Glad it wasn't the inverter, terrible noise ???? Yvonne
  12. It is not a hum or a low whine. It really does sound like the star wars robot. I am wondering if it could be the satellite moving and not the inverter. The last time I tested the inverter I didn't turn on anything but the inverter. I wonder if the satellite automatically comes on like the microwave when power is present. Maybe I have to flip the satellite breaker or unplug it. I will test that. Thanks for your responses.
  13. The drawer is 7 1/2 inches deep. My friend said he could've made a "L" shapeded drawer to give greater depth on one side but this size fit my needs nicely.
  14. I didn't want to struggle moving the mattress every time we needed to turn the water/pump valves for filling our water tank while boondocking so I asked Oliver to install an access door. It required them to move a duct for the furnace but they did it. In my opinion it should be a standard option but is not listed in the build sheets. It works great I highly recommend getting it. We also had an acesss door placed under the nightstand for easier access to the far end of the basement storage. I think it will be handy.
  15. Okay, I turned on our inverter to test it today. It seems to work microwave and TV/satellite etc. My question is is it normal for it to make noises. Ours sounds like R2D2! It is pretty loud. Is this normal??
  16. Well we just completed our first mod. I can't stand wasting valuable space especially in a small trailer and to me the flip down sponge drawer was a big waste. It barely opened and I never use them anyway. Not sure why Oliver stopped putting in a short drawer! Anyway bought some drawer glides and had a friend make a drawer to fit. I plan to use it for my spice storage.
  17. I took some pictures of the upper cabinet latch. I don't have a spacer in mine. The second picture is looking for underneath. Is this where you have spacers?
  18. Excellent idea! I was considering putting in magnets like Reeds drawers or child proof locks if I had problems but your solution is so much simpler and not an eye sore when not in use.
  19. I have had some difficulties, especially when trying to post from my iPhone. Often times I have cookies blocked and I can't sign in until I remember that ????. I tried many times when signed in on my computer and iPad to attach a PDF file. I have never been successful. I am still trying to learn how this site works though.
  20. Thanks! We got the Truma largely on your endorsement! It is nice to have no worries about running out of hot water in the middle of rinsing the soap out of your hair ????
  21. Steve, Do you have a picture of what they did? We picked up on 4/28 and I did not see any spacers. Our doors have not come open but I was surprised to note that the surround of the cabinet fronts is plastic and the latch appears to be only attached to that, it does not extend into the fiberglass. I guess this would protect the fiberglass shell in the event of a failure... Interesting, our drawers do not have the magnets on the back like Karen & Reeds either. We do have the same drawer glides though. I haven't checked the screws yet but I will. Thanks, Yvonne
  22. Hi John, I looked through our paperwork but couldn't find anything much about the rims. Our camper isn't onsite so I blew up a picture of the tire and the only thing I see mentioning rims. Hope it is helpful to you.
  23. Have a great trip! We love both places but especially Italy...it's the food. We gain at least 10 pounds every time we go ????.
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