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  1. Ours did that once. Our dog has a bed that sits under the dining table and he had his head next to the alarm...We repositioned his bed. That solved our problem.????
  2. Love the colors you choose and the Lady Bug! Really stands out and looks great ???? Yvonne
  3. The easy start should work great out west. I was worried the decrease in output due to high altitude would be a problem for the honda 2000. I tested it at 8400 feet and it worked easily, starting the air conditioner without any noticeable strain. I did have the modification done to the generator for operating at above 5000 feet. After seeing how easily it worked I am not sure that is necessary. Yvonne
  4. If your SO is worried about towing Bigfoot will be a problem. The bigfoot is 8 foot 4 inches wide. It is a pain to tow. My husband hated it. The Airstreams are wide too. For ease of towing Oliver or an Escape would be better bets. Width is a big deal when towing for us anyway. Yvonne
  5. Welcome ! Love the name choice. Time is getting close for you. I know you will love your Ollie "Eclipse"! Safe travels and post pictures when you can???? Yvonne.
  6. When we got ours they were not offering any options but latex. They are reversable which is nice. If you like a firm mattress they are fine as is. I added a cheap egg crate topper to mine and now it sleeps as well as my Sleep Number mattress at home. The price is steep though, $800 when we purchased. Agree with John about the standard cheap foam and upholstery that Oliver uses. Terrible for a camper half the price in my opinion Yvonne
  7. Sounds like fun to us too! Just added it to our calendar ????
  8. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. We have rarely had cell service since leaving for the summer. The new bike rack works great! We have been in the Colorado rockies since July 1 and have had the camper down many dirt forest service roads with the bike loaded. Everything is stable with little movement even on the rough roads. Yvonne
  9. We have used 2x6 boards and the yellow lego blocks for leveling but it was such a production getting it right. My husband hated carring all of it around. I ordered the andersons after reading all the positive comments about them and we love them. Easiest method of leveling we have ever used and they are compact to carry. A friend we camp with every year was so impressed when he saw ours he is ordering a pair as soon as he returns home! Thanks everyone ???? Yvonne
  10. It does look like undies????! It is a produce hammock though. I have been tring to find a spot to put it. The curved walls have been a challange.
  11. Okay. I don't know much. But when you are plugged in to power shouldn't your battery be 100%? We have been plugged in at at a campground all night. This was the reading this mornibg. Still on power.
  12. During our service visit we asked for a latch to be installed on the nightstand drawer like the one on the pantry. It seems very secure and looks nice. I don't think it will come open anymore duting travel.
  13. Unfotuntately, I was delayed at home and my husband took the camper for service without me. I did not arrive at Fall Hallow until after 7 pm... to late to talk to Jason about the water issue. The Zamp was part of our service visit. Jason told my husband that according to Zamp, the pattern we are seeing on the Controller is normal for the "new" software which evidently ours has. So I guess it is working correctly. I hate I missed talking to Jason about the water tank pickup. Sorry guys. Yvonne
  14. Might have been us. We went through there about that time. We tow with a white ford f250 with a white camper topper and our Ollie's graphics are blue and gray...
  15. You do beautiful work! I love the sink cover/cutting board! I don't know why Oliver doesn't make a cover for the sink. All the campers we have owned have come with them, not a nice wood one like yours of course but something. It really is a necessity in a small camper like ours. Good work ????
  16. Raspy, I am so impressed by your fix and the trouble you have gone to to post pictures and describe how to do it for others. You are very considerate person. Hopefully Oliver will put your design to use in future Ollies. I will be asking Jason about it tomorrow. Maybe when we come back in the fall it will be an option. Thank you ! Yvonne
  17. We use the same drain screens that Foy & Mirna have. They work great. I use them in my home kitchen sink and laundry sink too( that's were my pups get bathed). Much better at catching hair and bits of food than the regular sink strainers.
  18. Foy & Mirna, What a wonderful story! I love the name and your graphics! Your brother does nice work. Does he have a business we could order from online ? When we decide on a name I would love to have it on our trailer ????. Yvonne
  19. What a terrible experience! I am glad the technician helped you in the end. Unfortunately, I am afraid most dealer repair shops, at least the 4 we have tired anyway, are much like the one you visited. We don't know how to repair or diagnose our camper problems ourselves. This is the one of the main reasons we bought an Oliver. Luckily we live only 4 1/2 hours away from the factory if things go wrong with ours. From reading your posts, you seem well equipped and skilled to handle most anything that goes wrong yourself. I hope you don't have to you put those skills to use again anytime soon. Yvonne
  20. Thanks for the responses everyone . My internet has been down for the past several days due to a bear scratching on the utility pole! Anyway, it is fixed now. Dennis, it is reassuring that that you have seen the same pattern while boondocking and the solar is working well. Maybe it is a misprint in the manual as Brad suggested. Reed & Karen, we are not plugged in. Our camper has been sitting unplugged since we returned from our maiden voyage in early May. We did buy a Honda 2000 this week and had it jetted for high altitude since 99% of our camping will be above 8500 feet. The easy start is to be installed tomorrow. We are headed to the Rockies once we leave the factory. I hope we don't have to fire up the generator too often. Wish us luck ????.
  21. I am totally ignorant about solar electronics. Our solar controller has a read out which is not a combination of "lights" listed in the little booklet that came with the controller. We have a serice appointment Friday to get the "easy start" installed and really need to make sure everthing is good with our solar while we are there. Jason is aware of the problem but has not heard from Zamp yet. We head out on a 3 month trip immediately after this service visit so really don't have much time if there is a major issue. Is this a big problem? Do we need to change our trip plans? Any help or insight about the zamp will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  22. Many of our camping sites are less than ideal and we spend a lot of time trying to level side to side. It can be frustrating. We are using leveling blocks now but making the ramp to drive up requires me to move the blocks between the tires as my husband moves up the ramp. Then when we lower the stabalizing jack it often hits the leveling block for the tire ???? There must be better ways, how do you do it?
  23. We have not had any streaks from our gaskets and we have seen lots of rain since our end of April pickup date.
  24. I would add an acess door under the porch side twin bed to provide easy acess to the water pump values for boondocking without having to move the mattress and an access door under the night stand to access the rear of the basement storage compartment.
  25. Thank you Oliver for addressing this thread directly! I have been out of touch for the past 2 weeks and was taken by suprise at all that has been said here. I can say that Oliver hands down beats Casita and Bigfoot in quality! I have owned all 3. We thought we would buy an Airstream or a larger stick built for our next trailer. We even bought a new truck with the power to tow whatever we choose. But after looking at Airstream and a few high-end stick builts, the construction quality was visibly and obviously lacking in them (sorry Airstream, in my humble opinion, you aren't what you use to be). After we toured the Oliver factory we knew we had just seen the BEST travel trailer made in the U.S.. We ordered one and are very happy with our decision and our new Ollie. Are there things that need improving, yes! Were there a few problems on delivery, yes! There always are. The difference is Oliver is commited and stands behind their product 100%. They still have people working for them, not robots. And guess what, people sometimes have bad days or make mistakes are miss something. Tell Oliver! Give them feedback directly. Give them a chance to address it in the production line. Changes take time to implement. And Oliver, you need to post earlier if something does come up on the forums and tell us what you are doing to address the problem! I, for one, don't have the skills to fix the problems myself, but I do trust Oliver and believe they are commited to making things right and will, given time. I have seen it first hand.
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