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  1. "Like the water falls and Ollie shots, too. We enjoy camping in western NC & eastern TN, hopefully meet y’all sometime camping." Best Regards from Crew #75! Bill and Debbie, Thank you Bill & Debbie! Sounds like you hang out in our neck-of-the-woods. We live in Townsend, the quite side of the Smokies. We like waterfalls too. Water in general for that matter. Looks like your avatar could have been taken in the Park near us. Give us a shout-out if you are ever camping in the area! Love to meet other Oliver enthusiasts.
  2. Hi Greg & Donna, Thank you. Yes we did get the backup assist on the Lariat. We have not set it up yet though. We have the basket option and aren't quite sure where to place the sticker. Glad to hear it works well! Oliver did do the bike rack. I posted more about it and some pictures on our actual pickup day because I promised someone that I would. It is on the "how are you transporting your bikes" thread. We have only been on the highway with the rack but are pleased with it so far.
  3. Hull #223 has hit the hills of East Tennessee and is at home in the Smokies! We picked up our Ollie last Friday! We had the pleasure to meet and visit with Scott Oliver during our pickup. He made it clear to us that our, Oliver owners, suggestions are valued and often are incorporated into future products. It is clear that their goal as a company is to make the best camper possible and to meet their customers' expectations. Not many companies today care about their customers after the sale... Oliver is a different kind of company. They care. Case in point, when we had a glitch in our pickup which was scheduled for Thursday, everyone at the factory went above and beyond to make us happy. Talking about taking care of your customers, folks, everyone at Oliver has been wonderful. Beginning with all the phone calls, emails, and questions that Anita patiently answered, to the guys in service working until after 9 p.m.; to Brent driving to Nashville, and then Jason coming in on Saturday to fix our door stop AGAIN after we broke it for the second time in as many days, (our bad, in our defense, our previous camper had a strong piston that kept the door open),Oliver goes the extra mile, literally, to make its' customers happy! Big THANK YOU to the entire Oliver Crew! Now on with our story... Due to a faulty satellite dish, a defective Dish receiver, and the Dish network itself going down due to maintenance issues, we were unable to take our new baby from the factory on Thursday. It took awhile to figure out the problem since it involved related components of the same system. Although we were disappointed, all eventually turned out well. Oliver kindly booked us a nice suite and footed the bill for us and our 2 pooches at the Commodore Hotel in Linden. So it is on Friday afternoon instead of Thursday when we finally leave the factory and head to Fall Hallow where we are lucky enough to meet GeO and his wife who had just picked up the day before. While we are visiting with GeO, Brent is driving to Nashville Camping World just to get a new Dish receiver for us. He came by Fall Hallow and hooked it up for us that evening! Yeah! Everything worked! We tested some things at Fall Hallow that first day but mainly we just moved in and celebrated with a glass of wine. Saturday we packed up, loaded the bike and moved on to Fall Creek Falls State Park. The new bike rack design works well; my husband is very pleased with it. Saturday was hot and humid and we were thankful for full hookups and the chance to test the air conditioner. I have to say, it is loud, but I guess they all are. All systems so far checking out great without issues. Sunday cool weather, wind and rain. No need for the air conditioner! With all the wind & rain Ollie got a good water test and passed with no leaks or streaks! We would have loved to stay on our maiden voyage longer but had friends coming to visit so we packed up on Monday and headed home. Hull number 223 is now resting securely with his new Gus Hill "the bull" ASSA lock ( btw, that sucker is massive) and patiently awaiting the next adventure. We want to thank all of you on this forum. We have learned so much from you and your experiences. Through your posts you have guided us on which options and modifications to consider for our build, as well as what items we might want to purchase (love that Clam!). We have learned much on how to operate Ollie systems and to appreciate the uniqueness of our little egg. We love our new Ollie. Thank you All! Sincerely, Hull #223 & Crew
  4. The inverter is used for the microwave and any 110 outlets. It will not run the air conditioner. That's the end of my knowledge :-)
  5. Congratulations guys! We enjoyed meeting you both at Fall Hollow. Wish we could catch-up with you at the rally but previous plans prevent our attending. Safe travels and enjoy!
  6. I think 2 axles will be enough for us. We aren't really interested in towing a big rig. We like the footprint of our new Ollie. Our Bigfoot wasn't much longer than Oliver but it was 8ft 4 in wide and I can tell you it makes a big difference in towing and visibility. My husband loves towing the Oliver. He can see around it! Easy to maneuver. FYI, we saw Scott Oliver during our pickup, he mentioned they were considereing an Oliver with a dry bath option...
  7. I think we will go with the rubber chocks as well. We have been using the plastic yellow ones but they slide as mentioned. We just flattened a pair of new ones this week when my husband decided to reposition the trailer after I had already chocked one side. My bad????
  8. We use to use Frontline plus on our dogs but have switched to Seresto collars for past 2 years. We have had 2 dogs develop seizure disorder and the vet said the topical treatments have been associated with that. The collars seem to work well. No ticks since the change. Dogs like it. They hated the stuff on the back. We are in tick country and we wildernesss canoe camp with our pups for 2 weeks every year in Quetico Provential Park ( Canadian Boundary Waters) in June. We always find ticks but none on pups! If you are going to the rally be sure to take precautions. My husband found 4 ticks in the 3 days we were there picking up Ollie. Bumper crop of ticks this year.
  9. We towed our Bigfoot with a Tundra and I think our controller was a Prodgey. Don't remember the model number but it worked well. My best advice regardless of the controller you choose is not to let them mount it where it will interfer with your driving. They mounted ours on the lower right side of the driverside below the steering wheel. I am short and have to sit close to the steering wheel. I could not comfotably drive my husbands truck after the controller was installed because I kept hitting my knee on it! Yvonne
  10. We ended up staying Thursday night at the Commodore Inn in Linden because our camper had a problem that took awhile to troubleshoot and fix. Our suite was clean and confortable. It had a kitchenette and they allowed our pups. Don't know the price, Oliver paid for our stay.
  11. My husband likes the rack. We have not had it on rough roads yet to give it a real challenge but seems good for the highway. We will find out just how good it is this summer when we are traveling on the rough forest service roads in Colorado. It is a pricey option at $995. And yes, I think we will have to relocate the licence plate. As far as access to the stinky slinky, yep more of a challenge but certainly doably. Worth it to us to have a place to carry the bike besides inside the truck bed or blocking the access to the truck bed.
  12. Overland, it is like Steves rack. They copied the design. The rack comes complete with the thule bike mount already attached.
  13. Well we are at Oliver picking up our new baby and I promised to post some pictures of the new bike rack design. It looks great snd very sturdy but we havent gotten to test it yet. There is some problem with the satellite and they have been working on it since noon Thursday. Oliver put us up inna hotel last night. I hope we get to stay in our camper tonight. Glad we booked extra day at Fall Hallow.
  14. Try2relax, thank you for posting the pictures. With Reeds endorsement and the pictures, that sold us. We bought the rhinoflex system today????. Yvonne
  15. Kgoodusav, my husband will be taking his bike to test out the new rack. I will post pictures of it right away for you. Sure hope it works well! Yvonne
  16. The countertop looks amazing! Love it. Maybe Oliver will consider offering stainless as an option. I for one would have been in interested. Yvonne
  17. We are picking up this week and after reading this thread, I asked Anita if the wheels were already balanced. This was her reply: "The tires are ordered and already mounted for us. I do not believe that company balances them. You would need to do that. " Yvonne
  18. Reed, not sure where I read it but someone asked about if the tires needed balancing. I believe you wondered if that could be contributing to your drawer opening still. I asked Anita and this is her reply: "The tires are ordered and already mounted for us. I do not believe that company balances them. You would need to do that. " Yvonne
  19. I am glad Chixter brought this topic up. We have been thinking about the hose connections and what system to buy too. Do you use the hard plastic rhino that you compress like an accordion? Try2relax, do you use the 45 degree elbow inside the compartment? 30 feet is more than we usually carry, surprised that all fits. I guess you need that much because of where the sewer connection is.
  20. I wish I had known that way back when. I visited Yosemite in July 2002 on a backpacking trip and was totally bummed. Yosemite falls was just a trickle, I drew an arrow to the wet spot in my pictures and labeled the falls otherwise you would not even have known it was a there! I didn't realize how things dried up there in the summers. It was still stunningly beautiful though. I love the high sierras. Hope you have a wonderful trip! Yvonne
  21. Thanks Geokeg for the tip. I have been using screen shots of topics that I want to refer back too, edited with markup and placing in my Oliver photo album. I think the PDF to iBooks will be a much quicker solution! Yvonne
  22. Thanks everyone. It seems 2 days at Fall Hollow would be the prudent thing to do. That way we can take some time and enjoy the experience, settle into our new nest, and test our systems unrushed! Hopefully any problems we find can then be resolved while only 5 minutes away from the factory technicians. After that, I think we will stay the weekend at Fall Creek Falls State Park and do some hiking. John, I thought I could test the solar system there by just not plugging in. I know we could boondock some where for free but I like having the option of using the air conditioner while in the South. We have already had a few 80 degree days with significant humidity and our pups will be with us. Ironically, we are Southerners who can't take the heat ????! We do most of our camping in the high Rockies for that very reason. Rarely need air conditioning there! Anyway if we find something over the weekend we will only be a couple hours from the mother egg ????. Thank you all for sharing your pickup experiences with me. It really does help to learn from those who have gone before. Yvonne
  23. Yep, I am with you! I am not going out there! We have never experienced a bear attack on our camper but we did see a soft sided camper get ripped to shreds once! We carry grizzly bear pepper spray and an air horn in addition to a head light just as a precaution. Yvonne
  24. Thanks Reed. It really is helpful for me to see pictures and learn about how Ollie works. I was unfamiliar with the Simple Siphon Big Gulp so I googled it and found your video using it on the Casita. Loved it! You really have a knack for video ???? Yvonne
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