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  1. I have a 2018 LEll and I'm wondering if/how I can program the Furrion TV and Furrion radio to play the TV's sound through the speakers. Someone posted a "How To" about 3-4 years ago but the steps specified applied to settings on their TV sound options that don't now appear as options on mine. Can anyone with a 2018 advise me how to set this up? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Weicome to the Forum. My wife and I just picked up our LEll this past September 10th and we love it. We have been camping for over 40 years in every conceivable type of camper and we were looking for a high quality, molded fiberglass camper that would hold its value and meet our needs for "all seasons" camping. This forum is a great place to learn, ask questions and share information. We also live in South Carolina (in North Augusta) and we would be happy to share any info with you to help you as you await your pick up day. Good luck and we will hope to see y'all on the road. Tom and Marie Martin #382
  3. We picked up our Ollie LEII about 3 1/2 weeks ago and I understood that the folks at Oliver were looking at a new Bike Rack prototype at the factory. I haven't heard any more and wondered if anyone else has any insight into the "redesign" and whether or not the prototype was well received. Tom #382
  4. Congratulations Kenny and Penny...there will be much excitement ahead as you await your new Ollie. We pick ours up next Monday and we are so excited to be joining the club. In fact, sleep is now at a premium because we spend so much time planning our trip to Hohenwald, trying to think up "cute" names for our Ollie ll, planning ahead for future trips that are on our bucket list and just anticipating the joy of owning the finest built molded fiberglass camper in America! Good luck and we'll "SEEYA" on the road. Tom and Marie
  5. Hull #382...Tom and Marie Martin...we're from N. Augusta, SC. just across the Savannah River from Augusta, Ga. (Home of the Master's Golf Tournament).
  6. We're picking our Ollie ll up on Sept. 10th and wondered if anyone has the deminsions for the floor in the "kitchen area". We would like to pick up a rubber backed rug that would essentially fill the area between the kitchen cabinets and the booth. If there is a spec somewhere I should know about, please direct me there. Thanks for any suggestions...
  7. Bill: Thanks so much for the great pictures. We found ours (which thrilled us to get an early peek at the finished product) and now we are even more excited about pick up day. Thanks again.for making our day! Tom and Marie Martin (Tomar)
  8. My reply above should have read...."We're going to be at Smokemont in October for two weeks...then across the mountains to Cades Cove for four days. Just a "flatland tourister" in a shiny new Oliver. We will be joining the ranks of thousands of leaf lookers...
  9. nd then across the mountains to Cades Cove for four days. Just another "flatland tourister" in a shiny new Oliver...
  10. We're Tom amd Marie Martin and we're "soon to be" new Oliver owners of a Legacy Elite II (twin bed model). Our Hull No. will be #382 and we are excited to be joining the Oliver family. We have owned "several"different campers from a motor home to tag a-longs and fifth wheels since we began camping approximately 40 years ago. We visited the factory last October after hearing about the quality of Oliver Travel Trailers and .... long story short...we were amazed. Can't wait to meet fellow owners on the road and at the rallies. Tom and Marie Martin ( tomar)
  11. We'll be picking ours up September 10th and we are very excited. We have had 3 Casitas and we're looking forward to the extra room, quality of construction and the extra features that are "standard" on an Oliver. The factory tour was the deciding factor for us....What an experience to see how they are made Good luck as you experience this first hand.
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