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  1. Nice recommendation, will gather my stuff and do the same...I have lots of PEX tubing and fittings, etc. collecting dust. I wonder why/how your elbow failed though? Was it a cracked elbow, or a failed crimp, i.e., leaking at the connection point? Not sure, if Oliver used "crimps" or "clamps" back in the day, but my trailer used the plastic-like PEX ring. Your photos in the other post made me believe that "crimps" were used. Using "crimps" requires a check after the crimping to ensure a proper install has been done. To me the PEX ring is the way to go, so much simpler to use/install.
  2. Ken_Judy, My experience with PEX tubing is that the tube and white tubing PEX ring are simply installed over the fitting by expanding them both and then sliding them over the fitting. The only practical reasons for failure would relate to a bad install (i.e., insufficient overlap of the tubing/ring over the fitting) and/or too much pressure in the line. The tube is designed to be able to turn/spin on the fitting without losing its seal. Now, if the movement is more akin to a wobble or slide, then I would be worried. The only way to remove the fitting is to carefully slice into the PEX rin
  3. Ken_Judy, Are they leaking? The lines are allowed to spin after installation; the white connectors and tubing are simply heated and expanded then allowed to tighten over and onto the fitting itself.
  4. I wonder if you could simply get a thermostat plug, e.g., HEATIT ET-21 Freeze Thermostatically Controlled Outlet On at 38F /Off at 50F, plug it into your inverter, and then plug in a heat cable and wrap it around your pipes with some pipe insulation (used often to insulate hot water pipes)...e.g., a 30 ft. Automatic Electric Heat Cable Kit. It should conserve on the use of power, and you could check on it periodically. The cable only takes 7 watts per foot; so not a huge power requirement to run it.
  5. I have carried mine in the truck bed for years. It takes up a fair amount of space as I have a 42 gallon tote, so I have recently considered purchasing a rooftop system so I can strap it on a roof top carrier going forward. The tote is not light though and its size makes it fairly unwieldy....I may need to improvise adding a handle or two to it to decrease the chance of dropping it and cracking the tote.
  6. Sherry, I have a 2017 - so the new lights on my trailer. But bugs are clearly an issue when they are around, so transparent orange tape will be the way I go for now. Readily available on amazon and cost effective.
  7. I am thinking about transparent orange/yellow tape might be a good option here as well, if a color change is all that is important. Seems like a quick solution. See photo below.
  8. On my 2017 LE2, I had serious condensation and some window seals leaking apparently on my last trip to the Northwest. When I got home I got to investigating by removing the window shades and the inner clamp ring. The window shades can be removed by taking a flat-head screwdriver and getting between the shade and the window next to clamp and giving the screwdriver a turn. This will pop-off the shade which is held on my tension at six spots (3 on top and 3 on bottom). Removing the clamp ring can be done by unscrewing some screws from around the window on the inside of the trailer. After rem
  9. So sad to read this just now. Rest in peace. All our best to his family and friends.
  10. I jacked up and down, every which way, but there was one fitting that simply wouldn't accept any grease. In a closer look at the fitting it looked like the opening was stuck. Need to replace or repair this fitting. What a waste of good grease. LOL.
  11. Hi, did you replace the fitting and if so, what was the size of the zerk fitting on the Dexter suspension? Have one bad one myself so I was looking to replace it, so I could get some grease in it...
  12. I purchased the following on Amazon: Camco Propane Brass 4 Port Tee- Comes with 5ft and 12ft Hoses, Allows for Connection Between Auxiliary Propane Cylinder and Propane Appliances (59123)
  13. Thanks for that. I ended up purchasing a 4-way valve, and hooked it up as you said...upstream on one side of the regulator. The 4-way comes with one 1-lb male connection, which I can hook up a hose to and simply attach it to the regulator on my Camp Chef Everest stove. Should work fine, and I will update this comment if it does not. Definitely saves some space on not having to bring so many green or larger propane bottles/tanks. Anyhow, thanks again!!
  14. Hi y'all, I have a Camp Chef Mountain Series Everest High Pressure 2-Burner Camp Stove, and I use the green bottles or larger tanks of propane to fuel it. That said, I would like to be able to hook up the stove directly to the Oliver's quick connects located outside the trailer to save on the added space and work of bringing "offline" propane tanks. I understand that there may be an issue relating to simply connecting the stove using the existing regulators (one on the trailer's tanks and the other on the stove). It seems that you cannot have two regulators connected in series as the f
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