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  1. I wanted to improve the sound quality in our trailer so I bought a couple of JBL Charge 5 speakers after reading lots of reviews. The speakers are small and both will easily fit in any of the overhead compartments. I bought these so that we could use them while camping but I can also use them while working on projects in my garage and around our home both inside and out. About 2 minutes to pair them to my phone and they were up and running. We enjoy listening to music considerably more than watching TV while camping...at a reasonable volume level of course 🙂 The sound quality is really quite impressive and the volume at the 50% setting is more than ample. Reasonably priced IMHO to boot. https://www.crutchfield.com/p_109CHRGE5G/JBL-Charge-5-Grey.html?tp=63331
  2. Just fantastic pictures! Thank you for sharing. How long are/were you in Newfoundland if you don't mind me asking? Would a couple of weeks be enough time in your opinion?
  3. Just updating this thread....RecPro now offers covers for Houghton AC's. I've ordered one but haven't received it yet so I don't know anything about the quality. Around $30 for the cover that fits the 3400 model that many (not all) have installed. Free shipping too. Free shipping might be Fourth of July related. Happy Fourth to all!
  4. Does anyone know what is causing all these wildfires in recent years? Is it only drought-like conditions that are triggering these events or could it be something else?
  5. Craig - We'd be interested in learning more. We definitely want to spend some time in our Oliver in the Pacific NW and next year would work for us.
  6. This is consistent behavior with my trailer and also what I was told by Service. I did not, however, have all of my lights go dim - just two of them. I actually sort of like that one light on each side of the trailer comes on when I turn the master switch on. I am keeping my eye out for a better quality light just in case these don't last long.
  7. Brian, I just replaced two touch lights - the one over the cooktop and the one over the street side bed. They would only come on partially (not very bright at all) and weren't helpful. I ordered enough replacements for all of the touch lights. When I placed this order with Oliver, Jason did tell me that whenever I turn the master switch on, any lights that have been replaced will come on automatically which they now do. The others do not come on automatically. This new behavior is not a big deal to me. Just as a heads up, I think tapping the light "hard" causes them to fail quicker. A very very light touch is the better way to turn these on. As Dave mentions above, there is a small, sensitive spring that activates the light and it doesn't like to be touched too hard.
  8. Hi Rivernerd, Thank you for creating this thread. I *may* have a similar issue but I'm currently 2 states away from my Oliver. I will check and respond to this thread when I'm home this weekend.
  9. John, I had the same issue with my awning. There is a small allen-head screw that needs a quarter to half turn that will likely fix your awning to close all the way. I believe the screw gets turned clockwise but this detail is in the Girard manual for sure. I would try this first before adjusting anything else. Mine looked like yours in that it wouldn't close all the way. I made a very small adjustment to that allen-head screw and now my awning retracts completely.
  10. Mystery solved. I wasn't thinking that the screws would actually be going through the gelcoat into the aisle but you and Patriot have educated me that this is exactly what is being proposed. Thank you both.
  11. This is a picture from the rear of the trailer facing the inverter. That wall of fiberglass that the PVC board is mounted to has no access on the other side which is obviously where I'd be putting washers and nuts. I still think my only option is to replace the 4 small screws with longer ones that actually go into the fiberglass. And even this won't be easy because the 2 on the bottom of the inverter are really difficult to get to. I'll need an incredibly long drill bit too. If you're suggesting that these holes come out through the nice gelcoat under the bed that would be the only way but maybe this is what I've been missing.
  12. I would love to do exactly what you've suggested Steve but there is no access whatsoever to get behind the wall of fiberglass to put a washer and nut on a machine screw. That is what is confusing to me about what JD and Geronimo John did. There are no port holes and I've tried putting my arm underneath the Xantrex unit to see if there is access that way. There is none. Based on how my Xantrex is mounted, it's not possible for me to through bolt the PVC board to the fiberglass. I *believe* my only option is to install longer screws into the 4 existing holes and have these screws go into the fiberglass through the PVC board. I doubt my installation is unique to me. Meaning I'm sure most or all of the 2021's have inverters installed similarly or identically to our trailer.
  13. John D & GJ, How did you both through bolt your PVC board for your inverters with that wall of fiberglass in the way? What am I missing? I'm having a separate issue with my inverter and stumbled upon this thread. I just looked and confirmed that my inverter is held in place on that white PVC board with the 4 small sheet metal screws and I agree that the unit is too heavy to be held up by just those. But I have no idea how you're able to through bolt that board back on. Where/how are you accessing the washers and nuts? Or are you just through bolting the inverter onto the PVC board and then reattaching the PVC board (with the inverter mounted to it) to the fiberglass wall with longer/better/more screws? I'd like to be proactive and get something better in place and I'm considering just longer, beefier screws that will go into the fiberglass in the existing 4 holes that the small screws occupy now. Any chance you took pictures?
  14. Mossemi / Scuba, this is a great example of what I think would be helpful in terms of videos to walk people through how to perform these tasks. Doesn't necessarily have to be an Oliver person so long as what is done and video'd is approved by Oliver. The obvious beauty of the videos (both the "full" length ones and the shorts) is that once they're done, they're available to everyone always.
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