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  1. Camp pillows that tickled my funny bone...
  2. Just want to confirm that we got the same stuff as TexasGuy so that you're hearing from another person that took delivery recently. Also, please remember to consider adjusting your tire pressure before you leave Oliver. It is set at 80lbs and the advice given on this site to reduce pressure to 60lbs is prudent in my opinion. Consistent with my last sentence make sure you have a tire pressure gauge with you that has an appropriate range for this type of tire.
  3. Sorry for the very late reply. I am just seeing this. We were at DCSP from 6/24 - 6/29 and yes, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay there. Really enjoyed that campsite and would want the same one if we stop there again. Sorry about some of the issues you're having. I'm sure they'll be addressed quickly. Good suggestion to all buyers to check EVERYTHING carefully before they venture too far away from the Oliver facility.
  4. What are the downsides, if any, to just removing the batteries before storage? I live in Maine and our winters can be brutally cold. I also don't have a shore power plug near where I store our trailer...yet. I'm thinking I'd like to bring my 3 Lithionics batteries into my basement where it is cool (not cold) and dry. Is this a bad idea? Am I missing something and they shouldn't be removed and I should just occasionally fire up my portable generator to charge them while they're in the trailer? I realize that some batteries are awkwardly heavy and maybe this is why people prefer to not remove them but I don't think I'll have any problem lifting them.
  5. I really love our pinstriped Ollie 2 but I also love the clean look of your trailer a lot! Have fun and safe travels!
  6. I'm with WolfDDS on cooking outside. I love to cook on our Weber 2200 and we can cook entire meals on the grill. In the morning: pancakes, eggs, bacon, english muffins all on the grill and then lunch and dinner: grilled vegetables, steaks, burgers, dogs, marinated chicken thighs, etc. My better half will do the veggie prep inside and I'll get everything ready outside. Our outdoor food prep station is a folding table and we have dialed in the utensils, condiments and everything else we need into a container or basket so we're not making too many trips in and out. If the weather is lousy, we'll have chicken salad or tuna salad or something that's easy. Cereal in the morning with fresh fruit. I want to get to a point where I can cook entire meals on the fire like SeaDawg has mentioned in other threads. Recently bought a bunch of cast iron for both our grill and the campfire from Lodge. I really enjoy cooking with cast iron. My wife is an excellent cook and we have a nice kitchen in our home. That said, she has never mentioned to me that the working space inside the trailer is inadequate. We eat very well, but simply, when camping. Love to buy fresh, local produce and good quality meats when traveling and we'll also pack some vacuum sealed foods as well. Good luck with your purchase!
  7. I'm having trouble with my rear window. More specifically the screen doesn't slide very well. My wife remembers that during our orientation we were told that the back window isn't useable. It's only a second form of egress. I might have been looking at something underneath the trailer during this part of the discussion. Couple of questions: Does (or should) the rear window operate the same way the others do in terms of functionality? The red handles appear to impede the screen opening and closing and the screen doesn't close completely due to either the red emergency handles or a small metal clip in the track where the glass window slides. When I looked at the side windows the screens sit on top of a black "track" and the rear window screen does not have this. Is this missing from my rear window or is it supposed to be different from the other windows? I cannot close the screen completely but I think I should be able to. Ideas on what might be wrong?
  8. If you don't mind me asking Cameron, what were you using to power your frig? I have the same battery package that you have so I'm just curious to know if I'll get a similar number (~91%) when we use the same accessories that you did. Thanks...
  9. This is good advice. We just took this very trip on RT 2 but from west to east on our trip home from picking up our trailer. Loved the scenery and driving through the mountains was awesome. Really relaxing ride and roads were all in good shape. One of the great things about the Oliver is that it does just fine on many roads that a big trailer wouldn't be so great on. There were lots of turns on our ride home from TN where I said "I'm really glad we don't have a bigger trailer"!
  10. I believe you were at site 59 at David Crockett. We really enjoyed that spot with no one on our curbside. Congrats on your trailer. Looks great!
  11. We picked up our trailer on Thursday and had a great orientation with the Oliver team. The delivery specialist was thorough, patient and knowledgeable. There were 2 very minor issues that were quickly resolved by the Service Department and we were on our way to David Crockett. We are enjoying David Crockett SP. It is clean, quiet and peaceful. This is our first RV. We did a very limited amount of tent camping many years ago. The forum has been invaluable to my wife and me. So many people to thank. We hope to learn enough about our trailer so that we can assist others at some point in the future. Thanks to all of you who so willingly share your knowledge, fantastic mods and simple tips which are so helpful especially to newbies like us! Safe Travels!
  12. Gas is a $1.00 more where I am. Prices started to steadily rise beginning in February. Pretty discouraging.
  13. JD, Evo has the hammer for $20 less than Amazon...if you haven't already purchased one. I bought a couple of other small things I needed which got me free shipping. https://www.evo.com/shop?text=hammer
  14. I voted. I ordered a new 2021 F250 because I knew I would have payload issues. I also didn't want to deal with the Andersen hitch although I know many people that use one have connecting it / disconnecting it down to a science. My truck will have the same payload (3,334 lbs) and can tow 15,000 lbs with the 7.3L engine. It will also come with sway control. Based on all that I've read, sway doesn't appear to be much of a concern towing either model with an appropriate sized tow vehicle. Somewhat relevant to other posts in this thread, my wife insisted on a bigger tow vehicle because that made her feel better. She has also read enough of the Andersen Hitch threads on the forum to not want any part of dealing with it. I will miss my Tundra because of its exceptional reliability and un-truck like ride but I know the F250 will tow our Ollie like it's not even there.
  15. John or SeaDawg - could one of you post a link to the preferred foam gasket to use or could you advise if this gasket came with the Houghton? Thanks.
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