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  1. JD, Evo has the hammer for $20 less than Amazon...if you haven't already purchased one. I bought a couple of other small things I needed which got me free shipping. https://www.evo.com/shop?text=hammer
  2. I voted. I ordered a new 2021 F250 because I knew I would have payload issues. I also didn't want to deal with the Andersen hitch although I know many people that use one have connecting it / disconnecting it down to a science. My truck will have the same payload (3,334 lbs) and can tow 15,000 lbs with the 7.3L engine. It will also come with sway control. Based on all that I've read, sway doesn't appear to be much of a concern towing either model with an appropriate sized tow vehicle. Somewhat relevant to other posts in this thread, my wife insisted on a bigger tow vehicle because th
  3. John or SeaDawg - could one of you post a link to the preferred foam gasket to use or could you advise if this gasket came with the Houghton? Thanks.
  4. I don't own this one yet but this is one I'm looking at. Might be a little taller than what you're looking for but might be worth a look... https://www.lowes.com/pd/DeLonghi-1500-Watt-Ceramic-Compact-Personal-Electric-Space-Heater/1000330337
  5. John - I'm amazed by what you've done to your Ollie in such a short time. I almost want you to go back to work for a few months just so I have a chance to catch up! I'm kidding of course....I'm sure that the work you've done has (mostly) been a labor of love or at least I hope so. It's awesome that you're dialing in your trailer for all of the different types of camping that you'll do. There are so many fantastic modifications that have been made by you, JD, Minnesota Oli, et al that I wish Oliver offered them...especially the really practical ones like mud flaps! Please keep pos
  6. Local, to me, band...Pretty vocals (Gillian Welch tune)
  7. Thank you Rangered. These also look great!
  8. One hit wonder, really, but this song is just awesome...The best of "Boomer" music Overland 🙂
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