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  1. I don't see them either. I see just a bunch of garbled text. I'm on my home laptop with a pretty stable WiFi connection. I've tried both Chrome and Firefox for browsers. Will try another browser perhaps. I did see Seadawg's copied image of TopGun's Oliver in a wide open area. I'd also like to see the pics!
  2. Just did this mod a few days ago. I had bought the EZ gutter material but hadn't had time to do the install. My wife and I were camping about 1.5 hours from our home recently and I left my window open and got soaked during a heavy shower in the middle of the night. Needed to get a few things done at our home and returned to it leaving the camper at the campground. Referenced this thread and I cut all of the gutter material to length based on JD's "9.5" up from the belt-line" guidance and, probably most importantly, warmed the material before installing it. Obviously, I spent a lot of time cleaning the surface with alcohol too. I would never attempt to install these on any kind of a curve without heating them up a bit. On the low setting, as JD mentioned. Warming the material activates the adhesive and really made it less difficult to make the turn around the corners of the windows. As another mentioned, having it extend further down just creates that much better of a bond. I used a plastic tool to really push the gutter on while it was still warm. And I was lucky to have a warm day to do the install. No painter's tape was needed. They're on there and good. As the instructions state, make sure to clean the surface really well but I think it's equally important to warm the gutter material too before installing it.
  3. Would like to hear from owners that have purchased portable refrigerators that they use while camping. We hope to go on some extended trips next year and I'd like to be able to have a little more food kept consistently cold than will fit in our trailer refrigerator. I've done a little reading on them and the price range is pretty broad. I'd like to spend $1k or less, if possible, and get something decent. I already have a well made and very large cooler but I also feel like I've spent a fortune on ice keeping the contents cold while traveling. And if we're far away from places that sell ice, I'm out of luck.
  4. John - you can re-list yours 🙂. Just sold our Dometic for $700 to a nice couple from Vermont. We agreed to meet in the middle and met them in New Hampshire. Super smooth transaction. Within 45 minutes of putting it on Craigslist I had interest. First person that emailed me bought it. Feel really fortunate. One less thing to trip on in the garage!
  5. Frank, you may want to search the forum for one of NCEagle's mods. He replaced his shampoo holder with either the same thing you're considering or something very close to it. I think he was really happy to gain easy access to the plumbing and, cosmetically, it came out really nice. In terms of losing holders, we have had good luck with Tooletries products. No adhesive needed and they stick really well to the fiberglass. They even have a product called "The Frank"! Good luck! https://tooletries.com/collections/shower-caddy/products/the-frank-shower-caddy-1
  6. Thanks a lot Patriot! Your post was actually helpful to me so thank you again.
  7. Now that I've installed a Houghton AC to replace the Dometic, I need to sell the Dometic but I cannot find the Dometic model number. I have looked in the owner's manual and Oliver University but cannot find the actual model number. For anyone that has a 2021 Elite 2 and you know the Dometic AC model number, would you please share it with me either by responding to this thread or PM'ing me. Thanks.
  8. We just replaced our Dometic today with the Houghton 3400 and we are very pleased with it. Exponentially quieter than the Dometic and the install, according to the tech that did it, was very straightforward. I have not used a generator for shore power yet but I have run the AC off of the (Lithionics) batteries and did so with no issue. It was suggested to me to do the install without the micro air easy start so I did not have it installed. I'll report back if I run into any issues but, as mentioned, it ran just fine today from battery power. Tomorrow I will run it with my generator to see how that goes and also check it for water leaks by simulating some rain. I just need to get the screw covers to fill the holes. I also did not need the thick roof kit. Ric Brady, I will post if I run into any cycling issues you have had. I just came in from running it for 25 minutes and there was no excessively cycling. Dropped the temp in the trailer from 83 degrees to 69 degrees in a reasonable amount of time. I need to thank all of the people that installed this same AC brand on their Olivers and subsequently posted a ton of helpful info into this thread about their installation.
  9. Definitely recommend reaching out to Diamondback to let them know of your issues. They are known for their exemplary customer service. I would be very surprised if they didn't try to make things right for you.
  10. To sort of close the loop on this thread I started...Oliver has shipped me a new radio. Haven't received it yet but fingers crossed it works as it should. Even after a hard shut down - as John Davies recently commented on which is holding the power button for like 5 seconds - my "old" radio would still come on randomly. And it was not an alarm that I or ScubaRx set that was causing it to come on...A mystery for sure. I tried multiple resets and it still would also not load a movie when we actually wanted the unit on. Separately but somewhat related, Oliver shipped me a new bathroom light and a long piece of bulb weather seal for the lower section of the doghouse. Pretty happy with that level of service. They shipped things quickly and without me needing to negotiate to get them to replace the defective items.
  11. GJ, CAPTURE WASHER or CAPTIVE WASHER? Link would still be helpful so exact size that you bought that works and fits would remove any uncertainty.
  12. GJ, thanks for all of your effort in finding a solution here. Would you please post a link to these HEX HEAD CAPTURE WASHERS as I'm sure others would like to buy them and apply the same fix to their trailers. Thanks.
  13. Can anyone ascertain what caused this? Is this a bearing quality issue? Just normal wear and tear? Since RLEOG has done regular maintenance and used a premium grease it would appear to me that this is a bearing quality issue. I'm asking because the answer will likely determine if I swap out the original Dexter (Chinese) bearings (when I'm ready to do this service) instead of cleaning and repacking them. The answer might also motivate me to do this sooner than the recommended 10k or 12k miles that Dexter suggests.
  14. This is with minimal pressure. I am not "pulling" here. Doesn't appear that there was ever a good bond between the black - I'm assuming butyl tape strip - and the fiberglass. I've asked Service to send me a piece of this so that I can replace it but I still wonder if there is something better out there.
  15. My dog house weather seal is coming off and I'm wondering if people have replaced this with something different. I'm talking about the squishy foam seal on the top edge of the dog house, not the cover. I'm aware of what people have used for the cover edge and I have ordered this already. This weather seal gets really dirty. I'm wondering if there is something that would work that isn't quite as soft that might also be easier to clean.
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