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  1. From the article I found when searching "Ford lug nut swelling" The capped lug nuts can be found on many post-2010 model years of the Fusion, Escape, Flex, Focus, F-150, and F-350. Consider yourselves lucky, F-250 owners.
  2. I know that many of y'all use Ford F-150s to tow your Oliver, so I thought you might be interested in this issue. About a week ago I had a routine oil change and tire rotation done on our 2017 F-150. When they had finished, the mechanic suggested that I should consider replacing the lug nuts, as they were showing signs of swelling and could prove to be difficult to remove should I have to deal with a flat tire. I checked online and found that mid-2010s F-150 models have two piece lugs, which are prone to swelling, to the point where a standard lug wrench won't fit. Also, the outer piece could detach, making it even more difficult to remove the lug. My mechanic recommended ordering new lugs online, as it would be less expensive than having him order them. So short story long, check your lugs and maybe save yourself some trouble. Greg (Grumble)
  3. AndrewK just saw your shade post - very nice! We may have to copy you on that as well👍
  4. We had been considering this mod for some time, after seeing this post decided to go forward with AndrewK's version of smoked glass only (no shade). Turns out somewhere between Hull 269 (2017) and Hull 468 (2019) the window style changed. The older version glass is 12.438 × 21.438, part 226093. No clips are needed for installation of this style. The newer style glass is 13.25 x 22.24, part 706073. Plus the clips needed for installation, part 429436. We now have the smaller window glass on order. Lippert will no longer be stocking this size once current stock is gone. We're getting ready to return the larger glass and the clips to Lippert. Before we do, if anyone with a 2019 or newer hull is interested in this mod we'd be happy to work out a deal.
  5. Container Store, but we had to trim the top bins significantly to accomodate the roof curve in the cubby.
  6. In the spirit of keeping this thread going, here are a couple more random ideas I've found useful. We had remotes everywhere until I put this wasted horizontal surface to use! Velcro dots keep them in place when the tv is down. We're on the move quite a bit and at each new location I pick up as much info as I can to plan our time there. All that paper ended up stacked on the table. This simple little file holder mounted out of the way under the dinette table keeps the current info handy without clutter. It can also hold a charging laptop, again freeing up the table surface. When you're living in a small space little things like this can make a big difference?
  7. Love Mossemi's shoe idea! Our shoes are kept in covered bins tucked under the trailer next to the front door. Clothing storage was one of my worries in the planning stages as well. In addition to the packing cubes inside, we started out with a fairly large bin each in the back of the truck full of clothes we thought we might want. Over time, that extra stash has dwindled down to one shared smaller bin. It helps that we're pretty much chasing the sun and warm weather clothes don't take up as much room.
  8. Hi Bill - They were all right side up when I attached them, the forum website flipped them after they uploaded. I deleted and reattached them, they consistently flipped. Very weird, but they're fixed now so no worries. - T
  9. Thanks! Was there a way I could have fixed them myself?
  10. This one appears to have been dropped from my last post. These are stacking bins for produce in the cubby next to the pantry.
  11. We've been full timing in our Oliver since Nov of 2017. Here are some pics of storage solutions that work for us. It took a while living in the Ollie to really determine how we would use the space so I would caution you to give yourself some time. [attachment file=0311191047.jpg] [attachment file=163145] [attachment file=163148]
  12. Thanks much Coy, this is helpful.
  13. Wondering if there is a list available of the vendors attending the rally and when they will be there. I saw a post a while ago mentioning that at least one vendor was only there for one day, I think it was Friday but I can't find the post. Id like to know whos going to be there so I can gather my questions. Thanks.
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