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  1. Overland, pressure release valves are prone to not fully close after being released. I would be hesitant to use it for that purpose. I have had more that one fail in the past (Not on the Truma).
  2. There seems to be concern for the need to have heated LiFePO4 batteries. I too was concerned before I installed our Battle Born batteries. I thought about drilling holes in the compartment, to allow air to flow from the basement into the compartment and installing a heating pads. From our experience, neither have been necessary. I did seal the four holes on the battery compartment door and installed a single layer of the same insulation Oliver uses on the basement compartment door. We have camped in temperatures down to 16 degrees and exterior of the batteries have never gon
  3. John, I don't know if you saw this on another post. I too needed the elbow room and started with the standard floor plan. We ended up not liking it and came up with what we call a modified twin. Works great for us. (Before and After Pictures) Andrew
  4. Mike, After putting the water valves in Boondocking mode to draw the bleach water through the rear port, did you change the valves back to the normal mode so, the pump pulls from the fresh water tank? Andrew
  5. Hobo, I our 2019 Elite II, with the additional 30amp connection, there is a transfer switch under the rear dinette seat, along with the other electrical. It is a black box about 8"x6"x3" mounted face up, on top of the wheel well. Andrew
  6. Susan, It does the same thing as a battery cutoff switch but Oliver does wire the trailer in a way that not everything is cut off. In our trailer, as I assume all others, the propane leak detector is not cutoff by the breaker. We also have a breaker on the positive side of the solar, that can also be tripped. In your example, with your trailer covered, it may not be necessary to trip the solar breaker. If you would like to discuss further, please PM me your phone number. Andrew
  7. Susan, It is similar to this and it is under the driver's side bed. Andrew
  8. Susan, I just trip the breaker on the positive lead from the battery. The residual draw in our trailer is less than 0.01 amp/hour. At that rate, our two 100 amp/hr Battle Born LiFePO4 batteries can sit for more that two years without any problem. I just reset the breaker a couple of days before we are ready to head out and park the "Burrito" in the sun. Andrew
  9. Susan, If you get LiFePO4 batteries, it is best not to consistently float charge them. Andrew
  10. Jairon, You are correct, they are 25". Andrew
  11. Jairon, I know Oliver deleted the nightstand on at least one build. Andrew
  12. Yes, the 4.5 cubic foot Norcold. Andrew
  13. Susan, On our 2019 is does not have a switch. It uses a thermostat to turn it on and off and it works well. 2020's use the same refrigerator. Andrew
  14. I am 6'5" 235 lbs. and find it is perfectly functional. The only negative for me is, I tend to hit my head on the upper door frame, if I don't put my hand on it, as I step down to get out. The wife is 5'3" 120 lbs. and is very pleased with it, especially when we have the rare hookups and she can take as long of a shower as she would like. Andrew
  15. All you need is two 100 amp/hour LiFePO4 batteries with built in BMS and a battery monitor. If you are purchasing the trailer new, it will have an 2000watt/80amp inverter charger that can be set to charge the new batteries. 15 minutes to install the batteries and a few hours for the battery monitor, depending where you mount it. $2,500 max all in. Andrew
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