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  1. Mark/Deb, I would contact Gabe Morales at Garnet Industries. He is Oliver's contact with Garnet and is very helpful! Gabe Morales <gmorales@garnetinstruments.com> Andrew
  2. Islandgrl, 2019 Elite II twin with solar, (2) 100 amp/hour Battle Born batteries, 20 lbs. propane tanks and no front basket or rear bike rack. With full propane and all our gear, food and clothes for a two week trip, our tongue weight is 400 lbs. With full water it is 500 lbs. These weights are from a CAT scale. Hope this helps. Andrew
  3. We have Visible (Verizon) and ATT and at times we find we need the both. Often one will work when the other won't. I would check to see if your company will allow you to keep your number and just switch over the account to your name. It sure is nice not having to start out with a new number and everyone already has is. Andrew
  4. MrLynn, I did, as I am 6'5" and sleep on my back. I need the center fill-in mattress to have enough room for my shoulders and arms. The dog likes it too! Keep in mind, the two twin bed rails cost $535 from Oliver. I can only imagine how much the nightstand would be. Andrew
  5. I agree with Bill except for one thing and that is using the rivets the factory uses to attach the bed rails. There is no reason not to use the factory rivets as they create a very secure and clean connection. I speak from experience as I have converted our standard floor plan into a modified twin floor plan. Andrew
  6. I haven't seen this for myself but, the wife says the black tank flushes from two sides. Andrew
  7. Taylor.coyote, That was us! We are on a two week trip in the Redwoods. - San Luis Rey SP, Henry Woods SP, Grizzly Redwoods SP, Humboldt Redwoods SP, Del Norte Redwoods SP and Sonoma Coast SP! Having a great time. It is always great to see an Oliver in the West. There aren’t that many of us. Safe travels! Andrew, Carianne and Buffy
  8. ChrisMI, Fresh runs out way faster than our tanks fill up. We can go through three tanks of fresh before we need to dump the Grey and Black. And grey fills faster for us than the black. We do dump dish water outside of the the trailer. Andrew
  9. We have found the standard toilet uses very little water when you "need" to flush and can go almost two weeks, without needing to dump, if we take advantage or other places to go, when we are out for the day. Andrew
  10. We have camped at 8,600 feet for a week and had no problems with the refrigerator. 2019 Elite II with a Norcold refrigerator. Andrew
  11. Matt, Great job on communicating this out in so many ways. Thanks! Another example of why Oliver is such a great company and so different from the rest! Andrew
  12. Kampfirekid, We searched for six years, hoping to find a quality trailer that was worth the purchase price. We finally found it, when we saw our first Oliver EliteII in person. I knew it was the trailer for me with just the tour of the exterior. Superior build quality! What a concept in the RV industry. I am 6'5" and honestly, I just fit. I would not want anything smaller and made a few modifications to make it work for me. I replaced the standard interior AC ceiling vent cover with a slim cover, used when the AC is ducted. I can now walk under the AC without hitting my head. I also modified the sleeping area to allow me to sleep on my back at a diagonal. (Picture attached) Andrew
  13. John, All tow vehicles have their compromises. As long as you are okay with keeping your weight down, your Touareg will do great towing an Elite II. We tow with a 2018 BMW X5 35d. It has 255 hp at 4,000 rpm and 413 ft lbs of torque at 1,500 rpm. Very similar to yours. Our limiting factor is the carrying capacity at 1,109 lbs. If I recall correctly, yours should be in the low 1,200 lbs. The 1,109 lbs. has been more than enough for us but, we purposely travel light and equipped our trailer to keep the tongue weight low. If you would like to discuss our experience further, please message me your contact information. Andrew P.S. @DavidS from Salt Lake tows with an 2017 gas Audi Q7
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