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  1. Toby, Follow Mossey's direction. The cable is plenty long. I used a five foot fiberglass fish rod to pull a string behind the pantry, tied it to the end of the cat 5 cable and taped the connector well, as to not damage it and pulled through. You will also need the fish rod to pull the wire down the back wall along the condensate tube for the AC. I placed the shut under the dinette seat with all of the other negative wires. I like keeping the positive and negatives sperate, as Oliver has done. Andrew
  2. Deidre, I am in San Diego and have a modified twin Elite II. To schedule a visit, either go on to the Oliver website, call their sales department (they are very helpful and not pushy at all) or PM me with your contact information. Andrew
  3. Tody, I helped someone else with this, who just completed their install on a 2017, last week. I would be more than happy to talk it through with you and/or get you in touch with the Oliver owner who just completed the work. If you are interested, please PM me with your contact information. Andrew
  4. Susan, We got the option for convenience when using the generator. We opted for the two propane quick connects and run our generator off propane. With the two connections in the same place, we can hook up our generator on the camp side to pay closer attention to it. As for the 30amp power cord, 25' is standard. Andrew
  5. Mossey, The head rail can be attached at any level. We placed ours as high as it could go, without interfering with the operation of the door. For us, it will only be closed when we are getting in and out of the shower and we want maximum privacy. As for the pegs, they can't be used with the shade as it came, as the bottom shade rail is skinnier than the head rail and the width of the screen door frame. (refer back to the pictures I posted earlier) The pegs would have to be installed on the screen door frame and the bottom rail would not be able to catch on them. If someone wanted to use the pegs, they could ask Zarcor to leave the bottom rail long (same width as the head rail), to allow for this. Knowing what I know now, I would seriously consider that and then mount the head rail at the bottom. This would address Townesw desire. If you ordered more sets of pegs, the shade could be set in different positions. If someone wants to do this, I will check to make sure the pegs won't interfere with opening/closing the screen/door. Andrew
  6. We decided to stop using the flat/top sheet because it became too much of a hassle. We just use a duvet cover over a down comforter. Much more comfortable and it is MUCH easier to make the bed. No hassle! We think the AB Lifestyles fitted sheets fit great and stays in place without any additional gadgets. Andrew
  7. Townes, I just replaced the glass. There is no reason to replace the frame unless it is damaged. The shade can’t be installed upside down because the clip that holds the shade open (covering the window) would have nothing to attach to and keep the shade from catching on the door frame, when you open the door. The head bumper has no impact on the operation of the shade. I removed It because we didn’t like how it looked and it did nothing to keep me from hitting the top of my head on the bottom of the frame, when I enter the trailer. Andrew
  8. Sherry, They are the same roller shades used in modern Airstreams, with a different Head rail attachment point. The shade is a thin vinyl that appears would be easy to clean. Just installed it so time will tell. The install took about 15-20 minutes. Drilled three holes in the screen door and screwing in three screws. All screws and the bottom attachment point are provided. Andrew
  9. Please let me know what you find out. I am very interested if it is actually quieter. Thanks! Andrew
  10. Overland, I purchased standard shade size 3 through Zarcor and they customized it. Model CSH-3-W Oceanair Cabinshade - White. Size: x=21 5/8” (shade width), y=23 5/8” (shade height), z=24 1/8” (head rail). Cost $124.90. They customized x=19 1/8” and z=21 5/8”. The customizing cost $39.00 + $10.00 shipping. If you think you can cut down the shade yourself, you can get the shade online for less than $100. Andrew
  11. I have been looking at the Maxxfan Dome fan as well but I haven’t read anything that convinces me it would be significantly quieter. i also like the exterior dome cover can be white instead of black, like the Ventline. Andrew
  12. Solution found! A custom Oceanair Skyshade Cabinshade mounted to the screen door. It allows for full view and can be open/closed from inside. Andrew
  13. Overland, I used a plastic razor blade, denatured alcohol and good old elbow grease. It took some time but cleaned up well. Andrew
  14. Overland, It looks like the caulk was either put on to thin and the butyl tape used to seal the window discolored the caulk or there isn’t any caulk in the first place. I noticed the same problem around the rear window. When I went to remove what I thought was caulk ended up being yellowed butyl. You may want to try removing some of it with a plastic razor blade to be sure what the issue is. Andrew
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