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  1. Our 2,200 watt Honda, with the Hutch Mountain propane conversion, runs a smooth at sea level as it does at 8,600 feet and has no problem running the AC. Andrew
  2. The 2018 brochure shows it as a 13,500 BTU AC. A 2,000 or 2,200 watt gas generator will run it with the Easy Start, no problem. If you want to convert the generator to run off of propane, I know the Honda 2,200 will run it without problem, on propane. Andrew
  3. John, They won't do this during production but, you can ask service to install the solar system without the controller, after the fact. It would not be part of the sales contract and would be billed separate by service. Andrew
  4. A 30 amp plug on a 2000 or 2200 watt generator would just be a convenience, if it were a 30 amp plug. As far as I have seen, that does not exist and still you would need to use an adapter. Andrew
  5. 2,200 watt generators only output 18.3 amps at peak and 15 amps constant. Andrew
  6. SherMica, The cell booster brand is SureCall, a copy/spinoff of an older model WeBoost. I have an updated WeBoost and I wish I had not wasted the money. I have yet to get better reception with the booster. If your phone is new (less that a few years old) it uses MIMO (Multi In Multi Out) antennas built into the phone. A booster only uses one in and one out, which most of the time diminishes the signal. Here is a link to a Internet Resource Center YouTube video on the subject. MIMO vs Boosters: Do Cellular Boosters Provide the Best Signal & Data Performance? - YouTube
  7. John, here is link to the Internet Resource Center's YouTube video, on a simple antenna you can just put in your window. If I needed an MIMO antenna, I would try this first. Netgear MIMO 6000450 Antenna for JetPacks & MiFis - Affordable Cellular Signal Enhancing - YouTube Keeping is simple! Andrew
  8. One other thing to add to John's list, you can attach a MIMO antenna to most jetpacks and really enhance your signal! Andrew
  9. Jairon, They will make anything you want, just give them the measurements. The radius of the corners is 15". They are GREAT to work with and very responsive. Andrew
  10. Patriot is right, they won't consider custom requests during production but you can reach out to Jason Essary (Service Manager) for a quote, for his team to complete the work. In 2019, he gave us a quote to install the solar panels and wiring, except for the solar controller. It would have been paid for separately from the purchase contract. Andrew
  11. Our tongue weight is about 450 lbs. with 20 lbs propane tanks and no basket. That weight is loaded for a week trip and the tanks empty. Our payload capacity is 1,109 pounds and we have no problem staying under that but, we travel light. Andrew
  12. TexasGuy, I highly suggest after market Lithium batteries. We went with Battle Born and have solar. The conversation is simple. All you need to start is a shut based battery monitor, one battery and you will have more usable power than any other two battery system and two Lithium batteies would be better than any other four battery system. For more information, check out Battle Born’s white paper on the subject and Morton On The Moves recent YouTube video. Andrew
  13. Jairon, We ordered two and found them to be too large and too noisy. Andrew
  14. I use one for my APAP (CPAP) machine. Much less of a draw than running off an inverter! Andrew
  15. Lori, Here is a picture of regular and metal flake black. If we had it to do again, we wouldn’t pay extra for the metal flake, as it is very difficult to see any difference between the two. Andrew
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