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  1. John, For what it is worth, we have the paper towel holder version of the last one you have mentioned and it has stayed attached for almost three years with only one suction cup. We have been happy with it. Andrew
  2. I noticed a two-way 12v/120V refrigerator will be standard in 2023. It also continues to show the Dometic 11,000 btu AC. Andrew
  3. I have used the Mopeka Tank Check for almost three years now. It is not perfect, but I do like it and it does give me fairly accurate readings. The two negatives for me are: - Around or below freezing, it registers lower than the actual amount in the tank. - The batteries need to be changed too frequently. About every 6 and 9 months. I did have a problem with one of my original sensors and contacted Mopeka. They immediately sent me two new sensors and said they were an improved version. No problems since. I would definitely purchase the Tank Check again. Andrew
  4. Mark, I use a ResMed APAP Air10 with the humidifier. I purchased the 12V adapter and plug it into the 12V/Cigarette lighter plug in the attic. It uses very little power. When we don't use the heater, we use 20 to 25 amp/hours a day. Keep in mind we don't have an inverter. Andrew
  5. CW, Like Mike, we also have two Battle Born 100 ah batteries. We have 340 watts of solar and a Victron MPPT solar controller. We don't have a built-in inverter but, use a 400-watt portable inverter for the wife's flat iron. We dry camp and deep shade, with temperatures above freezing, we go six days without needing a recharge. If there is any real sun at all, we could go indefinitely. Hope that helps. Andrew
  6. Jim, I would suggest they look at Safari Condo Alto trailers. This is a Candian manufacture. Well-made, huge windows and very light weight. If we did not camp often in below freezing temperatures, that would have been out pick. In fact, we put a deposit down on one prior to seeing an Oliver. Andrew
  7. For those who have the RVLock keypad on your door and have been frustrated with the poor-quality keypad sticker, you will be interested in this upgrade. RVLock has come out with an upgraded one-piece silicone keypad membrane with numbers. The silicone membrane replaces the poor-quality keypad sticker and the silicone pad. The upgrade does require removing the lock and unscrewing the internal keypad to install the new membrane. (Instructions pictured) If you are interested, you will have to email or call RV Lock directly as the item is not "available to the public" and not listed on their website. I was given the okay by RVLock to pass the information about the upgrade on to the Oliver Owner's, via the Forum. The "UPGRADED SILICONE RVLock V4 RH Keypad Membrane" was $19.99 + $4.99 shipping. I hope this helps solve a problem. Andrew
  8. Did you use the bathroom sink faucet while the backflow valve was closed? If you did, the water that drained down the bathroom sink, backed up against the backflow valve and into the shower pan. Andrew
  9. Mark/Deb, I would contact Gabe Morales at Garnet Industries. He is Oliver's contact with Garnet and is very helpful! Gabe Morales <gmorales@garnetinstruments.com> Andrew
  10. Islandgrl, 2019 Elite II twin with solar, (2) 100 amp/hour Battle Born batteries, 20 lbs. propane tanks and no front basket or rear bike rack. With full propane and all our gear, food and clothes for a two week trip, our tongue weight is 400 lbs. With full water it is 500 lbs. These weights are from a CAT scale. Hope this helps. Andrew
  11. We have Visible (Verizon) and ATT and at times we find we need the both. Often one will work when the other won't. I would check to see if your company will allow you to keep your number and just switch over the account to your name. It sure is nice not having to start out with a new number and everyone already has is. Andrew
  12. MrLynn, I did, as I am 6'5" and sleep on my back. I need the center fill-in mattress to have enough room for my shoulders and arms. The dog likes it too! Keep in mind, the two twin bed rails cost $535 from Oliver. I can only imagine how much the nightstand would be. Andrew
  13. I agree with Bill except for one thing and that is using the rivets the factory uses to attach the bed rails. There is no reason not to use the factory rivets as they create a very secure and clean connection. I speak from experience as I have converted our standard floor plan into a modified twin floor plan. Andrew
  14. I haven't seen this for myself but, the wife says the black tank flushes from two sides. Andrew
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