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  1. And the insensitivity continues..... Andrew
  2. John Dorrer, I used butyl tape to seal the edge all of the way around and trimmed off the excess with a plastic razor blade. It creates a very clean edge without having to use caulk. I really dislike the caulk and try not to use it if at all possible. Andrew
  3. Chris, I have used Dicor BT-1834 on two windows, the Truma Aguago frame, the Atwood heater frame and the outlet covers with great success. If you are applying it while it is cold, you won't find it to be as sticky as it is, when it is warm. It also does not compress as well. Andrew
  4. Big Cat, I used plastic razor blades to remove the decal and WD 40 to remove the adhesive residue. It takes sometime and elbow grease. Our trailer is almost four years old and is stored outside in San Diego, CA. You could clearly see where the decal was. The area under the decal was still very shiny. We are reapplying a new decal so, it is not a problem for us. I suspect, with a good buffing the outline would disappear. Andrew
  5. Steve, We leave it Off until we need it and then turn it to Comfort. It heats the water in 15 to 20 seconds so, we don’t see any reason to leave it on. As soon as the need is done, we turn it to Off. If the temperature will be below freezing, we put it on Eco and leave it there until the temperature gets above about 36 degrees. Eco keeps the water temperature At 42 degrees or above. Even at 25 degrees overnight, it only comes on once or twice. I hope this helps you. Andrew
  6. bbrault, If you have questions about capability and hitch set up, I suggest calling the folks at CanAm RV Centre in London, Ontario Canada. The owner is one of the foremost experts on towing in North America and they are more than willing to answer any questions you may have. They will also be able to provide firsthand experience regarding your vehicle, as they set up a 100+ vehicles every month. I found them to be a great resource. Andrew
  7. It appears for the second time in as many weeks, we have taken what started off as a friendly post and turned it into pointing out the potential bad decision of others, regarding their, what appears to be, tow vehicle decision. Given I don't know any of the background regarding the owner, the vehicle or circumstances, I choose to keep the original post friendly and kept my options to myself. If the owner had been identified, and I felt the need, I would have messaged them with my concerns. These types of what I would call "piling on" threads, make this forum seem unfriendly and sometimes down right mean. It is my hope that the owner, is not part of the forum and does not read this thread. I wish I hadn't. One Man's Opinion, Andrew
  8. GREAT! The bug that keeps on giving!
  9. Paul and Santina, We picked up a few dozen in Eugene, OR, on the second of October. I have continued to find one or two, every time I am in or around the trailer. A couple of days ago, I found one alive in the Hypervent, under one of the beds! That is almost five months later! They just keep coming! When will it stop? Andrew
  10. Big Cat, Message me with your email address and I will send you a list of items I used and the installation instructions I followed for two 170-watt panels. I can send you pictures as well, if you would like. This should get you at least 85% there. Andrew
  11. Why title this "...towing vehicle issues"? As I read the first post from Bill and Nancy, they were commenting on how well their chosen tow vehicle was working out for them. Just because many disagree, doesn't mean their comments aren't valid, from their perspective. Perhaps "positive towing experience" would be a more appropriate title? Andrew
  12. My guess would be, you ran water in the bathroom sink and didn’t realize it. That is the only thing I know of that would have caused what you described. We may have done that oneself or twice ourselves… Andrew
  13. Charlie, We have had Tochta Utopia mattresses for about four years now and like them. The wife likes it better than our mattress at home. They are lighter than latex. Andrew
  14. On the trip we are presently on, we have experienced the same problem Margaret mentioned about water dripping from the bottom of the window frames. We were camping in Yosemite NP with nighttime temps at 26 and daytime temps in the low 40s. Humidity was between the low 30s during the day and about 70 overnight. There was about a foot of snow on the ground. The temperature dropped below freezing by 7:00 pm and did not move above freezing until about 10:00 am. Overnight the main roof vent was fully open, windows next to the beds were cracked open and interior humidity was in the low 30s to low 40s. The interior thermostat was set at 60. The interior shell radiated cold all night long. When we woke up, we turned the thermostat to 67. As the interior temperature raised, each of the window began to have moisture drip out from between the hull and the interior compression frame of the window. Note there is very little to no condensation on the windows or window frames themselves. My theory is there is moisture building up between the upper hulls and freezing overnight. When were turn up the temperature in the morning, the ice begins to melt between the hulls and leaks. There is no evidence of water in the lower hull and that makes sense as the upper and lower shells are mostly sealed from one another at the adhesive joint along the belly band. Without removing the window and examining the area in more detail, I don’t have any idea for a fix at this time. I am interested in anyone’s thoughts. Andrew
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