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  1. John, If you haven't watched this YouTube video yet, it may help finalize your decision. The video is from Tom of Morton's On The Move. Andrew (2) Don't Waste Your Money On Batteries - The Shocking Truth I Discovered When Testing RV Batteries - YouTube
  2. David, You my want to try Gabe. I got our replacement for free! I also had to replace the monitor panel. Also, free! I have found Garnet and Gabe great to work with. Andrew
  3. David, To confirm the wiring is good to the sender on the side of the tank, press the water button on the SeeLevel monitor twice so it shows a continues readout. Then short across the two leads, on the top of the sender with any metal object. If the monitor reads a short "sht", you know the wiring to the sender is good and the sender needs replaced. Contact Gabe Morales at Garnet. gmorales@garnetinstruments.com Andrew
  4. You may want to check out FitRV's YouTube videos on the subject. Andrew
  5. No changes on my end except for the normal iOS updates. I logged on a little bit ago and got two of the emails, instead of one! Please don’t spend anymore time on this. I can just delete the emails. My thanks to all, Andrew
  6. Overland, Thank you but my iPad nor my iPhone show "Content Blocker" under Settings/Safari/General. The following show under General: AutoFill, Frequently Visited Sites, Favorites, Show Favorites Bar, Block Pop-ups and Downloads. Andrew
  7. Overland, Thanks for your help. I have been browsing in private forever and have not had a problem until recently. Turning it off does not help. Also, there is no “Content Blocker” under Safari in Settings. No worries, I will get delete the email notifications as the come in. My thanks to all who have tried to help! Andrew
  8. LongStride, I am using an iPad. Not "Safari" next to a apple logo when Safari is open. Thanks for you help! Andrew
  9. Long Stride, iOS 14.4.2 Safari? - I don’t know where to find the version. Andrew
  10. Another thought for the simple installation. I installed Battle Born batteries before ever camping in our new trailer. I keep the AC breaker to the converter/charger off at all times and charge the batteries almost exclusively from solar. I have only used the converter/charger to charge the batteries twice, when we camped in full shade for more than six days. When I did, I turned the breaker to the converter/charger on and charged from a generator, until the batteries were at about 100% and then turned it off. I can’t imagine this very infrequent use of the converter/char
  11. I have the problem when using my iPad and Safari. I would rather delete the messages than use another browser. Thank you for your help and attention! Andrew
  12. I am still getting the same message. Andrew
  13. I have accessed the forum daily, from the same iPad, for a few years now and never got this message until last week. Is there a reason this just started happening? Andrew
  14. I have had the same problem for the last week. SeaDawg, thanks for your help. Andrew
  15. Mike, When you get a standard floor plan, it comes with a rear table that is 39" long, that you use to fill in the space between the seating, to make the "king" bed. The entire space is actually 51" long and requires an additional 12" filler that comes with the trailer. I used the 12" filler, that was white gelcoat fiberglass and fabricated it to fit the space. The painters tape was to protect the piece when I was cutting it on the table saw. I cut the ends off to make the filler 18" wide, the distance between the two twin bed rails. I cut the ends down to use as the brackets t
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