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  1. We have a 2019 Elite II and have camped with temperatures at night down to 16 and above freezing during the day, without any real problem. One morning the temperature in the refrigerator was a little high so, I turned it off and back on again and everything was fine. I don't know if there was a problem or I was just being overly anal with my new baby. I did check with Jason, from Oliver service, and he confirmed with the manufacture there is not a "freeze kit" specifically for this refrigerator. A freeze kit is a 12v heat strip that wraps around the coil in the back of the refrigerator, that is designed to allow the refrigerator to work down to zero. They do make this kits for larger refrigerators and Jason said it could work but the manufacturer did not recommend it. In my opinion, I think the refrigerator worked fine. I hope this help, Andrew
  2. We have the Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/50 and the BMV-712 battery monitor. As Overland said, we really like how they work together and you can access many Victron products from one App. Went with the 100/50 to help future proof it, incase we decided to expand our solar. Using two 100ah Battle Born batteries and the 340 watts of solar seems to be well matched.
  3. Bill, Oliver prewires and installs the aluminum plates on all of their trailers regardless of any solar being ordered. Andrew
  4. I just completed an install of two 170 watt Zamp solar panels, a Zamp three port combiner box, a Victron SmartSolar 50/100 MPPT solar controller, a Victron BMV-712 battery monitor, a Progressive Dynamics 60 Amp replacement converter and (2) Battle Born 100Ah 12V LiFePO4 batteries. I worked with Jason (Oliver's Service Manager) to complete the install as close to factory as possible. I have attached the pictures I have of the installation. I would be more that happy to help you or anyone else out, in anyway I can. Please message me I will provide you with my contact information. Andrew
  5. Bill, We have hull #468 that we picked up at the end of May. The furnace works great and we have camped in temps down to 16 degrees at 8,700 feet. I would not be concerned. Andrew
  6. We just got back from camping five nights at 8,700 in Mammoth Lakes, CA. Overnight temperatures were as low as 16 degrees. One night was 21 and windy enough to shake the trailer with the stabilizers down! The furnace worked just fine, other than eating up the propane. Sorry you had problems. Andrew
  7. A little sporty for our taste. We like the original better.
  8. I am in the process of modifying our standard floor plan to a modified twin bed floor plan (pictures to follow when complete). I ordered the twin bed rails and installed them as directed by Oliver. The bed rails were installed with nothing in between the rail and the hull and the rubber gasket, on the ledge the table sits on to make it into a bed, removed . I used eight rivets on each rail and the rails seem very secure. The problem is when you sit on the edge of the bed, there is significant gel coat to gel coat creaking. I reached out to Oliver service and Jason suggested using double sided tape between the rail and the hull. I have put a 3/4" strip on either side of the rivet holes, on the hull, and one on the vertical ledge surface. I did not remove the backing from the tape and tried a test fit. The creaking is significantly diminished but still present. Is this normal? Thank you for any insight anyone has. Andrew
  9. Coy, When do you think the roof top model will be available to the general public? Andrew
  10. John, Very well put and I agree 100%! I would take this on myself but, I have been so unimpressed with Andersen's customer service, I can't stomach attempting to get through to them again. Please push your point a view on to Anderson and let them know a number of Oliver owners feel the same way. You may try Spencer at Andersen, he seems like he cares. Thank you, Andrew
  11. Trainman, It is the new design. I contacted Archie at Andersen and questioned him. He stated it was normal and I should only raise the tongue enough to take the weight off of the hitch and no more. For me, that is not enough to be able to remove the triangle and I have to loosen the chains . As you know that is not the most convenient. Andrew
  12. You have to watch that you don't raise the trailer too high. If you do, the ball shaft will come loose from the bushing and pop up enough to jam the attachment point of the triangle against ball housing and make it impossible to remove the pin. I have been able to get it just right about 50% of the time.
  13. Thanks David!, I followed your direction in Edit mode and it appeared to work. [attachment file=Michelin RV_Tires_Brochure.pdf] showed in the body but when I submitted it didn't change anything. Andrew
  14. Yukon, Here is a link that should help you. Andrew https://www.michelintruck.com/assets/pdf/Truck_Tire_Data_Book_Sept2011.pdf
  15. Yukon, The attached from Michelin should address your question. Andrew [attachment file=Michelin RV_Tires_Brochure.pdf] Here is a link as well: https://www.michelintruck.com/assets/pdf/Truck_Tire_Data_Book_Sept2011.pdf Michelin-RV_Tires_Brochure4.pdf
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