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  1. Great - looking forward to the updated website. Will there be an announcement or do we just need to look periodically?
  2. What a great trip! Love your pictures.
  3. Thank you, David, I just followed the link and saved it to my Favorites. With those other colors, I see that I could actually have a "Muddy Girl" theme when it comes time to order!
  4. Sounds like a great trip - the Aspens will be turning then. On your way from Mesa Verde to the Sand Dunes, you will pass through Pagosa Springs. You should stop there for lunch at least - there are some interesting things to see. Also, when you get to South Fork, you might want to take a side trip up to Creede, which is an old mining town that's pretty lively, at least in the summer. The headwaters of the Rio Grand is just west of Creede, at the Rio Grand Reservoir. I know there are many National Forest campgrounds there but they may be closed by then. However, there are lots of RV parks in South Fork because it is a very popular summer destination for part-timers. We spend many weeks every year in Colorado dry camping and riding our Polaris RZR.
  5. That's cute Wow, big temperature changes.
  6. Cool that you know who they are and that y'all helped them. Yes, that should be a dedicated running thread.
  7. Novice Oliver observer here, so excuse me if this is common knowledge. How did you choose the purple color on your graphics? I don't see that color on the website but I do see that you can choose other colors as an upgrade. Did they have a color chart for you to choose from or did you bring them a sample and they matched it. By the way, I also love purple and can't wait to see your pictures.
  8. I wondered if there was a thread specifically dedicated to "I saw an Ollie on the road". Last Tuesday, June 27, we saw an Oliver for the first time as well. I'm almost sure it was in Comanche, Tx, and they were headed north on hwy 67. We were headed south and were sorely tempted to turn around and catch up to them, but alas, we were not that bold. Some day soon we need to just quit thinking about it and tour one!
  9. Oh, that looks WAY better! Funny, I was just looking again at the interior pictures this morning of the Oliver's and those off-white blind frames just glared at me. Hopefully they will keep the white ones.
  10. Mike & Carol, love your decor. Buzzy, thanks for the video, but I am having trouble finding your other videos. Is there one particular link to view all your episodes?
  11. Thanks, everyone. I just checked out the "See an Ollie" and there are several owners about 2.5 hrs from us that may let us view their units. Looking forward to seeing one in person.
  12. My husband and I are considering buying an Oliver Elite II with the twin bed configuration, however, we have some concerns about it's length. How does the twin bed work for someone 6'2"? Is it long enough, and comfortable enough? The brochure says it is 75" long, which is 5" shorter than a regular queen sized bed. Thanks
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