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  1. Believe it was towed by a large SUV. Don't remember it's color, but think it was white or light-colored. The graphics on the trailer were muted, blue and gray maybe. Only saw it for a couple of seconds.
  2. Got a glimpse for the first time of an Ollie "in the wild." It was headed west on I-40 between Memphis and Little Rock about 10:00 AM yesterday. We were heading the other way. Don't want to sound like a stalker, but if we had been going the other way I would have tried to visit with them about their trailer. zz
  3. We carry both our gennies and extra fuel in the bed of out truck. We went with extended fuel tank setups like this -- different manufacturer -- for convenience, and love them. http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200402013_200402013?cm_mmc=Google-pla&utm_source=Google_PLA&utm_medium=Generators%20%3E%20Generator%20Accessories&utm_campaign=IPI%20Industries&utm_content=213800&gclid=Cj0KEQiAxeTFBRCGmIq_7rGt_r8BEiQANdPqUnUXA7Hagsx7hI76dxUvTjA5kNcQ3u930I3MdeWaT7gaAk8b8P8HAQ Works well for both transport and running the generators.
  4. Thanks for your work! I had issues Monday - Wednesday. When I clicked on the menu item to take me to Recent Topics in the Forums, the page would not display correctly (no content). Yesterday and today I have not had any problems. stuart
  5. Hello to all! My wife and I are starting to look for our next trailer, something primarily for the two of us. We have two boys, both off to school now, and they don't camp with us so often. We've been RV'ing for a decade now. We purchased a Salem bunkhouse travel trailer in 2007 and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Trips to Disney, family visits, and other wanderings in that trailer will always be some of our best memories. Our wish list for the new RV include a smaller, more nimble unit that tows easily with less worry about sway and the like. And also a higher quality one. I've been a fan of Airstreams for decades, but am not sure I want the maintenance and some of the other downsides that come with one. The Oliver is an intriguing alternative. I look forward to reading and gaining from everyone's experience. I hope along the way I can also offer a helpful tidbit or two. Thanks in advance for everything. This should be a fun journey! stuart
  6. My wife and I are beginning to look for a new RV. Our kids are both off to school and don't camp with us so often, so we're looking for a high-quality, smaller camper. But neither of the Ollie floor plans really fits us. The twin bed plan is not what we're looking for...but we also don't like the idea of sleeping on a King that has several cushions pushed together. We sleep on a queen at home, and wondered how an RV Queen would fit in the standard floorpan. It would be a bed full-time...no changing out for this space to serve as a dinette. I'm sure the rear walls of the Ollie are radius'ed. We're wondering if a 60" wide queen can fit against the rear wall of the trailer given the curved corners. Also, I understand the length of the space (front to rear) is 75". Do I have that right? Thanks for the help. stuart
  7. One of our favorite get always. Great sites with lots of room right on one of the cleanest lakes in America. If you return, my wife and I would love to stop by. We're considering an Ollie but have not had the chance to see one. Safe travels.
  8. I know this reply is way late, but you were in my neck of the woods. We live at Crystal Springs, a short boat ride from Big Fir, or a much longer drive . If you ever come back to SW Arkansas and Lake Ouachita, please let me know. We'd love to sit around the fire and talk camping and lakes. And we're very interested in seeing you Oliver. Stuart
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