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  1. Thanks Canoe12! Do you just put the ice down through the toilet?
  2. We filled it about 20% full on our flushes (did 3). Wasn't sure how much to fill. We had only used it about a day and a half. When you are "leaving the water running while draining", are you leaving the valve under the dinette seat open too or do you mean you close the valve and let it fill back up while draining? Also, question for anyone, we have the macerator and I was wondering if you are supposed to turn it on and then pull the black tank lever or pull first and then turn it on. I also assumed we leave the macerator going for the gray tank too. -Angela
  3. STEVEnBETTY, Thank you for sharing your method. I greatly appreciate all info! This is all so new to me and of everything involved, the black tank and its care is what freaks me out the most. I have this fear of "doing it wrong" ???? -Angela
  4. Mike, when you refill the black tank for your extra rinses, how full do you fill it? Also, when you dump before storing (between trips), do you fill it with water/chemicals/magic positions? We’ve got 1 trip under our belt and so many questions. -Angela
  5. Yay!! Glad I could give you a smile :) Would love to know more about the ladybug......
  6. Lol! the banjo comment made me spit out my drink! ???? we saw the turn off to Merriweather, but unfortunately had to leave before we could investigate. I imagine we will be out that way again and will definitely check it out!
  7. Even though it’s saturday, call Ritchie. His cell number is on his card (931) 306-9232. When we picked up he said to call him anytime. Good luck! -Angela.
  8. I was told that it was where the rally was held previously. Reportedly, these lake sites are relatively new. I thought it weird that there wasn’t a 30 amp outlet. The box had a 50 amp outlet and two 120 outlets. Oliver had provided a 30-120 adaptor which we used the first night. We had some trouble with our water heater that first night and thought maybe that was the reason so I went to the Trading Post on the campground and they had a 30-50 adaptor so I went ahead and bout it ($25 - not sure what they normally run but feeling like we were in a pinch I didn’t flinch). Turns out it had nothing to do with the water heater, just needed a hard reset. We used the 30-50 adaptor the second night. The fridge seemed to take a REALLY long time to cool down the first night. Don’t know if the 120 had anything to do with that. We noticed that the other areas seemed a bit congested which was why we opted for the Lakeside. So glad we did. Definitely learned our lesson about electronics. Felt stupid because we never used to go anywhere without a paper roadmap. Guess we got caught up in all the excitement as it totally slipped my mind. -Angela
  9. Thanks for all of your help! It was great to meet you too and to be able to put a face with a name. -Angela
  10. thanks for the recommendation. Will definitely look into it. We always used to travel with a paper map book and then we had a small Garmin when those came out before the advent of cell phones. Just got too comfortable with phone technology ☺️ -Angela
  11. No. My husband set it. He’s used them many times before. Only had to use it briefly on one of the back roads in TN after missing our turn when I lost cell service and google maps locked up! Before our next trip, we will make sure we have an old school paper map as a backup! -Angela
  12. thanks! How funny! We WERE there with you in the lobby. I recognize you from your profile pic. We had just gotten back from lunch and were getting ready to hook up to go to the campsite. ☺️ Hope you’re back up and running smoothly! -Angela
  13. Thanks, Mike! Can’t wait to get out there.
  14. It is one of the options that we got on ours. 28x21. Plan to bolt and carry our generator there. -Angela
  15. Thanks! Not sure the official name. I call it the “new gray flooring”. It replaced whatever the gray floor was they were using. When we got our sample box there was no gray floor sample. Anita said they had just gotten it and hadn’t had any samples cut yet but that it was really pretty. We went with it aight unseen on her recommendation and are glad we did. I looked on our invoice and all it says is “special floor”, but it is one of the regular flooring choices because there was no extra charge.
  16. We picked up Monday. Driving into the lot there was a whole line of finished trailers. It was wild to see so many in one place! Anyone see theirs? The ladybug is awesome ???? -Angela
  17. we finally have our trailer! Thanks to Phil and Ritchie for getting us up and going and to the additional factory workers who jumped in to help tweak a couple of things as we were leaving. We had a family emergency arise requiring us to leave earlier and more expeditiously than expected, but Ritchie and his guys were great! Thank you! We ended up staying at the Natchez Trace RV campground. Highly recommend this place! There are about 8 spots that face the lake on the front side of the grounds. We set up there and it was great. We stayed 2 nights. Very peaceful and a great view. Full hook ups. You’ll need a 30 to 50 amp coverter for power. We opted for full hookups as this was our first RV experience. Not as scary as I was anticipating. Even the tank dumping was easy! Now will be the fun part of getting things put in their proper places and customized. Oh, and I am so pleased about how our cushions turned out. We opted for our own fabric choice (Sunbrella fabric) and feel it was totally worth it! We are THRILLED!!!
  18. Thanks, Mike! Love places like that. We decided to stay in a conventional hotel in franklin since it’s onky about an hour away and we don’t have to be there until 10 am. We can still check out the winery though :) Pick up is tomorrow! So surreal! -Angela
  19. Anyone traveling through Oklahoma Sunday morning about 11 am? We are on our way toward Hoenwald to pick up our trailer and just saw an Ollie heading west. Didn’t get a good look other than big red lettering on the back. Hi!!!! -Angela
  20. Reed & Karen and John, Thank you for your clarification! The letter was rather vague about it. Makes total sense to me now. :) -Angela
  21. We will have the LP Quick Connect and were told that the brass threaded fitting is provided but we need to provide the hose. What length do we need to bring with us for pick up. -Angela
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