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  1. Thanks for the info, Canoe12. On the upside, makes me feel better that we aren't the only ones not to have updates. On the downside, it would definitely add to the total experience package to get updates. -Angela
  2. Makes sense. Wish they had a webcam or some set up you could log into and check in. Kind of like at doggie day care ???? -Angela
  3. Curious..... I thought that I had read a post where someone mentioned that they received picture updates during the building process. Is there a certain point that this occurs? Frequency? Is this something that has to be requested? Our trailer has been in production for 4 weeks (Aug 7) and haven't received any updates yet - neither verbal nor pics. Thanks, Angela
  4. Our Ollie is currently in production. We pick it up at the end of October. This is our first RV. We went through years of research of all types and always came back to the Oliver. We can't wait to get it! Congrats on your decision!
  5. Good Luck!!! Will be thinking of you guys! -Angela
  6. LOL! the team colors. Can't wait to see the blue and orange on the Ollie :)
  7. I heard of people wearing welding helmets for the eclipse. Not sure of the safety/protection against the sun, but an interesting thought...
  8. Look forward to seeing the the finished product! lol! This combo came up in our discussions too but for a different reason: Go Thunder! ????
  9. I really like this! we would love to have it at our home but not sure our HOA would allow it. We're working on finding out. Then we would have to build. We actually have a new storage facility that was built around the corner with a few RV garages so we for now we will be using that. Our other option is moving ???? -Angela
  10. We went with it sideways. Anita advised that it allowed more usable countertop to the left of the stove. Didn't get any measurements tho. In my mind it made sense. Also, it allows the cover to be flipped up to the right to act as a splatter barrier to the seating/bed area. Otherwise it just flips to the back. She also mentioned that they were considering making the sideways position the norm as more peopl order it that way than the current standard way. As as an aside, Have you made any decisions on fabric/flooring? -Angela
  11. Our trailer is 2 weeks into the build (as of Monday). It seems that it would be very handy to have. How does one go about getting that kind of mod? Just call and ask? or does there have to be a specific need for it? - Angela
  12. Wonder if they could just make the tray into a hatch door?????
  13. Overland, where is that access port located? -Angela
  14. What kind of work? Hearing things like this makes me nervous.
  15. Keep us posted on how it goes ..... Angela
  16. Out of curiosity: Topgun2, Tnbackroads, Rideandfly, when you talk about stopping by and having mods done, what kinds of things do they do? If you don't mind me asking..... Angela
  17. This makes me so happy to hear!!! -Angela
  18. We thought the same thing about the sample. We also went with the black/grey theme as you did with the graphics/awning/countertop, but we chose our own fabric from Sunbrella. They have discontinued the Canyon Aspen. We had wanted that. They do have a replacement for it. Not sure what they are calling it. I call it the "new grey floor". Anita sent me the attached pic. She said they didn't have hard samples available yet but we took a leap of faith and went with it. Can't wait to see the final result (October). -Angela
  19. Welcome! My husband and I are just waiting on our trailer. Should be done late October - a bit late for an Alaska trip this year, but definitely someplace that we want to visit!
  20. The Atwood wasn't offered to us, we asked about it. My husband had done some research on RV A/Cs and I had done some browsing on the Forum. We asked about it and they said they could do it. There was an upcharge. Part of it was ordering as a one off part instead of being able to get a bulk price as they do with the Dometics and also, I recently learned, for the modification for drainage. The Atwood does not come with a drainage tube/pipe (I guess they don't need them in Australia) and so they are having to create a drain channel as there is with the Dometic so that the water doesn't drain on the outside of the trailer. I was ecstatic to hear about that! My husband was also wanting to have a different controller for the solar installed, but the build date was getting close and we decided that we would just go with the Zamp and change it out ourselves. -Angela
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