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  1. It's off on my iOS as of right now (9:15 am). Have to say I prefer it without the bar. It took up too much space on my 5SE screen.
  2. We pick up Monday so this is timely! Thank you!!!! -Angela
  3. Yats sounds fantastic! Thanks for the tips!
  4. nashville would just be for going out. We haven’t been there in a while so thought it’d be nice to browse before pick up. Will definitely put the other places you mentioned on the list of places to see! Thanks! -Angela
  5. John, we are coming down I40 from Oklahoma. I think we may go through Nashville and stay in the outskirts. Thanks! -Angela
  6. Neat looking place! Thank you for the info. Beautiful friend you’ve got there! -Angela
  7. a minor detail: need a place to stay the night before pick up (regular lodging since no Trailer yet) that allows dogs. Checked with Fall Hollow and they have rooms but don’t allow pets in them. Any suggestions? Thanks! -Angela
  8. <p style="text-align: right;"> </p> Good to know. Enjoy it! We pick up ours in just a little over a week and cannot wait! -Angela
  9. This was exactly what we were discussing. What is the towing capacity? How was the drive?
  10. Love the set up! We have discussed a Roadtrek as a TV and may still at some point. Have you had your Airstream for long? -Angela
  11. Thanks, Matt! The links are helpful. All I had was the phone number. After talking with Anita this afternoon I called and got a reservation. When I spoke with Kristi at Greenview she asked that we bring a copy of the shot records and we were good to go! If anyone else is going to need this amazing service in the next couple of weeks, You should prob go ahead and call. Anita mentioned that there is an OctoberFest celebration coming up and it can fill up. So excited! T minus 11 days! angela
  12. Thanks, Phillip! We will get in contact with Anita or one of the other girls prior to coming out to get the info for the vet. This is a fantastic service! -Angela
  13. Sorry for the above errant post. It's Monday! Getting ours in 2 weeks so haven't experienced this but noticed on the home page that the new specs for the 2018s are posted and they list that a new standard feature is a "water accumulator bladder tank to help add constant water pressure at faucets". Wonder if it can be added after the fact and if it would help your situation? -Angela
  14. That's good to know. She is good on a leash.
  15. What time of year did you pick up? Thinking about the heat this time of year
  16. I've seen Delivery Day photos where people have their dogs with them. We were wanting to bring our girl with us, but what do you do with them during the walk through/teaching session? -Angela
  17. Thoughts and prayers to you! My husband and I are picking up our trailer in 2 weeks and have enjoyed your videos. Hoping that getting back to camping will be healing for you. Our best to you and Buddy!!! -Angela and Kyle
  18. Sounds wonderful! Not sure yet. Still trying to figure out if I am going to be able to get off work to go with Kyle to pick it up or if he's going to have to go by himself. We could wait to go together Oct 30, but the thought of it sitting there for 4 additional weeks I think would make me crazy! :)
  19. Got a call from Anita today. Turns out production is running ahead of schedule. We were scheduled to pick up our trailer Oct 30, but now can pick it up as early as Oct 2!!!!!! Needless to say, I didn't get much work done today as I am so giddy. The challenge is going to be schedule rearranging to try to get there. She said of course they will hold it for us if we can't get there before the 30th, but how can I sleep soundly knowing it's just sitting there waiting. I am on cloud 9 today! - Angela
  20. this would be such a good thing. The anticipation is just so great and being that we weren't able to get there for a tour before we purchased, seeing the progress in our individual trailer would be calming. -Angela
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