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  1. We've decided to go with our gut and chose the Atwood. We just will need to be vigilant about cleaning it. I think the benefits outweigh any perceived hassle of cleaning. I greatly appreciate the comments and pics! -Angela
  2. This is helpful. thank you, John. Will need to think about this. We live in central Oklahoma and still being in the workforce, will be using it in this region a bit. -Angela
  3. That is awesome! This makes me even more excited about our trailer. Going into production next week. -Angela
  4. Regarding the Atwood A/C, how much water runs down the side? We are supposed to go into production next week and were planning on getting the Atwood in place of the Dometic. Just found out about the lack of a drain on the Atwood. This concerns me about long term effects on the gel coal/fiberglass. For those who have the Atwood, can you provide your thoughts, please? Thanks, Angela
  5. Trumpetguy, How much water runs down the side? We are supposed to go into production next week and just found out about the lack of a drain. Do you foresee long term damage to the finish of the gel coat? Thanks, Angela
  6. When we were trying to decide between driving or towing, we were looking at the Leisure Travel Vans, Roadtrek, Coach House, and Born Free. BF was removed from the list when we came across this tidbit : http://rvdailyreport.com/industry/out-of-cash-born-free-shuts-its-doors/ Angela
  7. Connected with Anita today about the water tank mod. Our trailer goes into production week after next and was curious if it could be included. She said that Oliver is working with the tank mfg-er to work out a fix, so it is being addressed. Holding out a thread of hope that maybe it is worked out before our tank goes in ???? Angela
  8. LOL!!! This is EXACTLY me! -Angela :)
  9. It worked! Thank you. - Angela
  10. Thank you for replying! Was wondering if you had a fresh link for this part of your original post: [ I use a triple canister system with Sterilight UV from the RV Water Filter Store: https://www.rvwaterfilterstore.com/index.htm ] It says "the requested item is not available at this time". Kyle had been looking into an NSF part 55 class A rated system. In my husband's opinion, there is no going overboard on water filtration after he had a bout of Giardia while camping. :) -Angela
  11. Thank you! This is great! -Angela
  12. Bill, I have never heard of the Banana Pudding festival. We will have to check that out! My husband is hoping that it might not be too late to be able to catch some of the foliage in the area. We've been in Vermont during mid October years ago and it was magnificent! -Angela
  13. Canoe12, Home is Edmond, OK. Route 66 runs right through town! As far as roaming, we've traveled from coast to coast (Acadia NP to Victoria BC, San Diego to Atlanta, Chicago to Galveston.....), but always by traditional transport (car/plane). This will be our first RV/trailer so it's going to be a whole new perspective. -Angela
  14. Gary, Thanks so much for some awesome sounding trips. I have decided to start a notebook to keep track of recommended places as well as of places that people post. Looking so forward to starting this new travel chapter! -Angela
  15. Is JrBirdman still on the Forum? I would love to see more about his system. -Angela
  16. My husband and think this is fantastic! Angela
  17. Thanks, ScubaRx. We've got a bit of time to mull it over as we don't go into production for another week. Something to consider. -Angela
  18. Thanks! Not sure yet of our path. We will, though, be staying south of the Mason Dixon Line . I see on your profile pic that you have a map of Maine as the front emblem. Did you have Oliver leave that space blank and then you have it applied or did Oliver do it? We have been contemplating what we could do..... Angela
  19. Reading this makes me so happy!
  20. Hello there! New to the Forum. My husband and I saw an Oliver for the first time a couple of years ago in Ft. Worth thanks to Steve. Since then we have been researching and browsing and we always come back to the Ollie. We have made it official and have put down our deposit! Our new trailer will go into production in a couple of weeks and we should be ready to go late October. I cannot even begin to put into words how excited we are!! Not sure I will be able to get much done between now and then scouring the Forum for details and tips :) Would love to hear recommendations on things
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