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  1. Thanks everybody. There seem to be as many opinions as there are generators. We will submit a report of our experience after we return from Alaska in the fall. Anybody going to Alaska this summer? Bruce and Lois Ashley Fisher2
  2. Thanks, you two. I can always count on you. Bruce and Lois Ashley PS. You aren’t going to Alaska this summer, are you?
  3. We will want to buy a generator that will allow us to run our AC and microwave. We tried to keep the initial cost down, so we didn’t order the MA ez start. Do you have any recommendations as to the minimum size of generator we should buy? Long Long Honeymoon UTube recently recommended an Atima 2000i, but a friend said a 4000 was needed. Fisher2
  4. As a long time RVer I am a believer in the proverb” you are taking your house and your car down the road, things are going to break. Get them fixed, and keep on going down the road.” But, in reading all the Forum letters, it seems like a lot of problems could be prevented by more care and thought during the build process, especially for a trailer that sells for the price we pay. Our Ollie hasn’t been finished, but we have many notes from the Forum posts to discuss during our delivery.
  5. i see surge protectors from $100 to $300. How do I choose one? Bruce & Lois Fisher2
  6. Can you clarify your comment about a better antenna ? Great idea about having different cellular providers, but that assumes we both have cell phones. The old fart doesn't have one. Do you have any thoughts on which one is better in Alaska? Bruce
  7. Karen, you are the best "replier". Thanks for all your input. Bruce
  8. David, you are obviously of a younger generation that is not overwhelmed by all this technology. Thanks for the tips. Bruce
  9. Bill, i notice your tow vehicle is our dream truck. Do you find the FX4 capabilities important for your travel adventures? We thought Max Towing was overkill to pull the Ollie? Bruce
  10. Thanks again, Bill. Just enough info so I can understand. Bruce
  11. Thanks for the booster feedback, and the bu camera tips. Bruce
  12. Thanks Bill, just the feedback I was hoping for. Bruce
  13. we will be picking up our Elite II at the end of Oct. One of the options we are curious about is the wifi booster. We only use wifi for browsing, email and downloading podcasts(can be slow sometimes). We will be heading for Alaska in June next year for 3 months. Do you have any thoughts on the usefulness of this equipment vs cost?
  14. I'm really a dumbie when it comes to electricity(and lots of other things). Can you recommend a basic book and testing equipment I will need. We have survived 20 yrs of RVing in this condition, but maybe it's time.
  15. Looks like you missed Newfoundland. Next time for sure. We left from Sydney, NS and toured the west side only. Some Must See sites. You can take your trailer on the ferry, or leave it at Golden Arm c.g. Lots of B&B. Bruce and Lois, Fisher2
  16. Thanks, I finally found the response button.
  17. thanks to everyone for responding to my questions; I'll have lots more. Special thanks to Raspy for trying to help me thank or respond individually, but my Post Black Line doesn't seem to show me those options. I'm fairly helpless when it comes to computer navigation.
  18. we are putting our new Elite ll order together, and debating the two types of hot water sources. Can owners of each type write about how you reached your decision, and if you would reach another decision if you could do it again. i am not computer savvy and can't figure out how to thank for a reply, or respond.
  19. I see a lot discussion about the cons of the Anderson hitch as related to wear on the ball. Has anyone installed a different WD system with good results?
  20. We have been advised the Honda 2000 EZStart will run our Ollie A.C. Does anyone have experience with this? Fisher2
  21. Hi, We plan to be Oliver owners later this year. My wife of 50 years and I are flyfishermen who travel to fish for trout. We have been to the northern tip of Newfoundland to the southern tip of New Zealand, but never to Alaska. Next Spring we will go first to northern PA and then off to Alaska. We hope to have exchanges with other Oliver owners about our trailer, alaska, fly fishing ,etc. Bruce and Lois
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