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  1. Air skirts...like in a hovercraft?.. Interesting concept. A steering wheel by the rear window?where do air keep th life jackets? Where do I hang the numbers? So many questions...
  2. Edit button disappeared. Hate spell correct: available not avatar...
  3. That plug is readily avatar labor at Home Depot or Lowes. Think Tractor a supply may have it as well as ACE. With brass pipe fittings usually.
  4. Is there an RV junkyard around? Some of the SOB (some other brands) fall apart before the toilets do. Get parts or whole fixtures from them?
  5. Does David Crockett SP have power? Maybe a turkey TV (frozen) dinner?
  6. Our button didn't work to change it to a spray. We kept pushing it but it didn't want push. We took it off and filled it with vinegar and let it sit (I think it was a couple of days before we got back to it). We put it back on, turned on the water, pushed the button. It crunched a few times and started to work. Guess it got a small piece of calcium caught in it. More a problem with the water than the faucet?
  7. Hull #211 a 2017 model has the valve. Only really open when winterizing and hand pumping antifreeze in. Does not get used much, if at all!.
  8. Mine sits outdoors, uncovered, and the solar keeps everything charged. Even with some ice and snow on the panels we seem to get a charge. We do top off the water, well before a freeze, in the fall and spring. Can you put a portable panel outside in the sun and plug it in?
  9. Don't forget space for the Camp Chef. Without an oven in the Oliver you got to plan for a way to cook biscuits, or cornbread.
  10. You do know that a dog bone adapter reduces the 50 amp two (2) 120V lines to one (1) 120V line with no more than 30 amps (probably less)? Maybe the pedestal with a 50 amp outlet is newer and wired with the proper wire, breakers, and connectors? That would explain less voltage drop and surges. Surges are usually a system under stress, ie: under size wire, larger loads than the system was designed for, poor maintenance on the busses and breakers, or even the supplier unable to provide amble supply. A single 120V 30 amp line will usually run the AC when operating in high heat, and the AC only. Lo
  11. Has anybody read every single posting? Which ones does everybody skip over?
  12. You can just pull in and stay. They have a brochure that shows all the CB in the country. It may indicate which ones have overnight spots? I find they usually do have RV 'reserved' sites. I usually do let them know I am staying, if they are open, by letting the server know. They usually have the manager stop to say "hi" and OK. Most are open at 6 am. I have found them to be quiet, reasonable level as we don't unhook, and no cooking required. Some times even free WiFi.
  13. Are you looking at the outlet on the front of the dinette? The side towards the front? Not inside, or under, it? Have you turned the inverter on? What you may be looking for is a GFI on the inverter. Usually the cord is unplugged from the inverter to easier see the reset. Reset and then plug back in.
  14. Lock doors? Yes, I guess we do sometimes, depends on where we are, not all ways. We have found one Interstate looks and sounds pretty much like all the others, we avoid them. In these small towns we can usually find a parking lot that we fit in. Farmers markets and small grocery stores provide all our needs. We did find you can get some of the best meals at the local diner. You know the diner, the one with the sparkly purple vinyl seats that has duct tape on it. The biscuits are the best. And the locals you talk to can tell you about some of the prettiest places to visit or stay. Bugs? Really
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