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  1. "Well Done" Richard. He spent many hours and mikes putting this all together. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Because of you many new and old Oliver owners have become lifelong friends... Matt Duncan joined us last year. This is actually our third year. The first year we did Maine owners by invitation. The second year was Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Again by invitation via email. The primary reason for this was the campground is small, and has limited resourses. This year the thought process was to include all if New England. But to do this we had to search out for a larger venue. The primary reason was there are now 75 ± registered with Oliver and we didn't have a clue how many might even be interested in coming to the sea coast of Maine. Even so it wasn't widely published on social media, so as not to overwhelm the CG. What oh what will transpire next year? As most of this years attendees have already made reservations
  2. Good idea. But, would that fill a 20 lb from the onboard 30s?
  3. It seems that on one of the censored Facebook Oliver sites there is talk of recognizing meeting another Oliver. It would be similar to the Jeep Wrangler Ducked site. Any interest? O = Oliver T = Travel T = Trailer E = Elite r = ???? ( maybe rv?) Maybe when/if the Oliver Store ever becomes a reality they could have a kit. In the kit there could be 25 little Otters and cards? See an Oliver someplace and you could put a little Otter on their door handle. On the card you could put your name and hull #?? Of course at the Rally this could get out of hand???
  4. Welcome from Maine and hull #211 {Ell} (also 2017). Think I have heard of a y'all, but not sure what it is? Someone else said they didn't think they had them in NM? U.S. Navy background?
  5. One thing about a tow vehicle: size!. However, but f you are still going to go to work, where do you park it at work? Staff usually has to park away from the doors. A parking spot for a big big tow vehicle maybe be way way out back. A small hike after a long trying day can help clear the head and heart, unless you are on the night shift...
  6. Oliver has considered adding ventilation to the closet. Does anyone see a pressing need? For what purpose? To add heat? Someone storing wet gear in there. It is just I haven't heard of anyone, in 7 years, express a need for. Wonder what I may be missing...
  7. Welcome. If your wrench s an adjustable one you are all set. Standard on one side, metric on the other. A pair of screwdrivers and a hammer should complete your tool box (to start). Advice: the "stuff" you think you might need and start to accumulate, think twice. There are stores everywhere in the USA. After 7 years we are still taking "stuff" out that we have never used and leaving it home. We still have 2 cabinets full of "stuff" we might someday need...
  8. Think Tractor Supply has 40lb tanks. You would have to see if you could make fit. Think there might be room, but bet bottom tray not big enough?
  9. Did you have 40 lb tanks? Or did you need a 'longer' rod because you had 20 lb tanks?
  10. Have to agree. The 54 Chevy and 67 Firebird have them. In my truck they would be a piece of heaven
  11. We had an Escape owner stop and look at our Oiver on his way home to Canada. Back then there was a concern about importing to Canada ( since solved). He asked if I would like to see his. After the Oliver it felt claustrophobic to me, but what really got me was the table. It was as shaky as my mother's old wooden ironing board. If the first thing you saw was that quality??
  12. Maybe I should put curb feelers on my truck??
  13. I have pulled into CG late (traveling, not 'camping') , and have the Ranger say we are mostly full. Look at the LE2 and say but we got a small site that you will fit into. Enjoy your evening...
  14. Is artificial intelligence an oxymoron? "I promise, if elected, to......."
  15. If you happen to enter a state, where their welcome center is, you can usually get a great map too. A plus is a campground guide and sometimes forgotten points of interest. Unfortunately most of them now are off the Interstates, and we have a tendency to avoid them...
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