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  1. So, on an electric fridge, solar is enough to keep powered? What about extended cloudy days?
  2. I still have 2014 "To Do List" s that need to be looked at... Just because I said I would get to it, doesn't mean she has to remind me every six months...
  3. One major advantage of the Elite II is the physical size of the bed. I think in the Elite you would have to sleep sideways, which means crawling over it you are in the back. Front to back is too short for most. Look at the measurements on the floor layout diagrams. The wireless cam is, to us a major plus. With it, you know when it is safe to pull back in when passing a slower moving fifth wheel or tractor. Also the cam makes backing into a campsite a lot easier. We have also used it to back down a mountain road that had been washed out. The nice thing is you have 2 years to practice. See you around The campfire...
  4. This is what I have been looking for. Knew I had put those do-hickie "thingies" in the camper spare parts can for something. What surprises me is that I am caught up to a 2018 "To Do List".
  5. Actually the outer bottom hull might not be as tight as we might like to think. There are a few strategically drilled holes to let any "extra" water escape. You can spot them with the little SS caps. I was surprised to see a couple, but they are designed and installed to avoid forcing air into the cabin while underway. The return air vent opens directly into the inter hull space. It may not get much air through there, but some. I have wondered if they were closeable, would it be easier to heat the whole unit and keep tanks warmer?
  6. We are talking the bath exhaust fan, and the heating/cooling of the bathroom space. The Maxfan is another issue, with it's own set of circumstances. We primarily put the extra vent in to increase the airflow efficiency of the heating system to the bathroom. With the shower going, vent closed and the window open that is the way to go. Opening that window for a little ways I can't imagine would comprise anyone's privacy.
  7. Thought I would see how the flame looked with the furnace running and the exhaust vent on. Without any windows open it drew the flame towards the vent. The best part the fan didn't appear to be struggling for air.
  8. I have read some of the comments, and was surprised that I have one of the "terrible 200's". I don't feel that way about our unit at al!. We read the forums before ordering and decided that we wanted the Ez-Flex system which was optional. It is now standard. We added a 4" marine hatch to our propane cover, so we didn't have to take the cover off. They now put in a 6" hatch as standard. Our porch light has occasional black streaks. They changed the product supplied to them and newer units have no problems with them. Our unit had a drawer problem from too short a screw supplied by the drawer maker. The factory corrected it and those affected. All the while as they geared up production to almost double the assembly, they cared about the existing customer. if I can't pull a switch and ascertain it is bad, or put a panel back up, over some wires that vibrated loose, what will I ever do when time to figure how to dump? Or need to sanitize the fresh water tank, or winterize for a sudden storm coming? Or bring more fresh water through the outside port? We took these things as learning experiences as we learned about our unit and grew with them. As we encountered, an opportunity, and discussed it with the Oliver staff, we think we learned from the experience, and maybe more important, so did they. The listened to us...
  9. We bought the Gazelle from 'Sportsman Guide' with the optional 3 panels. With the screen being tight to keep the "no-see-ums" out, it also keeps the heat in, so be aware on a hot day. On a beautiful calm day you might be tempted to just set it up. Stake it down. A little 'breeze' can turn it into a parachute type thingies that is hard to catch. You can guess how I might know that. Also we now carry some heavier tent stakes for sandy soils, as those little aluminum ones don't hold. This all being said, it is well worth the investment. Easy to set up and take down. Light weight and easy to carry and put in the bag. It fits easily into the back of the truck, if the truck is packed right. The way we set up under the awning might make it awkward to have screening on the awning, especially if we had to tip it for a rain event.
  10. I have always 'draped ' the umbilical cord over the tounge, plug down, to eliminate water intrusion. To my surprise one evening I found the taillights on. Shook the plug and the lights went out. That is when I noticed my plug is not moulded on. So we took some clear exterior silicone adhesive and with our finger smeared it on and into where the cord and plug come together. Smoothed it out and let it cure. As of yet , no more "ghost" lights...
  11. Plug the heater into the receptacle at the pedistal. If it does or doesn't work there, you might just eliminate a lot of steps and frustrations...
  12. Not familiar with how the compost toilet is vented, but if it is a 1 1 /2" pipe, you might well be right. I also think the vent might indirectly help a little with the ac circulation. Thinking a main cabin window could be opened a little, allowing the frosted bathroom window to stay closed. I think the vent location should minimize any fancy gyrations from putting water up there. Hopefully. ..
  13. Just guessing here, but I would think the 5 core ply would have a flatter appearance. Less deflection, and easier to attach hooks and towel racks in the bathroom, hooks in the main cabin, and a door and trim pieces. The core I cut out looked at least like cabinet grade, and hopefully a marine equivalent glue. The Oliver family of companies appears well versed in the use of fiberglass and it's possible limitations...
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