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  1. Oliver has considered adding ventilation to the closet. Does anyone see a pressing need? For what purpose? To add heat? Someone storing wet gear in there. It is just I haven't heard of anyone, in 7 years, express a need for. Wonder what I may be missing...
  2. Welcome. If your wrench s an adjustable one you are all set. Standard on one side, metric on the other. A pair of screwdrivers and a hammer should complete your tool box (to start). Advice: the "stuff" you think you might need and start to accumulate, think twice. There are stores everywhere in the USA. After 7 years we are still taking "stuff" out that we have never used and leaving it home. We still have 2 cabinets full of "stuff" we might someday need...
  3. Think Tractor Supply has 40lb tanks. You would have to see if you could make fit. Think there might be room, but bet bottom tray not big enough?
  4. Did you have 40 lb tanks? Or did you need a 'longer' rod because you had 20 lb tanks?
  5. Have to agree. The 54 Chevy and 67 Firebird have them. In my truck they would be a piece of heaven
  6. We had an Escape owner stop and look at our Oiver on his way home to Canada. Back then there was a concern about importing to Canada ( since solved). He asked if I would like to see his. After the Oliver it felt claustrophobic to me, but what really got me was the table. It was as shaky as my mother's old wooden ironing board. If the first thing you saw was that quality??
  7. Maybe I should put curb feelers on my truck??
  8. I have pulled into CG late (traveling, not 'camping') , and have the Ranger say we are mostly full. Look at the LE2 and say but we got a small site that you will fit into. Enjoy your evening...
  9. Is artificial intelligence an oxymoron? "I promise, if elected, to......."
  10. If you happen to enter a state, where their welcome center is, you can usually get a great map too. A plus is a campground guide and sometimes forgotten points of interest. Unfortunately most of them now are off the Interstates, and we have a tendency to avoid them...
  11. I have used paper maps to save me many a mile of useless travel "suggested" by the electronic device. It was especially nice that time in the mountains when the Garmin didn't know the rain had totally washed out the road. (Backing down the mile and a half to a barely adequate turnaround was fun too). The paper map probably saved us 40 miles of so from the "suggested" alternative...
  12. The vents in the closet, will it be vented to the bath or the main cabin? The main purpose of venting the closet? Is it to warm it up in there? To change the air is a commendable goal, just have never heard any one say that to vent that space would be nice. Is it thought to accomplish this, with one high and one low, by using the thermo siphon principle? Or to take advantage of the forced air from the bathroom heat duct? I would love to see a small waste basket installed half in/half out of the closet door. That would make it accessible from both inside and outside. Maybe the vent could be combined with this goal?
  13. So totally agree... We also have a corded phone in the home office. The corded phone is the only one that usually works during a power outage. The answering machine is special for us too. There are a lot of spots around us without cell coverage and the corded phone with answering gives us our needed coverages being a mile in the woods...
  14. According to NBC News the latest craze is paper maps. AAA are evidently printing more than they have in a long time. Interesting that the increase in demand is from the younger generations. I know I like my Garmin for turn by turn directions, but nothing replaces my Gazetteer or Road Atlas. Especially for planning purposes. Especially nice to find interesting side trips out around the boring interstates...
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