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  1. A draw bar between the three point hitch bars. A non spin attachment (available at Tractor Supply) is the safest. We have a 2" ball in the center. You can raise the ball from inside, then get out and latch. We have a ball attachment that fits on our forks. We move unloaded trailers all the time with those. Easier because you can see where everything is. And moving the steering wheel a little can move the tongue a lot. Still use the truck to move the camper and loaded boat. Just safer I guess?
  2. That "white stuff" lubricated the grass, making it easier to mow. Mother Nature provides it for free up here. Sometimes she is so good to us, we get some in April or later...
  3. Not sure this is really a fair question to ask, in an open forum. I would be sure your salesperson is able to answer, directly, any system question you might have. If not, that they are able to get back to you, in a timely fashion, with a proper response. What you don't need would be an order taker.
  4. Can't wait to get on the back roads with this rig. It is almost like an instant party. Folks line up behind us. There is a lot of horns blowing, yelling, and hand waving. Yup, like a rolling party...
  5. We use a good (Mequires) Wash and Wax Spring and Fall. Still looks like new. Thinking maybe we will start a polish/wax regimen this year (3 square feet at a time), starting with the 4 corners. Unless the Strippers or Mackerel are running, then all bets are off...
  6. We also remove the hose on the toilet, after shutting off the valve. Put hose in pail and flushed the hose. It seemed all clear. Removed the flush valve, and seem to remember there was a small "something" there too. At least it seemed to work better after.
  7. A couple of years ago I had to open up the bathroom faucet. There was two or three clumps of calcium like particles. They were sitting on the ports of the single lever cartridge. Cleaned them off and no problems since. The lucky part was we were at the Oliver Rally and Richie had the sealant and put the towel bar back on the vanity for me. I thought it was at the end of the hoses. If I had opened the faucet first, I wouldn't have opened the vanity. Not all water is as clear as in Maine. A filter is hooked up every time, even if just for one day...
  8. By adding the butterfly vent, high in bathroom wall, we have had the bathroom heat a lot better. The door doesn't have to be open. The air circulates a lot easier and hence relieves pressure on the fan. Would think restricting any airflow into the furnace return air vent might raise the noise as the fan works harder. Also by restricting heated air from the cabin, it would have to bring in unheated outside air through the drain/vents. By shutting slightly the heat vent near the return it forces the heated air further through the system.
  9. If using a water hose to the pump, be sure it is attached to an vacuum break (anti-syphon). I know of one seasonal, non sewer site, owner that thought they could by-pass the system. They ended up causing an algae bloom that shut down three sections of a campgrounds water system. Labor intensive, and costly, to correct. Don't be that guy!
  10. I went to the Advance Auto Parts web and put the Timken part numbers into the search window. Boom. It came up and listed as Timken. Now to go to my local store and talk to the guy I trust. He is into old cars and high end hot rods. I know he will steer me straight. Timken bearings and National seals. Time will tell...
  11. The best boss I ever had shared this advice with me, "Talk to your people ever day. And listen. You can learn something every day, from anyone. The newest and least experienced guy in your group may just have a new insight or a great idea." I usually learn something new everyday. It is what I learned yesterday, was wrong!
  12. We have always used 12V on the frig, while underway. The TV provides plenty of power, plus whatever the solar provides. We certainly do use the propane to initially cool down the unit. We do switch to AC if we are plugged in somewhere. We had no issues doing this while "screaming" north to get out of the hot (100-109) humid south east in an early heat wave. The ice cream was still solid, when we finally found a campground with a plug in in Penn.. We just wanted a night in AC. The rain that night, as the temps dropped to the low eighties was so soothing. It may be habit, but we were taught earl
  13. Two out of the way, and interesting state parks: Oleno SP. ..a CCC training camp, 6000 acre town that was abandoned when the trains went to that new swamp called Miami. The other is Kissimmee Prairie SP. Well known to astronomy buffs, as there is minimum light pollution. The stars and the Milky Way jump off the sky. Even the park has red filters on bath house lights to preserve night vision. Deer, gators, trails, stables. Eleven miles in on dirt roads. No plastic faces or neon..love it..
  14. If lined up with the clip, usually a quick "bump" with the heel part of the palm of the hand will seat it into the clip. Do a search on the forum, there is a rather extensive discussion on the whole process. From loose clips, to adjusting clips, to 'flipping' them..
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