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  1. Richard...outside, and clear of flammable items: I have tried a little gasoline in a triggered oil can. Once you have identified the carburetor, spray just a little gas into the top opening of the carb. This is assuming you have spark. I have been lucky a couple of times by doing this that the engine sucks enough fresh gas on it's own to start and run. I have to say that I agree a new carb is the easiest and least frustrating solution. It sure teaches you to use a gas storage solution at the end of the season, and then drain the gas to boot. Glad you got it free.
  2. Same batteries used in golf carts. In Maine you get a $10 trade in credit for each battery...
  3. Is it true Seadawg? 14 years with an Oliver? They should trade you the new model for $1?? And put yours in the RV Hall of Fame....
  4. I also carry the "fancy" tape. I have used it to fix different things,, at campsites, for fellow campers. However, when "fixing" the umbilicalcord/plug connection I will stick with electrical tape. We put a small amount of silicone caulk around the seam and then double wrap about 4" of the tape. I have found the "cheap" tape forms a more rigid connection outboard of the outlet, allows the cord to gently bend down, keeps the connection secure, and last for a long long time. I have noticed the the newer units have a cord that exits at a 45° or so to minimize the problem (and broken plastic on the sockets). Dump trailers, boat trailers, and other objects in a salt water environment have proven its vaue. Just know that a standard product, that works, is an acceptable item to use...
  5. But wait a minute! My Ollie is the only RV I have ever owned, which also makes it the best RV I have ever owned! So maybe I’ll just keep it, warts and all. well done. Well stated. Reflects the feelings of the majority of us owners that are out there. To us our Oliver is like a hammer to a carpenter. A tool to get the job done. Not an object that has become a central reason for our very existence. Again, "Well Done".
  6. The question fridge is only 2 way, we use the 3 way features all the time. Dc underway, AC at CG, propane off the grid. Current refrigerator size is adequate for our needs, as long as we rotate in beverage needs each night for the following day. Better half says micro too high for anyone to safely use. Wouldn't want to lose cabinet space either...
  7. I have "repaired" cords like this before. I keep a small tube of GE Silicone in the tool box. A small amount should do it. Then I wrap the area with plastic electrical tape. The tape is warm and pulled tight. It stretches a little and seals real tight. I go from the plug down the cord about three inches and at least three times. A molded on plug, even exposed a little as shown, is more water tight than a replacement plug.
  8. We used Banana Banners, out of Bowdoin, Maine, as well as a few others. Talked to her, gave her an idea what we wanted. She showed us a picture, with some improvements. Gave the approval, and received the graphic in a tube. After pick-up, at a campsite, it took longer to clean the area with denatured alcohol than to apply the graphic. No bubbles, no problems. Impressed me as it is a compound curved area.
  9. Order a set onlne. $39.99. Works great, solar powered, and do not need a repeater...
  10. It is a lot warmer Maine, right now, than in Tennessee. Also there is a whole lot less snow too. Hope our luck holds out...!
  11. Enjoy the warmth. Just know we are looking for our first "plowable" snow this weekend. And it should stay around for a white Christmas. Look into staying at Kissimmee Praire Preserve State Park once. Eleven miles in, washboard dirt road, alligators and deer everywhere. What you won't see is any light pollution. Red lights at bathouse so as not to kill your night vision. No neon lights or big plastic faces. The Milky Way and stars just seem to jump off the sky. There are even more stars than you can see in New Harbor on a cold February night. Be safe out there...
  12. Hull #211 (2017 model [April pickup] ordered in Nov 2016 had a full size spare. My spare tire and rim matched the other 4 Michelins, at my insistence, as they were using up the last of the Goodyear tires with rims. Think the prior rims were different too. My upper cabinet doors are frosted by choice, with black and mirrored as options. My tv is mounted on the curbside, as they had not yet gotten permission from RVAC(?) to potentially block the escape hatch window. (If I drop shipped a mount and tv they would have centrally installed). My drawers are self closing, but will open on bumpy roads. (Retro fitted with a thin bungee after). The manual awning works just great, one less thing to go wrong. Keyed lock, as the keyless were having to be drilled out occasionally. Guess they must be a lot better now as haven't heard lately any problems.
  13. Don't forget to add antifreeze to the sinks and shower drains. Hard to blow them out. We do the blow out first, twice. Then we use the antifreeze. When taking off in the real cold weather, we do not de-winterize until south of the Mason Dixon line. We carry a case of water in the tow vehicle, and transfer it to the Oliver when the furnace is turned on. We use RV antifreeze to flush with. We usually have 3 extra gallons in the closet as it seems harder to find once out of Maine...
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