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  1. Interesting...did you drive the Oliver to Iceland? Ferry?
  2. Consider a sleeping bag. No corners to tuck in.?
  3. We use the non-toxic anti freeze to flush with when traveling. We carry potable water in the TV (tow vehicle) and use that for our needs. A tea kettle provides any heated water we might need. Our refrigerator runs on DC while underway, and switched to propane when the heat is turned on. The unit heats up quite nicely and quickly. We "dewinterize" once we cross south bound the Mason-Dixon line, and with an eye on the weather. Usually we return North when chance of freezing is gone, but we have the hose and anti freeze with us ...in case.
  4. Welcome from hull #211. Thinking about your comments. Another thing to like about the Oliver... I don't have to "touch-up" the bottom paint in the Spring. (what's a y'all?). See you around the fire, and be sure to ask the questions, besides lines becoming ropes, everything is about the same...
  5. Welcome from hull #211. It feels like we had just ordered ours too, but it was 2016. Time will fly, but it is 75 days to Spring here in Maine, so yours may come sooner there. See you around a camp fire.😊
  6. Ok, what am I missing. If a 3/8" torque wrench reads 50 ft lbs, and a 1/2" torque wrench reads 50 ft lbs, don't they both measure 50 ft lbs? 3/8" wrenches have 9/16 sockets and universals. Why do they need a 1/2"? Harbor Freight also had them on sale for $ 19.00..
  7. I am going to install a vent high up to the left of the bathroom door. It was a Fall project, but Winter decided to visit. If you have ever had the bathroom fan going, and closed the door, you have heard it struggle to get enough air. By the same token, it must be hard for heated air to get in there, through the heating system, with the door closed or the vent closed (restricted). The hope is with freer flowing air there will be less noise from the furnace system.
  8. My question, if your black tank is larger than your tote, are you subject to overflow? An overflow would mess up the campsite, and make storage and cleanup of the tote tedious. How do you know when the tote is almost full? Would it gush out a vent? It would be nice if they had some kind of gauge.
  9. My guess is that the local VFW Auxiliary would love to fill orders as a way to raise funds. If Oliver was to just recover costs, it would reap many benefits for them in brand recognition (and a lot cheaper than advertising). Brand recognition and awareness is in valuable, ask any major sports team...
  10. I always blow out all the lines first with air. Then our water heater is put on bypass. I hand pump antifreeze into the city inlet until it comes out the outside shower.Then we hook up the short hose, open the cold bathroom faucet, and turn on the pump..and so forth, and so forth...
  11. Robin at Bannana Banners did our front graphic. I gave her an idea of what I wanted and the side stripe colors on the Oliver. She e-mailed the image to me for approval. I stopped by to pick it up, as she is only a few miles away. It was in a mailing tube, and she would have mailed it. (She has since done a couple of family business trucks). We installed it at a campground after picking up the Oliver. It took longer to clean the front with denatured alchol than it did to install. I was impressed how easy it was to install, and to do business with Robin.
  12. If it uses the small bottles, will you be able to use on the Oliver, because of different pressures??
  13. A word of caution. A jumper wire can turn on the lights. But, as was done at the Rally, the bright LED lights of the Ollie can be offensive to other campers. So maybe should only be done at an Airstream Rally to outshine them?
  14. When you roll it up does it go into the case evenly? If so, you should be golden. Meaning fabric same length on both sides...
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