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  1. If lined up with the clip, usually a quick "bump" with the heel part of the palm of the hand will seat it into the clip. Do a search on the forum, there is a rather extensive discussion on the whole process. From loose clips, to adjusting clips, to 'flipping' them..
  2. I like to think the wildlife do not consider the Oliver as a threat. It is such a peaceful presence. The word is out in the animal world. That is why so many of us see so much natural beauty?
  3. I refinished the stock of a rifle with teak oil, probably 40 years or so ago. Maybe 15 coats with rub of fine steel wool between coats. That piece still looks brand new today, and it gets used fairly often. A little effort up front will pay some long term dividends....
  4. Teak oil can bring gray wood railings on a sailboat back to a light teak color. More coats can make it darker and harder. A pressure wash and a good coat after dry, once a year, should do it.
  5. We saw two small dandelion blossoms, on the front lawn yesterday, after the overnight snow melted. Robins are close to us. Maybe it is time to grease the chassis and repack the bearings? Maybe with the election process over Mother Nature is taking pity on us? And it will be an early Spring? (don't put the snow shovels away just yet).
  6. Late January in Maine, so we can't go be with nature. So nature came to visit the Oliver. Eleven deer any day is good. One can dress in bright orange and go the whole month of November without seeing one. "Life is Good".
  7. There has been quite a bit of interest in a Maine gathering. It has slowed since the government here has limited the numbers that can gather. I am sure the weather has played a part too. A casual count has placed at least 10 Olivers in southern/ midcoast Maine. I can't think of any that have a Maine symbol, but we have not seen all of the newer ones, though we know they are out there. Thinking we might have to be careful about having a gathering. Once when mentioned some from Mass. wanted to be included. Then a Missouri based one said "Please include me". Next was a Casita owner wanted to
  8. Just went outside. Last nights snow is almost gone. Found two dandelion blossums on the lawn. Get your wax ready...
  9. Welcome from hull #211. Agree that Robin and crew at 'Banana Banners' does a fine job, and are creative and friendly folks. Real easy to work with. ( probably help get the old one off?). With the state outline and the lobster you should be great. I find with my design folks "from away" and while out of state, people know where we are from. However in state, especially up north, with the state outline and the state seal and color, we have been mistaken for the State Police Crime Lab. As they hide inside you can see the curtains flutter...lol. Where is your "home port"? If you want to
  10. Sounds to me maybe a tank top and shorts, with flip flops, while commando, means less to wash??
  11. I thought maybe a used AS was the way to go. Some of the ads said the floors had been repaired, or maybe only one or two soft spots. Whoa. Started looking at the floors. All exposed to the elements was particle board. Yuck! Then somebody said what they were charged to polish. Eight hours a foot, times how much an hour? Then an Oliver was mentioned. We researched, visited the factory, ordered new. Only seven foot wide, so can see down both sides with standard mirrors. None of that shaking from extended mirrors. High ground clearance. Can wash and wax with spray on Maquires. Only rea
  12. Was traveling solo, to eventually meet up with the spouse in 10 days or so! Some where, can't remember where, there was a city park type place. An old stone mill building, by a stream, with a turning water wheel. Lots of grass with gravel pull outs. Split rail fence. Half an hour at a picnic table eating supper, and then an eight hour nap. Would like to go back! It was late winter/early Spring. You could tell, and smell, the grass wanted to start growing. Two nights south, out of Maine, at least the roads were paved, but not all had yellow lines...
  13. Love it. Bet it would sell in the Oliver Owners Store. Nice to look at, and take Home, after touring the plant and placing an order. Something to "Show and Tell" while waiting. A buy with the hat, mug, and vest...
  14. Welcome from Maine. Remember the trip, as well as the destination, is part of the adventure...!
  15. Now to paint the Oliver black, and put the "Bat Signal" on front?
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