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  1. What? I have no idea what that means. Is your laptop toast? Thank goodness you and your home are okay. BTW, we have those extinguishers. Fortunately, haven't needed to use them.
  2. Whisky won. We're rendezvousing with my brother who is a Jack D drinker, Duke likes Dickel, & I don't drink either unless it's ruined with Coke. If anyone is interested, attached is a blip from the Whiskey Trail website that we plan to follow & the State Park where we plan to stay. Please join us!!!
  3. After the Rally, we're thinking about heading north to do either the Whisky or Bourbon Trail. Any recommendations? These folks stayed at My Kentucky Home State Park.
  4. A moonshine distillery sounds like a hoot! Where was it? We have thoroughly enjoyed our HH membership. Honey farm, cheese farm, golf course & many wineries & breweries. We don't necessarily come out ahead when we stay at the latter two.
  5. Just mentioned this post to Duke & the fact that I've never spent any time there & his response was, "you'd love it, there are all kinds of breweries there." 🤔
  6. Aha! Canine wanderlust. That explains why the Doods are so blue, & us too.
  7. Mac, we have an F150 so this may not be of any help. We have two big dogs & their comfort & safety is important to us- along with preserving the backseat upholstery. With the rear seats folded up they would need to stand to see out the window so we built a platform for them to ride on. It's designed with a good amount of storage underneath. To keep the dogs from becoming projectiles, they wear harnesses that clip to the seatbelt latch. They've logged 19k+ miles with no complaints. Baxter sleeps 90% of the time; Maddie is Duke's copilot. Happy travels! Chris
  8. Last October, we stayed at the Great Sand Dunes Oasis RV Park which is just outside entrance to the National Park. We drove our F150 to Zapata Falls & it took us (per google maps) 48 minutes to go 8.8 miles. The bulk of that time was the four mile road to the parking lot. It was brutal. Imagining what a tossed salad the inside of the camper would look like, I wouldn't take our Oliver up there. Plus once you got there, you'd dread making the trek back down that road to go to the National Park. Maybe the road is better in the summer when there is more traffic? However, the hike to the falls is easy & well worth the painful drive.
  9. Remember to have a first aid kit for your furry travel companions too.
  10. This is a long shot since our furnace is the Suburban, however; last fall while in Alaska our furnace behaved the same as yours. ScubaRX said it was most likely a stuck sail switch & suggested beating on the furnace (from the inside of camper) when the fan was blowing. Success! We had heat for the remainder of our journey.
  11. I'm sorry your fan malfunction was it's demise. I was hoping our fix would be your answer too. I fixed ours this morning & it works great. Fingers crossed it continues to do so.
  12. Thank you all. We have neglected our gal but with all this time on our hands, that's going to change.
  13. Does anyone have a list of what to do/check/clean/lube on the roof of our Ollies? I'll be up there replacing the operator mechanism on the MaxxFan & want to tackle everything else while there. We've had the camper two years and have never been up there. Thanks! Chris
  14. Horace & Dianne, I'm curious why you believe the circuit board caused the problem. Ours failed last fall (which we believe happened because of ice) but we haven't fixed it yet. We found this video showing how to replace the operator mechanism. Hoping it's the right fix, we bought the replacement part. I just need to get up on the roof & replace it ... Chris The first five minutes of the video are painful.
  15. Astonishing video! We keep handy a note with our max height listed in feet & meters. "Oh $#!+, how high is 4.8 meters?!" Outside Height to top of optional roof mounted satellite receiver 9' 10.5" or 3.0099 meters Outside Height to top of A/C Unit 9' 7" or 2.921 meters (Above is for 2017 LE2)
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