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  1. Hello & congratulations from Lakeland Florida!
  2. A roof top deck but would settle for the fridge being higher.
  3. Bad valve stem. We had all valve stems replaced soon after, to be safe. (40k miles on tires. Not complaining one bit.)
  4. Second time TPMS warned us of an impending flat. Glad we had two axles allowing us to limp off interstate. It was 100° in the shade. Good reason right there to get port side awning. Used stablizer to lift Ollie then added scissor jack. Good Samaritan taught us trick to get [dang heavy] tire back on. (Sit on ground, cradle tire between thighs & lift. Hahaha- I'm envisioning myself splayed out on egg frying hot asphalt, trapped underneath tire.) Chris
  5. IF I have cell service, I prefer this site: https://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?w0=t&w1=td&w2=wc&w3=sfcwind&w3u=1&w4=sky&w5=pop&w6=rh&w7=rain&w8=thunder&w9=snow&w10=fzg&w11=sleet&w13u=0&w16u=1&AheadHour=4&Submit=Submit&FcstType=graphical&textField1=48.1662&textField2=-123.7058&site=all&unit=0&dd=&bw= It has consistently been spot on compared to Weather.com & SkyTower 13. The Windy app is nice too. It even has tide information. If we don't have cell service, we cross our fingers.
  6. We are on Vancouver Island now, Miracle Beach to be exact. I've spent hours playing in tide pools at low tide. Heading to Pacific Rim NP (Tofino area) tomorrow for a few days then to Victoria. The Cassiar was beautiful. Aspens in their glory the top half. Boya was wonderful & quiet. There is an artesian well near the dump station & you're asked to limit your fill to 20 gallons. And, as always, the Gray Jay's (who thought the button on my cap was edible) were entertaining.
  7. Fun Harvest Host down the road from the Tillamook creamery. Oh my!
  8. We have the same Furrion components and they exasperate me. Fortunately, we rarely watch TV, which, unfortunately, is why I haven't learned how to use the 🤬 components - four years later.
  9. During shutdown they sunk some serious money into this campground. Paved it (it was gravel) every site is full hookup, new clubhouse, laundry, showers, & landscaping. Our youngest son lives here & I'll find out about the fish market.
  10. I've pondered doing this but have been afraid to. How much lifting is too much?
  11. One of our Carefree Freedom manual awning arms loses its grip causing one end of awning to be much lower than we'd prefer. Has anyone encountered & tackled this problem without replacing arm? Suggestions? Thank you! Chris Current view while deep cleaning. Haines Alaska, Oceanview Campground
  12. $1.85 in Wawa, Ontario! A liter. 🤯
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