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  1. Yep, I learned the hard way about that too. While traveling, I've played with ours in both modes & noticed that many times when traveling through a city that has a loop/alternate road option, if Garmin thinks you're a car it will route you on the loop/alternate road. If Garmin thinks you're an RV it will route you right through the middle of the dang city.
  2. Ours isn't stark at all ... 🤔
  3. Check out Ollie owner, Debbie LaFleiche's blog about this very subject. https://supersizelife.com/but-where-do-you-put-a-cat-litter-box-in-an-rv/
  4. https://issuu.com/rvcampingmagazine/docs/rv_0721_fn?mode=window
  5. Looking for a birthday gift for he-who-never-locks-a-door, I started researching keyless entry locks & came across one made by Bauer that is also bluetooth. On Amazon it's $255. Direct from manufacturer it's $275. Although the keycode entry is all I really wanted, for $30 more, the proximity feature & being able to lock the door when already tucked into bed are nice perks. Your thoughts? Chris
  6. Sadly, we're wrapping up our travels, for now. Time to start planning our fall adventure to to add West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois to travel map. Any "must see" suggestions appreciated!
  7. It was great to meet you Pat!
  8. We are twin bed loungers as well. The dinette isn't bad but ours is usually covered with stuff. When trapped inside I use a bluetooth noise-cancelling headset so I don't have to listen to Grit TV. 😁
  9. Memphis to Guntersville. All gas stations are business as usual.
  10. Just spent five days at the Prairie Creek COE campground on Beaver Lake in Rogers, AR. Ticks (Lone Star) were falling out of the trees. Would not have believed it if I hadn't seen it.
  11. Unable to find a previous thread about what books you listen to on the road, I'm starting another. Please share any audio books you recommend to help make those long days on the road fly by. Here are some of our favorites, most of which were suggested by fellow Ollie owners. (Thank you!) Ordinary Heroes The Boys in the Boat A Man Called Ove Michener's Alaska (especially if you're going there) A River Runs Through It Beartown Girl with a Dragon Tattoo The Way I Heard It The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared Floating Twigs Where the Crawdads Sing
  12. Good afternoon,  What replacement part did you purchase to fix your maxx fan lifting gear mechanism?



  13. requiring Duragloss application
  14. We use a 9x14 purchased at Walmart for $50ish that works well & cleans up easily. However, when it has served its purpose & is dumpster bound, we may get two smaller ones instead. Sometimes the 9x14 is too big & I would think smaller ones would be easier to handle & store.
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