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  1. We're fortunate & have a slot in door for mail. "USPS Informed Delivery" sends an email daily that has images of what's being delivered that day. All bills paid electronically so there is rarely anything important. A good friend stays at our house a few days a week. House looks lived in & she runs appliances, toilets etc. The best part is she deep cleans the house. A neighbor drives our other vehicle to work a couple days a week and parks his car in our driveway. Yard service, yes. HVAC Thermostat & irrigation controllers on wifi. Emergency contact list contains names of people we trust to make decisions re emergency house repairs. Plumber, electrician, carpenter ... Keyless entry on back door so repair people can get in. ♡ Harvest Host.
  2. In late July, we're weaving our way to Alaska again & plan to stay the month of September in Haines where our son lives. The plan for heading home is the Cassiar to the Pacific coast down to northern California then east to visit family & parks in Utah. This YouTube by The Adventures of A+K has us considering a week on Vancouver Island in early October. Have you been? If so, we'd love your guidance. Huge thanks! Chris & Duke
  3. We installed the Micro-Air EZtouch RV Thermostat which works marvelously. It sends me a text when the inside temp reaches the temperature I have deemed unacceptable. I am currently researching cellular/hotspot plans so have only used it via local wifi.
  4. @Vic and Wanda Shumate & other Floridians: if you purchase a generator that costs less than $1000 by this Friday, June 10th, you will not have to pay sales tax. https://floridarevenue.com/DisasterPrep/Pages/default.aspx
  5. To secure tray, I used to wedge a throw pillow inside the microwave but then I found a plastic tub that fits perfectly & it holds our bread/buns & popcorn popper, giving it the weight needed to keep tray from rattling.
  6. Why do these things seem to always happen in the middle of the night ...? @Chukarhunter excellent explanation!
  7. Our dear Ollie has pockmarks. On gravel roads, the rock tamers did not work when installed according to directions. We learned, after getting to Alaska, that because of the bouncing on gravel roads the rock tamers were hitting the ground & kicking up gravel. A kind Airstream owner pointed this out & recommended we raise the bottom of the rock tamers.
  8. Borrowed this ingenious concept from @mossemi
  9. Not yet but will, perhaps on the streetside for comparison. Duke will be thrilled.
  10. Great idea! A few years ago, while waiting for the Aurora to appear, I covered all those annoying little lights with band aides. It was all we had in the middle of nowhere Canada. 😁 More recently, after a Blue Ghost Firefly tour where you were required to cover your flashlight with red cellophane, I had an aha moment & decided to tone down my LED reading lights with red tail light repair tape. You can still read by them, bugs aren't as attracted to them, & they are less jarring in the middle of the night. Full confession, I also put the tail light repair tape on the curbside porch lights & LOVED the results. Some may not care for the pinkish glow ... (I'm going to try a different brand of tape next time.) Chris
  11. Or, if you have a dog - or dogs - you can clean & refill their water bowl while waiting on hot water to reach the faucet.
  12. I didn't think I would like a wet bath but it is incredibly practical. 1. Sit on toilet to shave legs 2. Toilet gets cleaned everytime you shower - ahem, whether it needs it or not.
  13. ... and after an approximate accumulation of 18+ months of exposure, the cover disintegrated. However, the Clam itself is still fantastic.
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