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  1. Thanks for sharing your blog 4-ever-hitched! I've found it's a great way to keep a travel journal – hope you keep it up! Janie (Hull #125) https://travelswithollie.com
  2. We boondocked at Government Spring on Grapevine Hills Road, just at the base of the road that goes up to Chisos Basin. It's not far off the main road and right in the middle of the park – a great starting point to explore the whole park. Big Bend is one of our favorites. Have fun!
  3. I like using campendium.com to find great campsites. We like Poche's Fish and Camp in Breaux Bridge LA, Gulf State Park AL, and Grayton Beach State Park in the Florida panhandle. Check out our blog: https://travelswithollie.com
  4. Check out our blog, https://travelswithollie.com. Blog posts are categorized by state/province. Hope you have a wonderful trip!
  5. Thanks for this post. We were planning to head up to Canadian Rockies in a couple of weeks, but now will rethink it as the time grows nearer. We check this site for US updates https://inciweb.nwcg.gov. Which one do you recommend for Canada?
  6. Hi everyone ~ Thanks so much for your feedback. Sorry I haven't replied earlier. I had checked the box that asked if I wanted to be notified of replies, but didn't receive any until Don's yesterday. We determined that the problem was with the campground, not our detector. We haven't had any trouble since. Happy to know about the fuses. Which fuse would it be? (photo attached). We bought our Oliver in 2016 – Hull #125.
  7. We have not used propane in almost a week, and today our propane detector has gone off five times (and counting). This began when we had all of our windows open. We also have the exhaust fan on. We don't smell propane, and the camp host says this hasn't happened in this campground before. Could this just be a faulty detector?
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