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  1. Thanks John. All good advice. Should have listened to wife 3 days ago when she suggested buying some hay bales to put around it. Thought then she was being extreme. Too late where I am to get out safely. But I will look for barricade material. I put truck close to one side.. I stuffed insulation under the propane cover to keep the valves from freezing. Tank heaters were an option I thought was ridiculous on this but pretty happy I have them I guess. Other than a set of switches I have no idea if they work.
  2. I have a small electric. I opened up the hatch over the basement and placed it in there to help heat pipes and stuff
  3. We topped up the 2 30 lb tanks before the blizzard started. Trying to get them to stretch for 10 days. I have a small tank for emergency. Just have to keep the Truma full of water and propane. Have already replaced it once.
  4. My wife and I have lived in our Ollie Elite 2 for 7 months now waiting for our house in Oklahoma to be completed. It's currently minus 18 degrees out there with a snow blizzard. It will last for over a week. If this doesn't test Ollie to the max I don't know what will. I would have gone to a hotel by now if I didnt feel I had to hang with the ship to make sure we don't have damage. Can't dump because valves are frozen. Using outhouse nearby. Hoping gas continues to the furnace and Truma water. Filled fresh water from only un- frozen spigot used for boon docking. Trying to keep heat inside to 70 degrees but floor is really cold. Have small electric in basement working. I think Ollie is great 4 season but not sure about this 5th season. Dan and Jennifer Brumfield
  5. What did you guys do about it? Afraid it will start letting water in. Do you know if it's just asthetic or not.? I will check on my Hull number but if memory serves it's 238. Again thanks for all the great input from this forum
  6. Thanks. Yes it's a 2017 of course. Lost about 15 through out the trailer so far. I have not tightened them. We just find the heads of the screws laying around and find where they have broken. No rough terrain driving at all.
  7. Has anyone noticed the heads of the screws holding the interior window trim are breaking off. It's like they were all over tightened at the factory weakening or just breaking the heads that are beginning to fall out. Other than drilling out each one does anyone know a remedy for this. Cheap imported screws one issue I think along with wrong screw gun setting.
  8. Also John no water damage. Everything just goes out the belly drains. Battery's are OK. Solar took care of that. Our contractor was just like, uh sorry about that 3k later including a week in a hotel while an RV place fleeced us. Charged us about 6 times truma recommended time. Ill have to get back to you on the battery's. I know they were 750 each and have been fantastic batteries. And yes we've been outside for 7 months. Ice storms. Snow storms. Felt for a while Oklahoma was the antarctic
  9. Thanks for all the concerns. Workers ran a pallet jack and pushed the 30amp right out. How it didn't ruin the 30 amp connection is baffling. We had a 110 oil filled backup heater to keep everthing very warm, until it came out. We have solar and it kept up with the tank heaters tank goodness. An expensive option that paid off. I think the Truma is very sensitive to cold weather and the tank freezes easily but this was beyond. We opted for the antifreeze kit in the new one. The toilet valve is also a weak area to freeze easily. Our second one. 45 bucks and 15 minutes to install. Carry a spare. Ice built up in the macerator pump. It quit and thought I lost it too but found where the fuse was.. Sink faucet was a surprise but we didn't like the original anyway. Too big for that space. Then the water pump. When things freeze like that it's no surprise that went. But go figure the outside shower never went. I think because we've never used it and it still had anti freeze in the lines. But considering everything I think this would have destroyed a normal trailer. This is a space ship. Unless you go off a cliff I would put it on top of the pack. We are back to 100% as I think I've crawled through every orifice on this trailer right now. And I'm 66. But cherish the heat and hot water. Protect at all costs. Because when bad things happen they happen at the worst time.
  10. So my wife and I had to go out of town. We had been living in our Ollie for about 7 months. Figured everything was fine with full tanks of.propane and space heater. Our stay was extended because of family death. Propane ran out and workers accidently unplugged us. It was freezing weather of course. Got back and our truma hot water had frozen and broke. Didn't winterize it. The kitchen faucet froze and broke. The bathroom had to have toilet repaired. The fresh water pump froze and broke. Hopefully we don't find anything else. Didn't have hot water for almost a month. Luckily we had the 12v tank heaters or who knows what. Moral is stupid newbies should have prepared for the worst and just fully winterized. These trailers are fantastic but not indestructible. It's been a nightmare since this is our home for the next 2-3 months more. Oliver has been great working with us. Can't say the same about Truma.
  11. I discovered a bathroom leak in our 2017 Legacy II. I had to open the cabinet by carefully using a razor blade and breaking the caulk seal. I found whoever did the plumbing didn't use a long enough drain pipe from the faucet and there was not even a connection. So I had to modify a drain line extension to tightly connect the drain plumbing. The installer had to have known. Must have been the end of a day. Everything else in the plumbing compartmemt looked solid.
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