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  1. Ended up ordering F-350 7.3 gas with 3.73 axle ratio, as there was a very small difference between 3/4 and 1 Ton truck.
  2. This looks interesting because the footprint is small:
  3. In that case, definitely not going for the optional microwave and might sell the original in Craigslist.
  4. I was not a fan of the microwave or convection microwave anyway. I think of going the delete way. Could some one post a picture of the cabinet without the microwave in the Legacy Elite II. There are fantastic electric ovens that are cheaper than the $450 upgrade, and I have the generator to power them. I just want to see how it looks.
  5. Thanks, I appreciate your advice. Resale values is always important, I will get the FX4 package.
  6. Unfortunately it does not show the brand, I hope for Michelin...
  7. That is exactly what I did, I built the truck with the options that I wanted and I still got those 2 sizes of tires to choose from. I am discarding the FX4 package because it come with a 4.3 axle ratio and I want the 3.55 for fuel economy. It will still be 4x4 .
  8. Thanks, Not really looking for any look in particular, just trying to be practical. I would like to be able to get into more remote locations, thus the 4x4 option. I called Tire Rack and they suggested the 70 over the 65 wall height as it would provide a less harsher ride. The increase in wheel diameter is minimal.
  9. Putting my ducks in a row for next December. My Tacoma will not cut it, plus I am getting a great trade-in value. I could upgrade to a Tundra and be tight with the payload or spend a little more for an F-250 gas and have double payload. I am choosing the F-250 4x4 7.3l gas instead of a diesel because of cost (initial and ongoing maintenance), plus 445 lbs of torque is plenty don’t need 1,050... I am pretty set on the options I want, but not sure about tire size for my towing vehicle. What difference does the tire wall height make? Standard tires are: LT275/65R
  10. I have been lurking in the forums since 2018. Also, I am an avid sailor and owned several sailboat over the years. I am familiar with battery banks, chargers, inverters, etc. I have camped before but never in a camper.
  11. Hi everyone, I decided to go the “new” route. I just finished taking to OTT and put down my deposit for an Elite II, delivery in December 2021. I have until September to decide about options and finishes.... Fred M
  12. Hi everybody, As you may know from my previous post, I live Charlotte, NC and I am evaluating purchasing an OTT. I would like to give the lifestyle a try before I commit. I understand, there are no OTT for rent, but what would you recommend I rent that is the closest? Any rental companies that you recommend? Thanks in advance, Fred M
  13. I am leaning to the F-250 with the 7.3l gas engine because of lower maintenance than a diesel, ample torque at 1500 rpm and can be had for around 57k . The EPA regulations have killed the diesels unless you want to go the “deleted” route.
  14. That is for real state property taxes not personal property taxes ie: car, boats, airplanes, RVs I just want to figure out the annual cost, given the low depreciation of an Oliver...
  15. I live now In Mecklenburg county in NC, I could not find the personal property tax rate in their website....probably not a good sign.
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