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  1. Hey thanks! Haven't logged in for a while so I'm just now seeing this! Let me know when it's done.
  2. Earlier today I smelled a "burning heat smell". Like when you first turn your heat on in your house and it smells like something burning off. This happens when the heat hasn't been on in a while. Thing is, we have been running our heat all winter and it hasn't been off. I thought this was weird. Left the trailer and forgot about it. Then we noticed it was getting cold in here tonight. I looked at the thermostat and it wouldn't come on at all. So we checked the fuse and it was blown. We carry a box of spares for every size amp after the composting toilet fan debacle. We replaced the furnace fuse and the thermostat came back on. We have heat. But I briefly smelled the burning off smell again. Any connection between the smell and the fuse blowing?? Anyone else have an issue with this? Thanks!
  3. In the toilet at the RV Park bathroom. Even though it’s just urine it is not odor free. The sink would not be the courteous thing to do.
  4. Was wondering if you made any more of these? Could we purchase some from you and have you mail them to us? Thanks.
  5. For sure with the hot. It's a little more unclear if it's just residual in the pipes or it's in the cold too. We have not been able to isolate it. We have a Truma on demand water heater. We've been talking to a few people outside the forum about solving this too. We will try to sanitize the tank before real winter gets here and see how that goes. It's already been snowing here and it quite cold. Next week will be a little warmer though.
  6. Has anyone tried purchasing the official natures head vent for the top of the trailer that actually has the bug screen in it? Why did Oliver remove the bug screen? For those of you not on the Oliver Trailer Owners Facebook page I have had a terrible time with an infestation of disgusting bugs. I am having trouble, even after all of the mods and suggestions getting rid of them. We are full time right now and basically have an inoperable toilet until I get the bugs under control. I have several theories, but at this point I don't care what happened (other than if I can keep it from happening again). I just want to do every single mod and preventative measure to keep it from happening again, or if it does on a smaller scale. Those suckers proliferated and were overflowing from the toilet. I had a problem once before, but nothing like this. I could go on and on about all the ways I have tried to solve this problem, but you get the idea. See Facebook post below: "Folks, I could just cry. I’ve been trying so hard to make this composting toilet work. We have been camping in the same spot in Colorado for 3 months. Our toilet has an infestation of crawling bugs and gnats. The diatomaceous earth killed the gnats but the crawling bugs took over. I took the whole toilet outside and opened it up. It was teeming with bugs. I dumped the whole thing and hosed all parts down. It was unbelievable the amount of bugs that came out of all of the crevices. It has not had any compost for 2 days and I’m still finding bugs that seem to be coming in from the window. I have spread DE around the “baseboards” in the bathroom and now all around the crevices of the window. I don’t feel I can use compost until I figure this out. Next step is to take toilet apart and bleach it. I’ve got bug screens. They managed to get into the toilet another way. But how did this infestation happen so fast? I have some theories but I’m at my wits end here! Also it’s been freezing at night and quite cold during the day here, (snowing too)so I’m running out of outdoor time to do this. Any help appreciated. Also, sorry for the huge rant."
  7. We are getting a strange sulfur smell intermittently when using water from our fresh tank. Anyone else have this happen? Or have any ideas about what might be causing this? We have checked the water supply that we fill up with and there doesn’t seem to be an odor.
  8. Just got the newsletter saying the 2019 models will have a convection microwave upgrade. We desperately wanted a convection oven in our 2017 (which we picked up in December 2017). We looked everywhere for one that would fit and were told we would win the grand prize if we could find one small enough to fit. Anyone have any info on what they will be installing? And whether or not it will fit in the existing microwave spot on a 2017 model?? Super excited about this if it will fit.
  9. We have a working fan now!! It was the fuse. What is the deal with them using the wrong fuse? Seriously ?. I’m telling you the sound of the fan running is one I’ve never heard since we picked the trailer up in December. It was blown from day one and all this time I’ve been trying to figure out what I’ve been doing wrong. I wanted this composting toilet to work so badly. Now maybe it will!! Yay! I might still submit a ticket to alert them. Or just call and ask them why they used the wrong fuse. The last ticket I submitted for another issue never got a response. Thanks John!! Now to check the screen issue and make sure nothing else is wrong.
  10. Thank you! When my husband gets home tonight we are going to replace the fuse.
  11. We started using our composting toilet full time in April. It’s been a real challenge for us. I have talked to the guy who runs Nature’s Head to trouble shoot several times. I have truly believed all along our problems are because the fan is not working properly. We have had bugs several times, mold on our poo and it just doesn’t smell right. At first I thought the breaker that controls the fan was off. And one time it was. But that is not the case now. We do not put TP in it. We use Coco Coir. I read all of these posts today and even as late as November the wrong fuse is being used?? We picked ours up mid December. We have extra fuses already from Nature’s Head. Gonna try this and see if it fixes it!
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