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  1. Well crap! Mine are doing it also. Hasn’t worn through yet but definitely wearing holes at all 4 locations.
  2. Chantal Hershberger Customer Care Coordinator c.hershberger@trumacorp.com
  3. I have hull 313 that was built in early 2018. My Truma was displaying an error code while at the 2018 Oliver Rally. I showed it to the Truma rep that was attending the rally and he said I needed a new board. They sent me one and I put it in and then sent the bad one back to them. Mine was flashing error code 33 Chantal Hershberger was the person I dealt with also.
  4. Install the Andersen hitch but leave the trailer disconnected. With your hand, raise the rear of the hitch quickly so that it pivots on the hitch pin. Does it make the “clunk” sound that you’re hearing? I had a hitch that did this so I made a shim out of sheet metal that fit between the hitch and the receiver to limit the amount of pivot about the hitch pin. The bends on each end keep it from slipping out of position.
  5. I know of at least one Oliver owner that will once a month lift the tires off the concrete and spin them leaving them 90 degrees from where they had been. I leave the propane lid latches undone to keep from permanently stretching the rubber pieces. This also allows the foam bumpers to expand so that when the lid is latched the bumpers are not already flattened out.
  6. Wait a minute! I thought we all agreed that a Chevrolet 2500HD Duramax was the perfect tow vehicle? Are some of you all “crawfishin’ “ now? Read my post, top of page 2 in this thread:
  7. Change out the Valterra handles for stainless steel knobs. The Valterra handles were scratching the edge of the recessed box. And remove the stickers. Black forward, grey aft. Just like the tanks.
  8. Let’s try a video. This is before replacing the PD converter module. IMG_1938.MOV
  9. Remove the converter front panel and snap a picture of the number located where the red arrow is pointed in the following picture Have that number ready and call Progressive Dynamics. Maybe they’ll send you a replacement.
  10. What is your hull number? I had a buzz that would change pitch when various things were switched on or off. I called Progressive Dynamics and described the noise and the fellow asked for a number off the board. I told him what it was and he said I needed a new board. He sent it to me, I installed It and that was the fix. I’m part caveman, so you might say it was so easy a caveman can do it. Read this thread https://olivertraveltrailers.com/forums/topic/2636-noise-from-progressive-dynamics-power-center/#post-136225
  11. HTQG17 So the “finishing date” on my 4 AGMs was 2017 July 17. Thanks fellows.
  12. On the Trojan website in the FAQs it says: How do you read the date codes on the batteries? Negative Terminal- Shipping Date. This code indicates the month and year when the battery was shipped out of our factory. LETTER stands for the month, A to L (A=January, B=February, C=March, and so on); NUMBER is the last digit of the year. I’ve looked at all four of my negative terminals and none have the date code. Has anyone seen a date code stamped on the negative battery terminals of Trojan AGM batteries? My Oliver is hull 313 and was built in January and February 2018.
  13. I thought that might draw a response from you 😂.
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