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  1. I’ve got 2 of these Alemite guns with hoses. They have a pressure release valve. Will still get a drip from them occasionally but not like the Lincoln or Lubrimatic I have or have had. https://www.skf.com/alemite/products/grease-guns/professional/pistol-grip-gun/index.html
  2. Also, I have this coupling on all of my grease guns. A long hose helps also. I sometimes use both hands to get the coupling on a zerk and then have my wife squeeze the grease gun handle.
  3. Well you’ve got me wondering now. Back your rear axle up on something-a leveling wedge or a stack of blocks, anything to raise that back axle up. The equalizer should rotate as shown in the picture below. Then feel for the zerk as shown and see if it is easier to access. If it works then do the same to the front axle to make the other zerk accessible. Edit: Actually, raising and lowering the front end with the jack might produce the same effect. Let me know how this works.
  4. How do you clear your notifications?
  5. Thanks Jason! This new forum software looks great! Questions: 1)On the old forum I could click on the banner at the top to go to the Oliver website. Clicking on the banner above no longer goes to the Oliver website. How do I get to the Oliver website from this forum? 2)There used to be a “slide out” or “drop down” menu with a tab to access Service. How do I access Service now? 3)How will posts created in the old forum react to being modified in the new forum? The following picture is a test insertion And we can now insert videos B6B3F93C-8AE7-416C-AE1E-C6CCE4A1A808.MOV
  6. Thanks John. The wrench comes in a set like this https://www.harborfreight.com/shower-valve-socket-wrench-set-96322.html?cid=paid_google I used the 29/32 x 31/32 wrench. You can get the wrench set at “most good hardware stores”. As for the pictures, I take and edit them on my iPhone. It’s often frustrating but I can do it sitting in a chair in the shop.
  7. Stuff you will need https://www.americansealantsinc.com/adhesivecleanerandremover/ https://www.americansealantsinc.com/asi-335-neutral-cure-silicone-sealantadhesive/ PLASTIC razor blades. Do not use steel. Change these plastic blades often. https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/b/titan-5120/paint—body-repair-16614/body-repair-16510/body—trim-tools-25197/razor-blades-scrapers-17948/1c24653634cf/titan-scraper-blades/12038/4753744?pos=17 Remove the steel blade from this holder and insert a plastic razor blade. https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/b/titan-5120/paint—body-repair-16614/body-repair-16510/body—trim-tools-25197/razor-blades-scrapers-17948/1c24653634cf/titan-scraper/12031/4753743?pos=18
  8. Make sure hose is not twisted. It will pull out and go back in much easier. Mark these wires before you unplug them
  9. I’ve been under my sink to realign the faucet after replacing the cartridge. Use plastic razor blades to remove old caulk from the shelf and vanity. ASI 0240 works real well to remove old caulk. ASI 335 is what I just used to reseal my shower pan. I think you’ll need one of these wrenches to keep from having to use a pair of Channellock plies which will mar your new faucet Wrench in use What it looks like under there Be sure to “clock” the faucet centerline so that it is perpendicular to the wall otherwise the wand will either hit the wall or swivel out from above the sink and the hot vs. cold adjustment will be awkward.
  10. Townesw


    MaryRn I see where no one has responded to your request so I’ll post this to hopefully stir up some more responses. I have the Dometic Atwood furnace in Hull 313 but I remember reading this thread about the Suburban furnace that made me glad I had the Dometic Atwood https://olivertraveltrailers.com/topic/suburban-furnace-acting-very-erratic/#post-190686 From this thread it sounds like the Suburban is a bear to get to. I have had the sail switch out on my Dometic Atwood and it was no problem. Edit: Well I just looked and I have an Atwood furnace but I think Atwood is part of Dometic now.
  11. You’re very welcome. Glad I could help.
  12. I measured 4-3/8 one side, 4-7/16 other side. Measured as pictured below. 51 psi in the tires. Sitting level on concrete floor.
  13. Those of you who have shower pans that squeak and flex, check under the black mat in your closet and see if you have or have had water there. I found water under ours and traced it to a crack in the caulk between the shower pan and wall. The crack was not easily visible when no one was standing on the pan but when weight was applied to the pan the edges flexed in slightly and the crack opened up. We keep the nose of our camper slightly elevated so the water ran back against the inside of the wall under the shower door then ran towards the closet and came through this hole in the bottom corner of the closet
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