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  1. I thought that might draw a response from you 😂.
  2. Here you go John https://www.amazon.com/Southco-M1-546-Actuators/dp/B01DYYL8B8
  3. I saw this latch on a Polaris Slingshot and thought it looked like the latches on my Oliver, only it appeared to have a cut-key-lock instead of the stamped-key-lock I have. This is the stamped-key-lock on the battery compartment and basement doors on my Oliver. I looked at the Southco website and found that more secure latches are available. You might consider replacing the OE latch with one of these more secure options. Notice the cut-key “lock style 9” vs the stamped key “lock style 8”. https://files.southco.com/static/Literature/m1-c.en.pdf
  4. What does the hand on the avatar(?) signify?
  5. Two for $1.99. Can’t beat ‘em.
  6. Has the forum software changed? It looks different.
  7. That’s the black box under the dinette. Open the door and make sure your fridge fuse is in the #1 position. I think I read where some trailers are set up different. Then pull the fuse that is used for the fridge. In my case it is the fuse in the first position.
  8. That Progressive Dynamics Power Converter has a cooling fan on it. Have you heard it running?
  9. I think it’s about 79 inches.
  10. June 2019 I had to wait 6 weeks to get the bed cap. I don’t know what the wait time is now. As sakthorp said they use the paint code from the vehicle to match the paint but if your vehicle is older the paint may have faded. My cap has a hinged window with sliding glass in the front so that you can wash the windows between the cab and cap. Also has an LED light with a prop switch that can be set to turn on when rear window is raised. The lock on the rear window is wired to the truck and is activated with the truck locks. The cap doesn’t completely seal the bed so you still get some dust inside
  11. Sold our 1/2 Ton short bed with an ARE bed cap. Bought a Duramax standard bed. Ordered an ARE bed cap for standard bed but it had a long lead time. In the meantime we used 3 Contico tool boxes for storage. Really worked well. I did use a cable to lock the big cooler to the truck. Picture taken on the Washington Island Ferry.
  12. The ones about Fords, Rams and Toyotas 😜
  13. Is there a procedure for staying overnight at a Cracker Barrel? Are you supposed to notify the manager or do you just pull in and spend the night?
  14. Also: rain water behind the awning runs off the back of the trailer, refrigerator door doesn’t swing open the wrong way and break the hinges, tanks drain better (Number 1 rule of plumbing: “stuff” goes downhill), fresh water pickup is at the rear of the fresh tank, AC condensate drains better.
  15. Head towards the front. We keep our trailer slightly nose high. Sleeping with your head downhill will make you goofy. KountryKamper told me so. Must be true.
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