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  1. I used Columbus McKinnon 3/8” G70 clevis slip hooks (WLL 6600 lbs) because they fit the holes in the hitch and Columbus McKinnon 3/8” G70 transport chain (WLL 6600 lbs) because it fit the hooks. I had some stainless steel spacers turned to 1.360” diameter, one at 1.740” long, two at 0.55” long, and two at 0.30” long. A hole bored through the spacers fits a 1/2 bolt. The 1.740” spacer just slips inside the tongue when the hitch bolts are loosened. The bolt is a 1/2 inch grade 8 because I didn’t want to enlarge the holes in the tongue. The unthreaded portion of the bolt extends almost to the outside edge of the last SS spacer. The middle photo shows the bolt before I shortened it and a regular nut for fitting purposes. I cut the excess threads off, secured it with a new Nylock nut and covered it with a new Radolid VCI nut cap.
  2. If you are determined to use the Anderson you can use a sleeve (it’s there, you can’t see it) on the shank and a Hitch Vise to eliminate the rattle. I used this set up (without the chains and plate) on my 3/4 ton until I had a custom ball mount made. I still use the Hitch Vise with my 2.5 inch ball mount. It’s machined from a solid piece of 1018 CR steel square stock. The setback on it is 1 inch shorter than the Anderson mount, and I may reduce it more. It has a 5/8 inch drop as shown and a 7/8 inch drop if flipped. With truck and trailer loaded the trailer rides slightly nose down.
  3. @SeaDawgTell me about this butyl tape that you used to bed the fan.
  4. Thanks for your interest. I don’t have any extras right now. I have looked into having some laser cut and if there was enough interest I would make up several sets. It just takes too long to make these by hand and sell them at a reasonable price.
  5. RVUpgrades has one more of the MaxxFan Domes without the LED in stock right now. I have one on order. https://www.rvupgradestore.com/MaxxAir-00-03812W-MaxxFan-Dome-Roof-Vent-p/14-9983.htm
  6. @IL_Travelers thanks for the picture. I can see what I need to see in that picture.
  7. @IL_Travelersdo you have more pictures of your loaded and hitched truck that show how far that Rockstar full width flap is from the ground? I like that style flap because I also have a Duramax and I like the way the Rockstar handles the exhaust.
  8. @Galway GirlI thought so. We were in the same site a few weeks ago.
  9. @Galway Girl is that site number 53 at West Glacier KOA?
  10. From what I’ve read Coleman propane stoves operate off about 15 psi. The low pressure from your trailer quick connect is about 10 inches WC which is about 0.36 psi.
  11. Read this thread. My original cartridge was leaking. I replaced it and have not had any more problems.
  12. @Galway Girl How has this Optronics 7 pin plug holder worked out? I read some reviews that said it was hard to get the plug in the holder and some reviews that said that the “latch” wouldn’t hold the plug if mounted vertically.
  13. My exposed front tongue and rear bumper look like they were orbital sanded with high grit sandpaper. I can see very shallow circular patterns.
  14. Send a note to Jason Essary through the service ticket system.
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