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  1. I’ve noticed something about my steps that I meant to work on but forgot about as we used our Oliver more. Use your finger to feel the top and bottom sides of the angled slot cut in the aluminum side plates. I found that one side of the slot was smooth and the other was rough. I think this was caused by the end mill making a “climb cut” on one side and a “conventional cut” on the other side of the slot. I intended to use a file and maybe emery cloth to smooth the rough side, then use a dry type lubricant on both sides of the slot. You might try this sometime to see if it helps.
  2. Read my posts in this thread Pay particular attention to the picture of the twisted hose. You may be able to untwist it without removing the front panel.
  3. OP said water was backing up in the kitchen sink.
  4. Yes. Raise the nose a little and see if it helps. Read this thread
  5. Push this button on the GFCI under the dinette
  6. Is anybody using a B&W TS20037B hitch? (2-1/2 inch shank, 5 inch drop, 2 and 2-5/16 balls) With the 2 inch ball up and the ball bracket in the top position, what is the vertical distance from the top of the ball to the top of the shank? I want to replace this:
  7. I called Orbital Machine Works, the company that makes this item. The lady that returned my call said that they are still being made, but you put your name on a waiting list and the wait time is currently 1 year.
  8. Look at a LowPro LockDown. http://lowprolockdown.com/ I don’t have one yet but this is what another forum member uses and it looks like the best solution to me.
  9. I have the 3314850.000 Air Distribution Box on Hull 313. See if this document for installation of the Dometic Air Distribution Box 3314850.000 answers your questions. https://www.intechtrailers.com/images/info/PDF/Dometic/schematics-ac-diagrams.pdf
  10. Well crap! Mine are doing it also. Hasn’t worn through yet but definitely wearing holes at all 4 locations.
  11. Chantal Hershberger Customer Care Coordinator c.hershberger@trumacorp.com
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