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  1. ... well see, his first mistake was not logging in to a helpful RV forum and asking the ubiquitous, "Can I tow my X with my Y?" ... thus leading to his second mistake.
  2. If you're going to spin on the stripper pole, how do you keep your butt from getting wedged between the pole & the wall? ... just wondering!!
  3. The last time I talked to the factory about a capability to sleep 4 -- tyhey told me they were looking at a "hammock" that would fit about the side dinette (when converted to a single bed. They didn't mention anything about a bunk for above the side dinette when converted to a bed. That was several months ago, so perhaps they have considered something else. It would be great to have a bunk that fit above the dinette for that fourth bed.
  4. Tom: If I had my druthers it would be the hybrid -- but its max tow rating is only 3500 lbs and I'd like to stick with the 5000 lbs on the regular Highlander. Plus, Toyota is real-l-l-l proud of the Highlander Hybrid -- like $40,000 plus proud for the Limited. I just want to buy a car, not become part owner in the company -- so I'll stick with the regular Highlander. But all things given -- wouldn't it be great to have a SUV type vehicle, with either 4WD or AWD, that gets 30+ mpg in town, 28-30 when on the highway, and tops 24 mpg when towing?
  5. Mountain: Thanks for the info. With the Highlander it looks like it just isn't going to matter, and we probably won't need a WDH unless the headlights are pointing at the Big Dipper when we hook up based on the suspension capacity of the Highlander. It seems like everytime someone asks about tow capacity, tongue weight, and sway on most RV forums you get the Noble Prize in Physics explanation. I liked your "down home" explanation. Thanks. Ed & Bev
  6. OK, it's been a while since I looked at these responses, but let's try again -- 1. Does shortening the tongue put more weight on the hitch ball than lengthening? 2. Does shortening the tongue reduce the tendency to sway? I would want to keep my tongue weight as low as possible with the least tendency to sway -- so would the tongue be in or out? Towing, weights, sway and all the physics associated with that stuff just makes my hair hurt!!!
  7. Well, here it is. The first "Can I Tow?" question on the Oliver Forum. Hate to ask it because on most RV forums when you ask a question like this you get flamed by those towing with the 24 cylinder, turbo-diesel, 10 wheeled, Peterbilt Mega Mover. We are interested in an Oliver and plan to buy a new car shortly. We want comfort, safety, relative fuel efficiency, good tow vehicle (when we need it), good all-around day car, room for 2 grand children at a time. The vehicle will be used for all purposes. We live in an apartment so we are not planning on two vehicles -- one for towing, one for every day. So here's what we are considering: 2008 Toyota Highlander (non-hybrid) v-6, automatic, with tow prep. The tow capacity is 5000 lb and the tow prep package includes heavy duty radiator, engine oil cooler, 200 watt fan coupling, transmission oil cooler, 150 amp alternator, prewired harness (for 7-pin), and Class III receiver. Rest of the vehicle specs are: Engine -- V-6, 3.5 liter, 270 HP, 248 Lb Ft torque Dimensions -- 188 inches long with 109.8 inch wheelbase What do you think? Handle the Oliver OK? Ed & Bev
  8. Mountainborn: When I got to the part in your story where there was a wound care specialist in camp I thought you were heading to reaching in the old tackle box and a needle and 2 ft of monofiliment fishing line later your lady was back in business -- no worse for wear. Being an AF retiree, I know that almost all handles are earned not by the strokes of wisdom we perform -- but those less than Einstein moments. Ed
  9. I've read several times how Oliver's Extendable Tongue can eliminate the need for a WDH and/or Sway bar. Anyone want to offer an explanation of the physics involved in why this is so (physics and mechanics were not my trump suits in college)? I can understand how lengthening or shortening the tongue can change the moment of inertia and thus mitigate the point at which sway can occur -- but I'm clueless on how changing the length distributes the load. I would have thought by making the tongue longer the net effect of the weigfht on the hitch would increase. Looking for the "Physics for Dummies" explanation. Ed
  10. As I look at bugeydriver's list, I'm really impressed at the level of customization that the factory is willing to take on. I know one of the persistent themes on the "other" forums has been the inability of the other factory's to listen to input from customers. In addition to the significant enhancements to the FG design that is resident within an Oliver, I just can't help but think their willingness to adapt and customize will surely bring a comensurate customer base. Now -- how about a design that will sleep 4? Like maybe a way to add a bunk above the side dinette when it's rigged as a bed.
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