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  1. Thanks @Raspy. That is a nice simple idea.


    Well I have to say drilling a hole in my brand new camper was filled with anxiety but it was just about the easiest to drill hole I have ever cut.


    I decided to install the Furion solar plug port above my existing shore power port My plan was to use rivets to mount it but the rivets I had were not long enough. I think you would need 1 inch grip rivets to get through the plastic port and the thickness of the hull. I decided to through bolt it which worked but would be impossible with out a patient partner because the top through bolts were just under the lip of the inner hull; this made threading the two top nuts very tricky!


    At any rate the job is completed. I will post the pictures here and then add the final wiring install pictures when I get to that step.








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  2. No I did not have it installed. They said it was very easy to do.


    Here are the parts I ordered to install the port.


    Furrion FSPINS-PS White RV Solar Port Inlet

    SolarEnz Adapter for Solar Panel Suitcase 2 Pin Power Industrial Circular Connector and MC4 Connector


    When I get started on the install I will start a new thread and submit photos and let you know how it goes.

  3. I have just arrived back to MA with Hull #435 and my only real anxiety over the way I had optioned our New Ollie II was if I should have had the Zamp system installed by Oliver vs Installing my own. I had the portable panel from from my previous camper and had installed its system; which was pretty easy to do. So I decided to skip the solar option and do it again on my own (DIA/DIY (Lol)). I have begun the process:


    These are the components I have ordered so far:


    Victron Energy VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle

    Victron BlueSolar 75/15 MPPT Charge Controller - 15 Amps / 75 Volts


    To go along with my existing HQST 100 watt semi flex solar panel.


    I am thinking of adding a monitor but not sure if I want to just get a simple monitor for just the solar or upgrade to a full RV monitor system like the Simarine.




    I will keep you posted on how it goes.

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  4. I recently have planned my trip from MA to TN to pick up my Ollie. I used Google maps to plot my course and was able to save all my stopping points.


    Here are the url's for our roadtrip.






    I initially put in my starting point and final destination and used the route on the map to zoom in and find places to stay based on the amount of travel time I was comfortable with per day. Maps does a great job of showing you what is around each place you plan to stop. It does not have a UI to specifically help with actually choosing where you would like to stay and which campgrounds to choose. However almost every place has reviews and you can do a lot of research within the Maps app.


    If you have Google Maps on your phone you can download the route and even set it to be available without internet access.

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  5. Thanks for the reply John!.


    I did order the utility tray but will not plan to really load it down (you never can really have too much storage :-) . I will probably just use it to carry my Honda 2000 Gen. Ironically the Turbo Diesel is supposed to have less towing capacity than the 3.6 Liter Gasser.




    The info about adjusting the Anderson hitch appreciated.


    This is all probably just academic rhetoric since I most likely would not be able to take possession of a New Gladiator before I head down to Oliver to get the new vessel. I will let you know how it goes.



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  6. I currently have a 2012 Toyota Tundra 5.7 L V8 and a 2017 2 dr Jeep Wrangler (Willys). I would love to trade them both in and get the Gladiator to satisfy all my needs in one vehicle, but I am worried that it will not be able to handle the Elite II the way I would like. I had been pulling a Casita with the Tundra and it did not even know the Casita was behind it.


    The recent specs have the Tow Capacity at 7,650. Any more thoughts on this subject would be appreciated. I am picking my Elite II up on April 16th. Not sure if the Galdiators would even be available by then. I bought the Anderson hitch and if possible would like to get it set for the vehicle that I plan to keep...not sure how hard it is to change the hitch to a new vehicle.





  7. Bugeyedriver also known as Pete was the first solar Oliver . Technomadia set the standard for the first decade, and many of us copied. We love our blue sky system. We also live on solar at home… everything changes over time.


    Congrats on your selection. I’m curious. Did Oliver tell you that your trailer is pre wired for solar? If so, I think that’s new. And , I hope not just prewired for suitcase solar….


    That’s a big difference, and you need to know what it means.


    Welcome to the forum!




    Sherry, This is the response I received from Oliver:

    We pre-wire every camper for Solar even if you don’t get the option today. This just means that the solar wire is installed in the roof and run down into the lower shell where it would be connected to the charge controller and another run is installed from where the charge controller would be located down to the side of the battery box. This makes it possible to add the solar option later if you decide that you want it after its built. The exterior solar port is not pre-wired as it isn’t difficult to add later.

  8. Show off your good taste:


    Please post pictures of your Color/Option combinations here to help potential Ollie purchasers visualize their choices.


    When posting your combination choices include pictures of interior and exterior color combinations and please include the color names. For example I chose Mink Upholstery, Sandstone Awning, All black upper cabinets, Dakota Fibre Granite Counters, Step Up Knox flooring, Orange primary color and copper highlight. I will add my pictures in April 2019. (146 days until we pick ours up)


    Thanks for your help from all our future Ollie Colleagues!

  9. Hi everyone,


    Introducing Dave, Debbie and Mikayla from Bellingham, MA. Our Ollie will be going into production in a few days. We are scheduled to pick it up in April 2019.


    I have been enjoying the forum, looking forward to contributing and getting excited about our new camper.


    Does anyone know if there is an existing thread on Step by step DIY Solar add-on? I added my own system in my recently sold Casita and wanted to do the same in the Ollie. I asked about Solar ready and was informed that all the wiring already will be in place for any options including Solar, just wasn't exactly sure what that means.


    So far most of our buying anxiety has come from trying to decide on the color option combinations. A thread devoted to owners posting their color combinations would be awesome for Ollie shoppers. I managed to find quite a few pictures of different combination looking through the threads but having them consolidated would be very helpful.






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  10. When you are in Acadia....try to make time to drive over to the quiet side (Southwest Harbor) get takeout at Charlotte's Legendary Lobster Pound and then head to the picnic area across from Seawall campground to have your picnic dinner and watch the sunset. Another great spot on that side of the park is the Seafood Ketch in Bass Harbor, sit outside on the deck and checkout the lobster boat harbor.

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