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  1. I just bought and partially installed the WeBoost Drive XRV. I installed the booster in the attic and used the cigarette lighter port for DC power (that plug was an extra item not included. I ran the wire for the internal antenna through the back of the cabinets on the kitchen side and actually placed the antennae inside the area where the switches are located. I have not gotten the courage up to drill the hole in the top and mount the antennae. For now we will use a 1/4 inch pvc pipe as an antenae pole and run the wire out a window. I will upload a picture of the antennae install after I get up the nerve to cut the hole. Lol. BTW: The signal does not seem to be interrupted at all by having the inside antennae in that port area and the signal is definitely better when this thing is running. We will be NH this weekend where I know the cell service is spotty. I will report back in how it works there.
  2. I am attaching pictures of the final install for the portable solar panel connection. I used the Blue Solar 75/15 with the Bluetooth Dongle which I mounted on a new piece of plywood attached to an existing backer board. I added an inline switch to turn off the Solar Controller when we are not using the panel just to save battery. I used crimped connectors with heat shrink shields. I also made a custom sealed port to run the wires into the battery compartment. The port was sealed together with 5 minute epoxy The pictures make it pretty self explanatory. As I said before the only thing I would avoid in my install is where I positioned the outside Furion port. It was just really hard to get it through bolted.
  3. Bill, As nice as my install looks, it was very, very difficult to get the bolts on the top screws!! I would not recommend this placement if you are planning to use through bolts.
  4. Just curious was the back too low or the front?
  5. Welcome. Little Timmy! I have a 17 year old daughter and she loves bringing a friend and having their own space out in the tent. Works out perfect!! I am posting a picture of our old setup with our 2005 Casita. Notice the 10 x 15 EZ up for our outdoor dining hall. The EZ up is bigger than the camper. Lol
  6. Adding to the color options thread: Our option choices were: Fiber-Granite Dakota Flooring Step-up Knox Cushions Mink Primary: Lt Orange Secondary: Copper Metallic
  7. Thanks @Raspy. That is a nice simple idea. Well I have to say drilling a hole in my brand new camper was filled with anxiety but it was just about the easiest to drill hole I have ever cut. I decided to install the Furion solar plug port above my existing shore power port My plan was to use rivets to mount it but the rivets I had were not long enough. I think you would need 1 inch grip rivets to get through the plastic port and the thickness of the hull. I decided to through bolt it which worked but would be impossible with out a patient partner because the top through bolts were just under the lip of the inner hull; this made threading the two top nuts very tricky! At any rate the job is completed. I will post the pictures here and then add the final wiring install pictures when I get to that step.
  8. @Raspy, Can you upload a picture of your plug install on the battery compartment door. Thanks.
  9. Thanks. I will definitely take your advice Re: The Victron monitor. Just waiting for my outlet to arrive to start my install.
  10. @grumbleandtwist Do you know the brand/place that you purchased the stackable bins with the fruit in them?
  11. I am old school and love cooking over real fire/charcoal. I would not trade my Char griller sidecar for any grill. The one I have has lasted over 10 years. We also use an original two burner coleman camp stove (20+ yrs old)
  12. Since driving back from TN to MA I can say that I definitely concluded (as much a s I would love to get the Gladiator for many reasons)...there is no way I would want less truck than my 5.7 L V8 Tundra. I am glad I did not have a chance to hedge my bet before driving home.
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