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  1. What is the refrigerator switch for and when should it be turned on. Max fan arm broke where to find repair parts
  2. I just bought a couple of composite deck boards and a 2x8. We slide our folding chairs underneath and also it’s a nice step up to the bed
  3. That’s awesome. Where do you guys live? I’m in eastern pa and I have had the Amish many times for construction and they are great
  4. Here is what I built you can see my fold up chairs fit nicely underneath
  5. I have #127 and it has the outlaw package and the twin bed risers. I love them. I built a step up 2ft x 4ft and 9 inches high out of composite decking and we can now store our camp chairs under that also
  6. I read the book so to run my air conditioner from the generator I have to flip the switch is that normal
  7. The surge protector has a switch is it supposed to be up or down position
  8. the one breaker is turned off ? Also what is the red knob for and the black box. Stove is not getting gas but propane port is getting gas. How to manually raise and lower all jacks
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