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  1. The temperature dropped to 24F last night. Temperatures recorded: Outside temp 34 25 Top of rear tire 35.4 27 Basement temp 48.9 39.6 Bathroom cabinet temp 62.5 57.9 Nightstand temp 72 63.2
  2. Can one camp at freezing temperatures for 4 hours, a low of 24F? Draining the outdoor shower and keeping the cabin at 70F?
  3. A few years ago, someone posted a way to put a flexible, corragated hose over the awning to protect it from sunlight, etc. Can you tell me where that post was or what size the hose was?
  4. That fixed it. Tuesday, I'm going to have Internet connected. I think they use the coax. I'm hoping the coax in the cabinet over the TV was wired to the outside coax too. Does anyone know if the coax in the cabinet over the TV is connected to the outside coax?
  5. I moved the coax from the Ollie Cable hookup to the Ollie Satellite hookup. The Jensen tv has found 123 stations- and still going. Hope it works now.
  6. We got our Elite 2 in 2019. We've had it mothballed in a storage bin. Just brought it to a trailer park. We are trying to watch TV with it. The trailer has 2 outside ports: cable & satellite. I hooked the RV park's cable to the Ollie's cabel port. I selected source TV. It asks me to scan for channels. I don't find any when I do that. Am I doing something wrong?
  7. We got our Oliver in 2019. We brought it home and due to work haven't been able to use it. It's been in storage. Just brought it out. The MaxxAir fan is having the same problem as Pat mentions.
  8. When you are disconnected from power and the generator is running, can you get power from both the batteries and the generator at the same time? And, if so, how much power? Up to 30 amps?
  9. Oliver put an aluminum box on for me. I got it from etrailer. RC Manufacturing Toolbox 350975. They mounted it securely. Water tight.
  10. We are picking up our trailer in April. I'm looking at the Proven Industries 2516-B coupler lock. We are getting a hitch with a 2-5/16 ball. What does it mean that "Oliver hooks are so big only one will fit." ? Anyone have a picture of their setup with a 2516-B coupler lock?
  11. Does the hypervent tear your sheets at the edges?
  12. Would it help to drill some holes thru the platform / support that the mattress lies on?
  13. How about an RC Manufacturing Trailer Toolbox Model 350975 ?
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