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  1. We saw an Ollie today going Eastbound on Highway 68 in Cumberland, Maryland 🙂 (Near Deep Creek Lake) I think it was a Oval logo with a Horse on it.
  2. Looks very nice. Great idea!
  3. Has anybody researched what air conditioners Australia uses on their campers? They have some pretty slick travel trailers. I think they use Gree RV Air Conditioner, that has Wifi and App control. I heard USA is now having parts problems due to the issues with China manufacturing. I hope we bring this manufacturing back to the USA. Here is a video I found: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=gree+air+trailer+air+conditioner&docid=608003718196429842&mid=2E1BEB301125FFD3DBB62E1BEB301125FFD3DBB6&view=detail&FORM=VIRE Video
  4. Beautiful pictures and trip report. Thank you for posting 😍 Love your decor and logo.
  5. Thank you for posting the picture. I like it. Looks like you can modify this to add a sliding drawer for laundry, etc. and put a rug on top. I like the decking material you used.
  6. Is it possible to build a removable Step Up Platform between the Twin Bed model? Not built in. Where you step up to get in the bed, but also have a sliding plastic bin under the platform for shoes and laundry to create extra storage? Like those "under the bed bins" you can buy. I think the plastic bins are about 6.5" tall. Not sure how high off the floor the air duct vents are to clear the platform. Everyone on here is so creative on building things for their Ollies. Thanks.
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