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  1. John E Davies has the best idea to get the story on the local news, the video, and the picture of the guy's truck. The truck is easily identifiable. And that guy's face and chin is easily identifiable too. I wonder if it can be determined what year the truck is.
  2. Another point I would like to make. The people who were following and pulled over to call 911 and help, they had a dash cam. Would it be possible for the OP to have them check their dash cam, a few minutes just before the wreck, and see if they have video of the black truck passing them by? Can they see the man? Can they see what is on the dashboard on that white paper? And can they see what is in his truck bed that may be a clue to find him? There is a box in the bed and other stuff thrown in there. Maybe that will lead to clues what is in the box or his profession. I guess what was nagging at me, was he was not driving in a normal upright position, both hands on the wheel, looking straight forward like you normally would drive. So he was distracted looking at a text, medical issue, or passed out? If he was passed out, he would be slumped forward, or head back with his mouth open. It looks like the Ollie stayed on the hitch and the chains connected to the tow vehicle. I can't see if he was using the sway control. Hard to tell from the picture. Would like to know how the coupler held up and if it was locked with the pin or key lock. The weight of the Ollie may have saved their lives preventing the truck from going full airborne and possibly rolling over a couple more times. Amazing that the doorframe on the Ollie held up, that is one strong doorframe. I just hope they find the guy and the cause of this accident. Take care everyone.
  3. Zoom in and enlarge the picture on the truck. The "Dodge" graphic on the top of the windshield. Easy to single out if the police were looking. The dashboard full of stuff, with the black book, and some other white paperwork on the dash. His backseat looks like it is full of crap behind him. Then look at his truck bed... full of boxes and stuff. A contractor? Work site dude? I just hope you find this guy; they take his driver's license and more, and this person is off the road. This could have been a more disastrous outcome.
  4. That accident is terrible, I cannot image going through this. So glad you, your wife and cat are o.k. I am just throwing this out there, so don't you all attack me. I have looked at these pictures for a couple days, and something just keeps bugging me. I keep going back to the man in that truck and looking at his head cocked to the side and looks tilted back slightly that just looks odd to me. And is his left arm draped over the steering wheel or holding the steering wheel? I showed these pictures to my husband, and I said why is his head cocked to the side like that and look at his left arm on the wheel. And he immediately said, look at the cell phone. What cell phone? If you look under his chin, you see the sliver of black that looks like the top of a cell phone. I said that may explain why it has been bothering me about why his head is cocked that way. Does anyone else see to top of a black cell phone (look right under his chin)? Is holding that cell phone up with his right arm, across his chest, to read it? His head cocked at that angle to read a text, and head slightly back like you would do to focus his eyes on what he is reading? Did he have his cell phone in his right hand, held up, against his left arm that is on the steering wheel? Is it possible for the police or Insurance company to get cell tower records that would have a record of cell phone activity in that exact location, at that exact time of the accident? I know they can track pings if they have a cell phone number. But not sure if they can do this without a cell number to track. If so, there is your guy. Or if by chance he is caught, check his cell phone records putting him at the place of the accident. Hope you recover quickly.
  5. Not a current owner... but it seems like the outside battery compartment takes up a lot of prime real estate for the inside. Any way to put those batteries on the tongue? Even if it was done with the extra 2' for the storage box option, eliminate the storage box and the length will not be longer. I would give up the storage box option to put the batteries up front to gain the pantry/micro-wave space inside. Then the pantry can be floor to ceiling with the micro-wave in the middle of the pantry, and the tall fridge can be put in place where the short fridge is and still keep the upper cabinet above the fridge.
  6. Wow. That is beautiful work. Looks beautiful with that flooring.
  7. Thanks Bill. I wrote your site number down. We would be coming by on Saturday morning. I have made hotel reservations and should we have to cancel, I will post an update here. Hope to meet everyone 😊
  8. My husband and I would like to attend the Oliver Rally to meet everyone and see an Oliver Elite II Twin Bed model but do not have an RV yet to camp in the campground. We would be staying in a hotel. Are we welcome to come to the park and meet everyone and hang out? I noticed there is an entrance fee. I am a military Veteran and it looks like fees are 50% off. Are we able to just drive into the campground or is there a guest pass? Driving from Maryland. Thanks, Beth
  9. Soak a cotton ball with Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and tape it to the bug bites for about 20 minutes. I get big red welts and bite bumps from mosquitos. The redness goes away in about 20-30 minutes. I keep applying the Vinegar and the bumps go away too. Best to apply it right after you get bit. Hope this helps.
  10. I watched the video removing the triangle plate on an angle. Couldn't you simply just remove it while tow vehicle and trailer are straight upon checking in to the campground? While one person is checking in at the office, the other raises the jack on the Ollie, removes the plate and secures it with a bungee cord or something...then drive on to your Site and park. If the Site is on an angle, you are all set, the plate is already off. If tow vehicle and Anderson lines up at the Site, then when re-hooking the triangle plate won't be an issue.
  11. Spotted an Oliver Elite II going Westbound on I-68 through downtown Cumberland, MD. Looks like one of the older models. Black Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab with TN plates. The guy was driving like his hair was on fire...LOL, we could hardly keep up. Followed about 25 miles to our exit.
  12. I think the 25' Bigfoot has the best floorplan if going larger. I would make the front dinette an "L" shape across the front to make 2 twins if needed. Twins in the bedroom, or drop in a Queen, or put a King longways across the back with nightstand.
  13. We saw an Ollie today going Eastbound on Highway 68 in Cumberland, Maryland 🙂 (Near Deep Creek Lake) I think it was a Oval logo with a Horse on it.
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