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  1. DJM

    Hull #

    Where do I find out what the "Hull #" of our Ollie is? And how do I put one of those maps on my profile that show what states we have been to?
  2. That is interesting. I don't see any obvious way to join them together but I do see that you can buy one up to 79" in length and replace the one currently in there. Has anyone ever done that? Are there any problems snaking back in to the oliver for storage or does it somehow hang up? DJM
  3. Is it possible to get a longer outside shower hose? Or to get an Extension to the outside shower hose? Any suggestions on whether to get such a thing? Any suggestions on WHERE to get such a thing?
  4. John, When you go to buy these Amazon urges the purchase of Gutter extension spouts. Obviously this does not go with the product you installed around your windows but I am wondering if these "spouts" would fit at the end of the rain deflector that goes under the awning so that rain water is directed away from the body of the Oliver. As it is there is a lot of run off there both front and back which leaves a lot of dirt. So a little deflecting of the water away would be good but I don't know if this is the right product or even if it could be installed?
  5. A friend of ours quit RVing for health reasons and gave us a ohuhu telescoping ladder that looked brand new and had hardly ever been used. I loved it because it fit in the closet nicely . I haven't used it but three or four times [I have other sturdier ladders available for use when not on the road] but then needed it a few day ago and the top couple of rungs would not "lock" and my son came close to a disaster but we caught it in time. Now the thing will neither close all the way nor open all the way. I have gone about blind searching the internet for an explanation or a fix or or somewhere to complain or send it for repair. No luck Ohuhu has a web site. They make a lot of products but if you click on this ladder it refers you to amazon that does not have a place to call to complain or get advice or repair. I think that when we went to open the ladder after long disuse we did not open it lifting the very top section first and then the next and the next as the directions require. We were in a bit of a hurry for reasons that are irrelevant here. But then the instructions do not tell you that if you don't "open" it exactly as directed it will be ruined and never work again. I note that if you go in amazon and look at all these telescoping ladders and read the comments [even on the most expensive ones] you will find comments that says that they collapse and cause injuries and are not safe. Does anyone have a thought about these things? Any idea about what might be wrong or how to get it working again? Any place likely to be capable of repairing it? IMG_3810.MP4
  6. Overland, Is that Captain Tolley's creeping crack cure. ? D.
  7. I Just power washed the Oliver after a month long trip. Took longer than I expected but looks good. Two questions. 1 Do those who wax their Oliver wax the roof. Seems like I should since that is where the heaviest dirt is. But then that is a headache to work up there. 2. How do you remove the black streaks that develop from water running across the insulation for the lights? DJM
  8. sea dawg, You were going to provide a link to some kind of window exhaust system. I didn't see the link. Please send. DJM
  9. Add Tags... I find that if we leave the windows open [even a little] in the rain the Rain comes in. This is so even with the Awning open? Is there any solution to this?
  10. Our hot water heater on our 2016 oliver would not work on propane on a recent trip. A fellow Olie owner said he had the same problem with his brand new oliver. He said he found a loose wire. I looked I found a loose wire. Picture attached. It comes from outside at the bottom of the hot water heater and then comes inside under the right side bed. Can someone tell me where to plug this wire in. Better yet send me a picture? DJM
  11. Our windows , like all olivers I presume, has an external shade. When we do on trips a couple of them become detached. I would like to think there is some way to adjust these so they are more safely attached to the window. But I can't figure out or find where there is any such adjustment. Any suggestion will be appreciated.
  12. DJM


    I want to thank everyone for your generous assistance in trouble shooting my particular problem and educating me on the Ollie electricity in General. All GOOD. Stay safe out there. DJM
  13. DJM


    Mossey, I took the heater out of the RV and plugged it in to the extension cord. It worked the same as it did in the house. However I am still convinced it has something to do with the extension cord and maybe the surge protector in the oliver detecting low voltage. So far I cannot locate either the "surge protector" or the "inverter" although I know they are in there somewhere. What throws me is the idea that the surge protector interrupts the power when the voltage is LOW? I thought a surge protector is to shut of electricity when there is too much power? I am sure I am displaying my ignorance here. I will try to remedy my ignorance with Google and the 2016 oliver manual but presently that is mystifying me. BUT I am going to assume that this all has to do with the extension cord and wait until I can run a proper line out there or in the alternative take it to a park and try it there. Dan
  14. DJM


    Mr. Mossemi, Thanks for all of these suggestions. Yesterday I got the outlet tester from Amazon and every one of the outlets tested fine in the oliver. however coincidentally as I was testing [no space heater plugged in or working] the gfi in the house tripped. So I reset that then checked all the outlets in the Oliver [which were fine] then I plugged in the heater. it runs on low but when you turn it to high it stops after just a few seconds. So with all the outlets in the Oliver testing out I am beginning to think the problem is the 150' of extension cords from the house out to the Oliver in the back yard. So then I change where the extension cord is plugged in at the house and put it on a different circuit which does not even have a GFI that I know of and we get exactly the same outcome. All the outlets in the oliver are fine. But when the space heater goes to "high" it just stops working after about 20 seconds. then I google whether or not a space heaters function degrades at the end of a long extension cord and I get no direct answer but I do get a lot of hits telling me that plugging a space heater in to an extension cord is very dangerous and can start a fire. Of course the space heater is not plugged in to an extension cord it is the Oliver that is plugged in to an extension cord. But SOMETHING tells me this all has to do with the fact that my electric is being supplied through about 150' of extension cord. I will try to follow your instructions about the inverter as well . I know almost nothing about it. I think it converts D.C. to A.C. power? I haven't tried to run anything on an A.C. outlet with the ac disconnected. i should try that just to confirm it is working. DJM Note I have tested this with a hair dryer and with a different space heater and I get the same response. All of those appliances work fine in the house. I guess i could pin this down even better by simply plugging the heater directly in to the extension cord and see if I get the same result. I am going to try that next. I predict I will get the same result as when I plug it in inside of the oliver.
  15. DJM


    In response to Mossemi's request The Oliver is a 2016 Elite II. It is hull # 151. I don't know who was the first owner. I thought it was Harvey Frese the guy I bought it from but I think the people from Oliver told me he was not the first owner.. There is no micowave. The GFI is under the forward seat in the Dinette. There IS an inverter. I have had several people suggest I change the GFI but I am wating to get the tester to see if it shows anything defective about the one in there. Should I get a 15 amp or a 20 amp? It is odd sometimes the GFT trips but some times it doesn't. I tried my wife's hair dryer and it works on low but if you put it on high it runs for only a minute and then just STOPS. The GFI does not trip but the hair dryer stops. A shop light works in all outlets. I have no microwave. I am attaching the name plate on the space heater. which work fine if you plug it in outside of the Oliver. I would buy a vornado but Amazon has several varieties. Someone suggested a particular version but I can no longer find the suggestion. DJM
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