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  1. Our windows , like all olivers I presume, has an external shade. When we do on trips a couple of them become detached. I would like to think there is some way to adjust these so they are more safely attached to the window. But I can't figure out or find where there is any such adjustment. Any suggestion will be appreciated.
  2. DJM


    I want to thank everyone for your generous assistance in trouble shooting my particular problem and educating me on the Ollie electricity in General. All GOOD. Stay safe out there. DJM
  3. DJM


    Mossey, I took the heater out of the RV and plugged it in to the extension cord. It worked the same as it did in the house. However I am still convinced it has something to do with the extension cord and maybe the surge protector in the oliver detecting low voltage. So far I cannot locate either the "surge protector" or the "inverter" although I know they are in there somewhere. What throws me is the idea that the surge protector interrupts the power when the voltage is LOW? I thought a surge protector is to shut of electricity when there is too much power? I am sure
  4. DJM


    Mr. Mossemi, Thanks for all of these suggestions. Yesterday I got the outlet tester from Amazon and every one of the outlets tested fine in the oliver. however coincidentally as I was testing [no space heater plugged in or working] the gfi in the house tripped. So I reset that then checked all the outlets in the Oliver [which were fine] then I plugged in the heater. it runs on low but when you turn it to high it stops after just a few seconds. So with all the outlets in the Oliver testing out I am beginning to think the problem is the 150' of extension cords from the house out to th
  5. DJM


    In response to Mossemi's request The Oliver is a 2016 Elite II. It is hull # 151. I don't know who was the first owner. I thought it was Harvey Frese the guy I bought it from but I think the people from Oliver told me he was not the first owner.. There is no micowave. The GFI is under the forward seat in the Dinette. There IS an inverter. I have had several people suggest I change the GFI but I am wating to get the tester to see if it shows anything defective about the one in there. Should I get a 15 amp or a 20 amp? It is odd sometimes the GFT trips but some times it doesn't. I tried
  6. DJM


    Subsequently I turned off the Fridge for a while then went and checked the GFI which seemed to be ok but I tested and reset it. Then I turned on the Fridge and it switched back to AC. So That problem is somehow repaired. if I can just figure out why I can't make a space heater work. ??
  7. DJM


    Well I have tried hooking up a 2nd space heater. I know this works at my office. It also works in my house. But as soon as I pluig it in and turn it on I loose power to all the outlets. So then I disconnected and then reconnected the A.C. power. now I have power to the outlets but the fridge will not work in the AC mode. It wants to select gas mode. All the main circuit breaker seem to be untripped. I have turned the fridge on and off several times but it will not select A.C. It will run in D.C. or in Gas. Does anyone have any ideas? DJM
  8. DJM


    I just tried to plug in a little space heater to keep the new [to us] Ollie warm without using up propane. It keeps tripping the GFI?! What is the answer to this? You cannot run a space heater off of 110 shore power? DJM
  9. DJM


    How long should I expect 30 lbs of propane to last when I am running the furnace heating to about 64 degrees when outside temperature is averaging 40 degrees?
  10. I just took delivery on a 2016 Oliver Elite II. It has and Anderson Anti sway hitch. I will be towing it with a 2016 Grand Cherokee with a 5.7 liter V8 and a factory tow package and a brake controller. Various people have told me I don't need the Anderson hitch and I can tow it quite effectively with the bull dog hitch. The transporter brought it to Saint Louis from California without an Anti sway hitch. Why would I need the anti sway hitch? Seems a lot simpler without it. Any advice is appreciated. If anyone can refer me to a URL that discusses this that would be great.
  11. Is there a cover specifically designed for the Oliver Elite II? What is anyone out there using?
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