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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you for taking the time. I always thought this is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Muppy
  2. Having been reading about trailer thefts lately, has us wanting to buy one. Does any one have a brand that they use and works well? Thanks, Muppy
  3. Hi all, We have adopted Hull #170. It does not have a name as of yet. It will be taken care of by John & Cheryl ( Muppy) And Shorty The Dog. Looking forward to spring 2020 and all the adventures ahead. Muppy
  4. Hey Everyone! We have success! Holy sheep do..do! This has been like this for a while. we filled the fresh water tank until it came out of the overflow. We removed all of the drawers on the left under the sink. (Thank you for the directions) removed the piece of wood held by four screws...(which by the way were three times the width of the wood in length sticking into the pex area. ) It was soaking , dripping wet and apparently has been for quite some time. The sinks black drain /elbow WAS COMPLETELY UNDONE, UNSCREWED AND SEPERATED! it was like it had never been put together. Everything was soaked, including the electrical outlet under there! (Assuming it is to the fridge.) Put it back together and tightened it as tight as hand tight can be. Ran the kitchen faucet with the water pump. NOTHING CAME OUT OF THE DRAINAGE AREAS CURBSIDE!! Yahoo!!! (pictures for your enjoyment) more tests will follow with the city inlet,( COMPLETED CITY INLET TEST AND IT IS A-O.K.) but we believe we found the culprit. (POSITIVE WE DID).? Thanks All, Muppy (John And Cheryl)
  5. SeaDawg, Thank You. I guess you and (all ) may have figured out by now , that we both, are not that mechanically inclined! We will attempt., I laid on the floor in the Oliver trying to figure out how to remove the drawers. The rails are underneath the drawer. Please give me a hint on what to press or push to remove? I do not want to personally screw that up too and not be able to put the drawers back correctly after. The fear is now starting to take us over, LOL. Thank You, Muppy (John And Cheryl )
  6. Jason, after the fiasco with the city water inlet leakage. we ran a test today. We Hooked up the hose with the 40-50psi regulator to the fresh water inlet on the left. Turned on the water, fresh water tank filled fine, no leakage until it came out of the round overfill to the left of the fridge curb side. The fresh water tank gauge does not work . We shut the hose off immediately when water came out of the overflow of the fresh tank. Turned on the water pump. Opened the kitchen and bathroom faucets.....*** WATER STARTED POURING OUT OF ALL OF THE DRIP HOLES AND DRAINS ON THE CURB SIDE. (NOT THE FRESH TANK OVERFLOW.). Shut off the water pump and closed faucets....***THE DRIPPING SLOWED AND STOPPED. We retilted the Oliver front up and water drained from all openings. UGH! So we can use no water without it pouring out. Thanks, Muppy
  7. Townes, yes, the water was dripping from the refrigerator drain, as well as all weep holes curb side during city inlet hookup. not...the round fresh tank overflow to the left. We tipped the front of the Oliver up and water poured out of all holes(not the fresh water tank overflow though). I think the bowels of the Oliver were full of water. At this point the whole thing is a mystery. Please read my last post to Jason on here. thanks, Muppy (John And Cheryl)
  8. Hey All, I just read all of your responses. We lifted the front of the trailer. We just ran the water pump. No water on-connected to the Oliver. Some water came out, not a lot into the sinks. We have the grey tank open and the hose connected to drain in the driveway, grey tank is empty. The drain holes were pouring water!! When we picked up the Oliver, the fresh water tank gauge was not working. We are thinking the previous owner overfilled the fresh water tank, possibly multiple times, and the bowels are full of water? We will do all of the suggestions, and get back to you on wed. On here. Unfortunately, appts are awaiting. Many thanks for your time friends. Chat very soon....I want to camp a couple of days at least before winterizing. And campgrounds close Oct 1st at many North East Campgrounds. Or at least the latest,Columbus Day. Dang it. Muppy (Cheryl And John)
  9. Hi StevenBet, Thank You for your answer. Please see my response to Overland. it will save some typing, lol Muppy (Cheryl & John)
  10. Hi Overland, yes, the hose is hooked up to the right sided inlet marked city . what happened was, I opened all of the faucets, then went and turned the water on at the house on slowly ,not fast, but not at a snails pace either. I then walked to the Oliver to go in and watch for all of the air to get out of the lines, while husband watched the water connection on the Oliver. When I went to the bathroom, I saw some water going into the shower pan...so I quickly opened the shut off at the shower pan and the water went down. At no time did it overflow. When all of the air went out of the lines, I shut the faucets off,kitchen and bath ( we have a compost toilet),went outside to start the water heater and noticed the water dripping out of the 3 places in the pictures above. Yes there is water coming out of the white tube under the refrigerator, not just the metal weep holes( front and back) on the door side. None on the dinette side is leaking. I went ahead and did my cleaning inside...nothing gets cleaner than a mad woman cleaning!!! In the meantime it was still, drip,drip,drip, from all locations mentioned. Water heater worked fine....that is a good thing or I would have lost it entirely! we looked under the dinette...no leaks. We looked under the seat on drivers side REAR at the U TABLE...no leaks. Any suggestions? thank you, Muppy (Cheryl)
  11. Hey friends. First time hooking up water. So of course, I forgot to open the drain in the shower floor. So I am wondering if what I am about to write could have something to do with the water from the sink not being able to go down the drain. I am praying it is. It is city water, have a 40-50 psi regulator at house outdoor faucet. I have water drip drainage at all drains on the door side of the Oliver. The metal weep hole drains as well as the white drainage tube under the refrigerator. What the heck. I just picked this up last Sunday. First setting up this weekend, because on top of this we have just accepted a offer on our home last Saturday. I am not feeling all warm and fuzzy right now and a little discouraged. What ...probably a leak? What do you think. Muppy ( John & Cheryl)
  12. ScubaRx and TopGun, YAY! What worked was getting on a ladder and pushing on the arms one at a time, which released the pressure off the turning mechanism. So with each side pushed in a little ,it would turn a little bit more taking in the awning. When I reached up on the awning itself, I could feel the over extension, just like rolling blinds reach their end. Both of you taught us something and helped! Thank you. Maybe another newbie will learn from our mistake. Have a great weekend! I am sure you will hear from the newbies again soon...LOL Muppy ( Cheryl & John)
  13. TopGun, Just saw your response. I have to wait a little while for husband to return,He had to run a errand. I will write back and let you and Scubarx know what happened in a little while. THANKS! Muppy
  14. Scubarx, Just went out and checked. The arms are not locked, they are ok. It seems it is the awning is not released to go into the cover. Turning the long handled arm to the left it moves outward a little then stops, about a half inch.....turning the long handled arm to the right it will not turn at all. .?? Any suggestion? Muppy
  15. Thinking of you and your’s. All of us in New Hampshire are praying for our friends in the South. Muppy
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