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  1. Our Truma turns off and flashes an error code #6, possible valve problem. Truma sent us a new circuit board but the error code persisted. We plan to have the unit replaced. Truma recommended Desert Skies RV repair in Mesa, Az and we are working with them. My issue is that the Truma did not work from the first night and this should have been picked up by the factory before delivery to us.
  2. We have the Truma. It has not worked from the first night of camping at David Crockett State Park. We should have gone back to Oliver the next day but headed for home (New Mexico) thinking that we just had not been properly operating it. Now it is June and still not working. Oliver washed their hands of it saying that we had to go through Truma even though it was a faulty unit right from the start. Truma is mostly shut down because of the corona virus. I suspect it will be several more months of camping until it can be replaced. We would not have opted for a Truma (Trauma) if we had known about the troubles we have had.
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