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  1. This could be a problem. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/11/30/elon-musk-to-spacex-starships-raptor-engine-crisis-risks-bankruptcy.html
  2. That’s a good point John, I will have to check for a fuse. I’ll replace the screws also. 😁
  3. Wire connected and port is live. Thanks all. John
  4. It seems that Oliver standards are slipping a little bit. When we took delivery our trailer was filthy. If I purchased a $75000 car it would be shining when I drove it off the lot. After I got to Davie Crockett I noticed the bumper on the door was loose. It was attached with a single screw through the thin sheet metal door. The latch to hold the door open was through bolted with an aluminum backer plate. Why the bumper wasn't done in a similar way makes no sense. I rectified it when I got home.
  5. Thanks John. I was assuming that was the case but this yellow wire is not even stripped at the end. If it was stripped I would have assumed it came out of the ground bus but the previous year diagrams show a yellow wire for the port going directly to the battery. I'll give it all another look when I get back to the trailer tomorrow. John
  6. So I am planning on making a cable Like John Davies did to run from my Zamp solar port to my truck bed to run a Iceco Fridge/freezer. I was under the assumption that the port connects directly to the batteries. When I went to test for voltage at the port I wasn't getting anything so I looked under the streetwise bed to see how the connections were done. The pictures below show what I found. The red wire from the port connects to another red wire and the black wire connects to a yellow wire that goes toward the front of the trailer but isn't connected to anything. Should this yellow wire be connected to the bus bar in the picture? Is that why I am seeing no voltage because there is no ground?
  7. I understand why (money) plastic fittings are used but it couldn’t coast more than an extra $30 to do it correctly and use brass fittings. At this price I would expect the best materials to be used during manufacturing. John
  8. What is the current firmware version. john
  9. Does anyone with a newer Trailer know if Oliver has switched over to brass PEX fittings or are they still using the plastic ones? I'm starting to assemble a repair kit and if they are brass they probably aren't going to break. Thanks John
  10. What was the final outcome of this incident? John
  11. Thanks topgun. Forgot I had to take into account that the ball is 3 inches high. 😁
  12. Pickup time is fast approaching and I need to get a hitch for the Ollie. The service department is going to swap to the 2 5/16 coupler. I am towing with a 2021 GMC 2500 AT4. Unloaded is 23 inches to the top of the receiver. I put 550 lbs worth of people on the tailgate the other day and it dropped a hair over and inch. I would prefer to not get an adjustable hitch to avoid any rattling and the Ollie is really all that I will tow. I am thinking a receiver with a 2 inch rise would put me in the ballpark after adding gear and extras to the truckbed. What do the experts out there think? Thanks, John
  13. Awesome. Keep us posted. John
  14. Hey Mike, Could you post the checklist you created of problems to look for. Thanks, John
  15. That sounds like a really good price considering Oliver charges $11000 for just those batteries and the 3000 watt inverter. What was the individual cost for the batteries? I have a delivery date in Nov and was considering the lithium pro package. I was originally just going to do it myself since I was not thrilled with the Lifeblue batteries. I now understand that Oliver is exclusively installing Lithonics with I assume I will get at the 2021 model price of $8999 which is a pretty good deal when those batteries are included. I would like the larger batteries that you have installed but the factory price is quite a bit high for what you get compared to the lithium pro package. Do I understand correctly that you purchased the batteries and other equipment from Oliver since lithonics doesn't sell to consumers? As a side topic has anyone replaced the generic lock on the battery tray with something a little more secure? Having thousands of dollars worth of batteries with a generic lock leaves me a little apprehensive. John
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