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  1. There is no way to remove the screws from the front without pulling the fridge out. You may be able to get to the screws through the upper vent on the outside of the trailer. There are only 2 of them if I recall correctly. John
  2. Looks Like Jim is the lucky winner. I’ll be in touch. John
  3. I'm not completely done just yet. I was able to extract the face frame from the Norcold to use instead of creating a whole new frame. I still need to get that installed and figure out some vent covers and where I am going to mount the Isotherm ITC controller. My install is very similar to John Davies with regards to building a platform and wiring everything to a bus bar on top of the fridge. I was lucky in the fact that my cabinet area was relatively square. I'll post some finish pics when I'm done. John
  4. I am finishing up installing the Isotherm fridge in my 2021 Oliver. I removed the Norcold 3-Way fridge and stripped the 2 circuit boards and front control panel. They are free to anyone who wants them. Just pay the shipping costs. John
  5. I was aware of the announcement but was under the impression that they would still be available for a larger repairs/modifications. I’ll just do it myself and save a couple grand although I would have rather had them do it to save the time. I certainly won’t be letting some dealer tear into my Oliver.
  6. I just called the service department to inquire about having my fridge swapped out with the Isotherm. No dice. I was told that I would have to go through a dealer to have it done. What a bunch of BS that is. It seems to me that that is a pretty big job that I should have the option of having the factory do. I hope everybody at the Rally lets Oliver know how we feel about this. John
  7. When I did this modification it was the best bang for the buck/footprint I could find. Could you go a little bigger? Maybe! But I didn’t want to have to deal with covering any vents or getting too far forward or overhanging the sides too much. I have an RSI Smartcap being delivered soon and I will probably put the old Zamp panels on top of it so I should be at about 940 watts before any ground deployment. This is a real rabbit 🐇 hole…..😆 John
  8. MAX is correct. The panels are wired in series which allows the voltage to get higher earlier in the morning. (Charges sooner) Only downside to this is if one panel gets shaded then they all take a hit but this is such a small area I don't think it will be a factor. I am actually running 390AH of Lithionics. The 13.6 volts was the current battery voltage. (They weren't fully charged) John
  9. Finally getting some higher sun angles. All is working well! Pulled in just under 3 KWH the other day. John
  10. Yeah...My Viair has been used maybe twice since I bought it. One time "might" have been to blow up an inflatable water toy. This is what keeps holding me back from installing onboard air. The big use for onboard air would be to install a train horn for left lane drivers. 🤣 John
  11. It will open in the Numbers app.
  12. Hey all, I have site E32 on 5/15-5/19 for the rally. Unfortunately this old Deadhead is gonna have to skip this year in favor of a couple Dead and Company shows in Vegas. Not sure if I can transfer this site or if someone wants to coordinate when I call and cancel it so you can call right after and get it. Let me know if anyone is interested. John
  13. I heard back from Epoch and it appears my concerns are not warranted. 👍🏻 John Hello John, The self-heating has 2 requirements for activation. Temp below 32F and also connected to a charging source. It will only take current from a charging source to power the heating, never from the batteries.
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