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  1. Has anyone modified their Ollie from the Twin bed to a king size bed. We though the twins would work for us but we just don't like them. From what I see removing the nightstand is just 4 bolts and some caulk. The bed rails appear to be riveted as seen I the picture below. Would the best approach be just drilling out the rivets? I don't see anything below them that I would need to be concerned about. Any experience would be appreciated. John
  2. Just did my 2021 today and found the exact situation as John when I opened them up. John
  3. Has anyone ended up ordering a King mattress from Tochta? We are going to convert from the twins to a King and this seems like the best option. What dimensions did you go with? John
  4. If both panels are the same (or close in specs) you are better off running them in series. This increases your voltage but not your amperage. Since your controller is downstream from the port it will see the low amperage before it gets to your controller where it increases. John
  5. I've had the Iceco VL75Pro for about a year. Works great, has the danfoss compressor and I paid about $870 bucks with a coupon. I have a similar setup to Steve with solar to charge a battery in the truck bed that then powers the fridge. With partial sun it will run indefinitely.
  6. This stuff is great for the outdoor lights. Makes them dimmer and less harsh. John Lamin-x One 4 inch x 8 inch... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CXWPO72?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  7. This trifold panel setup I made weighs about 45 lbs. 300 watts for around $305. I added a victron 100/50 that connects to the zamp port for easy deployment. The panels are Bougerv. John
  8. Thanks for the info guys. I measured the towel rack that is currently in the cutout and the outside dimensions are 19x13. Did y'all have to enlarge that hole to install the hatch. I assume everyone has used that 12x24 in hatch that was posted in another thread. John
  9. So I just got the separate shower valves and a new shower head to do this mod. Can someone tell me what I am going to find when I take the towel rack/cubby out of the vanity. I am assuming just 2 pex lines (hot and cold) with a valve going to a 1/2 inch NPT with supply lines to the faucet as pictured above. I am planning on adding a T to those vales and hopefully that will be it. These will be the first big holes I have put in the fiberglass. What is the preferred method for doing this. I was going to use a hole saw on my drill. Any other techniques or gotchas to be aware of. Thanks, John
  10. Yeah yeah, I know it is too long and I knew it would be pointed out when I posted it.😁 I have blanks so I can just cut the cable to length and re-crimp it but for some reason I haven't gotten back to do it yet. 🤷‍♂️. Now I am motivated!!! John
  11. Hey Mike, you are correct. I have the 3000 wax XC Pro. I have noted the picture below. The 4/0 cable used to come from the battery negative to the chassis ground. When I installed the Lynx I removed all the wire from the battery compartment except for the 2 4/0 cables that come from the batteries to the lynx. Luckily when I removed the 4/0 cable from the battery negative that went to the chassis it was just long enough to be able to be installed (albeit awkwardly) to the negative bus on the lynx which saved me from making another 4/0 cable. The solar controllers below are a 100/50 for the portable solar and a 100/30 for the rooftop array. There is a small positive busbar mounted vertically on the lower right that I used for jacks ect. John
  12. Hey Mike, That 4/0 cable on my 2021 goes direct to the negative battery terminal. (at least it used to before I rearranged all the wiring 😁) John
  13. When I first took that screenshot of the specs I assumed it was the 210 watt newpowa. When I saw it was now 400 watts an no mention of victron I wondered what had changed. john
  14. So I noticed that the info on the 2023 now says 400 watts of solar with solar charge controller. No mention of brand of charge controller. I took a screenshot of this awhile back. Does anyone know what is being offered know?
  15. When did you have the ceramic applied? 10 years ago or recently? If it was recently then it will obviously look as good or better than new ones. All fiberglass (Gelcoat) can be made to look new (within reason). The prepping process assures that the gelcoat will look like new before the coating is applied. I am talking about the longevity of the coating. If storing outside in the elements the life of the coating will be drastically reduced as opposed to storing indoors or under cover. My point was that the value (lifetime) of the coating will be dependent on your storage conditions. If storing outside uncovered like I do then I personally don't believe it is worth the price. John
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