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  1. Thanks Eric, Pete and Andrew for your suggestions. There was a little sliver of info in each that helped. Cutting to the chase for summary, it appears to be a combination of the particular extension cord and the GFI breaker in my garage. For those wanting a little more detail: I tried the heat in the cabin, nothing happened. After trying a different extension cord, and still no luck, I finally took Ollie to the local RV shop and surprise, they found everything working just fine. When I brought it back home, I tried the original extension cord causing the problem and the GFI popped. When
  2. We last used the trailer in Sept and when I winterized it, I turned off the electric circuit shut-off switch to conserve the batteries. When I went in today to start getting ready for our trip to FL in a couple of weeks, I turned the shut-off switch on, the furnace blower came on as the switch wasn't completely off and the batteries read 11.5 on the gauge. When I plugged in the extension cord to start charging the batteries, the garage gfi breaker faulted. I tried several times with the same result. I went back to the trailer, turned all circuits breakers off, tried a different extensio
  3. Thanks DC & Chuck for your recommendations and favorites. We'll put out an "APB" when we get near FL.
  4. Cathie and I are thinking of taking our Oliver (and new addition "Latte") for a 6-8 week adventure to the warmer US South in Jan-Feb. Our vacation experiences in FL or TX have been primarily related to visiting family and we are not familiar with camping in either Fl or TX. Our Oliver experiences have been road trips (2-3 weeks) with a max stay of 3 days in any one location, so this will be a complete new experience. We are not enthusiastic about commercial RV parks and prefer State and National parks, plus, with our new little complication to our lives, we need pet friendly places. We w
  5. See DC Keifer post at the beginning of this thread: I was one of those with BCT 10 Ply tires that had no problems...up until a couple of weeks ago. I left our home in Boulder CO around 5:15 PM (five hours late), 70lbs psi in each tire, temp 93 degrees, heading to MN to catch-up with my wife at a family gathering. Due to the late start, I was still driving on I80 at 1:15AM, trying to get to a camping spot I had reserved near Lincoln NE, about 50 miles away at the time. I had been driving about 8 hours between 65-72mph with a couple of gas stops, air temp at the time 85-86 degrees. I h
  6. Technomadia - Our 4Runner also had the factory installed tow package and since our Oliver worked fine with our old Explorer, I thought it might be the new electric brakes we had installed. They were not the problem. I thought it might be the alternator since the battery would discharge when driving and the refrigerator didn't keep cool. The alternator checked out fine. I thought the trailer connection was screwed up somehow? The output from the vehicle trailer connection checked out fine. It was not the vehicle. Sorry I didn't get the location on the short/loose connection. I wasn't pres
  7. Technomadia - We upgraded from an 2002 Explorer V6 to a 2006 4Runner V8. Had no trouble with the Explorer. The 4Runner worked for a week and then experienced the very same issues you described. Rt turn signal, rt brake, Oliver light out, battery charger, refrigerator, etc. There were two problems, the first I found on the adapter receptacle end, one of the little flat metal sides was squeezed to the opposite side compared to all the other ones. I think that was a result of my not putting the adapter plug in squarely and carefully as the Toyota connection is tucked under the bumper a bit.
  8. Any Oliver owners know if it is crazy to go to FL in Jan - Feb without reservations? Preference would be state, regional, other parks as compared to the big private RV places. What about AZ or So Texas? Any recommendations? Thanks OB1 & OB2
  9. We have an Explorer V6 with I think, 210 HP, 5000 towing capacity. It works fine on the flats (lower elevation), but is a bit underpowered when going up long mountain grades. Get behind a truck on a steep incline above 7500 feet and it really has to work hard to build up speed to pass (two lanes each way). We'll probably upgrade to a small V8 in the spring. Your tow vehicle will be adequate at lower elevations, but you'll probably regret it at higher elevations. (We live in CO).
  10. Hello Forum members - Terry and Cathie O'Brien, Boulder, Colorado checking in. We just did a rapid transformation from new wannabes (three weeks) to actual newbies, (two days). We had been lurking about the Oliver board after looking at the Casita board and seeing the name Oliver mentioned a couple of times. After checking out the Oliver on line and getting additional information, we thought we would see if we could make it work in the spring of '09 sometime. On this very forum we saw a mention of a few demo models that were priced very attractively. A phone call to Jim Oliver on Dec 31st (he
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