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  1. My understanding is that the regulator installed between the LP tanks and the “device”, i.e., refrigerator, furnace, hot water, or outdoor grill provides the proper pressure. Simple attach an appropriate sized LP hose w/ fitting to the MAGMA grill.
  2. As I get closer to owning an Ollie I’m envisioning how I will use the trailer. I currently own a Norcold Portable Refrigerator having a DanFoss Compressor 12V or 110V adapter. DanFoss compressors are superb in their performance and low power consumption (aH). Having multiple fuel options LP, 12V, and 110V covers all bases when boon-docking especially in high altitude areas and in colder seasonal temps.
  3. As I contemplate how I will use my Ollie in the future I know that I too will be doing as much grilling outside as possible and therefore my experience using my Marine Grill, MAGMA, is my first choice of grills. While this cooking surface area is somewhat small, the efficiency of this powerhouse marine grade stainless steel grill makes up for its size. I’ve used this on my 1950 Chris Craft boat ? on Lake Michigan. Wind does not adversely effect it. You can use 1 lb propane canisters or best of all direct connect to the Ollie’s Quik Connect.
  4. While I currently don’t own an Ollie, I’ve visited the plant and sales office in September of this year. Hope to place an order 1/2020. I’ve, like many, have done an exhaustive review and comparison of travel trailers, Motorhomes, etc., including their respective mechanical systems. Leave it to the Europeans to out-engineer the U.S. manufacturers (predominantly in Indiana where design and decor are STUCK in the ‘80’s) with sustainability and efficiency being their guiding design impetus. All that being said, to address your specific citing of the Alde heating system which uses glycol as the “medium” transferring heat via finned radiators pumped via plastic supply lines is a great system. However, since the Oliver is equipped with a propane gas ducted forced air heating system the logical conversion would be a Truma Combi System which is a propane gas tankless hot water heater and a gas ducked forced air heating system. Using the existing duct system would be the most efficient conversion rather than attempting to re-plumb supply lines and place finned radiators in the trailer hull. I hope Oliver considers the Truma Combi System as an upgrade since the Truma Tankless Water Heater is already an option... Just my thoughts and observations. Forrest
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