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  1. intech announced a 28fter...all aluminum frame/fiberglass ext...10cu ft condenser fridge...5800lbs... around 55k... take a look.!
  2. i will start out traveling solo...just want to see whats around the corner... am hoping to find "home bases" in different places for different times of the yr. being from minnesota....will actively avoid sno and coldest weather.
  3. my thought for retirement is to fulltime in an elite2. would like some input...pros/cons...facts and fictions of that kinda lifestyle... will look for a few home bases to spend some time... please advise w/ thoughts? 10-q dan
  4. b of b you paint the picture i was looking for....thank you. 10-q dan
  5. thank you for you replies... am planning to take the backroads...boondock mostly.. new mexico will be 1st on the list and head uphill from there through the summer...take a left in sept heading south for the winter... seems like a plan that may work.?
  6. travelers... looking for insight to life in an ollie... are people friendly..?. small towns welcoming...?. are there bugs everywhere..?. do you have to lock your doors..?. too many pets..?....you get the idea. please advise w/ thoughts. 10-q mtkadan
  7. ecovie aqualoop info...please see link: https://www.ecoviewater.com/products/aqualoop/ ive emailed them to see if their system is affordable and rv capable...have not heard back.!? seems promising.... 10-q dan
  8. don I don't know how patient you can be...?...but the new tundra will be out 2021. sounds like hybrid and 30mpg. get one now for 20k...drive it for two yrs...and trade it in. just an idea.?? do well. 10-q dan
  9. retrofitting an ollie would offer unique challanges, but installing a radiant system in a NEW built unit would make sense. id like to see oliver research it for future trailers....hopefully its a positive replacement to the forced air unit of today.! small changes to improve the final product is the goal.
  10. I see so many advantages to a system like this for an ollie...better boondocking and efficient operation. like the idea of its dual purpose and radiant heat is so warm and quiet. think it is something new ollie builds consider.?
  11. saw some info on a radiant heating system for rv's from ALDE a Swedish company….quiet...31lbs...does hot water too. please review at this link: https://www.alde.us/what-is-alde/ advise w/ thoughts? 10-q dan
  12. is there a adaptation to recycle grey water onboard an ollie? with a composting toilet...both the grey and black tank could be used to filter/store water... and make it potable?? please advise w/ thoughts. 10-q mtkadan
  13. don Thompson....good to hear from you.! I spoke w/ you a few yrs ago about your toureg/Ollie combo. stay in touch. 10-q mtkadan
  14. thanks for your replies. was hoping I could just chase 72degrees...all yr long...and may not need one.??
  15. Id like some input. how often do you use your AC while camping?? please advise. 10-q mtkadan
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