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  1. so far yous guys are kinda fun....yet no bug junk.
  2. thanks for the replies... rodents you use lite or peppermint to repel.. rutting elk and moose dont like hunters... griz...distance is the only one i know.! insects though?? mud daubers...no see ums.. gnats....?
  3. give me an idea...when traveling the western states...about bugs and the nature stuff. where...when...and what??....if you could.? ive heard to watch out for tree pollen in the tx hill country each spring....and mosquito-rex in utah.! please advise. 10-q dan
  4. june 17 is dealer reveal...delivery novemberish..?? keeping my fingers xcrossed.!
  5. tundra rules... the 2022 hybrid is on my radar.
  6. nope...your experience is appreciated.! 10-q dan
  7. thanks for the input...i can learn to be an energy miser.! ....300ah ought to be plenty.
  8. oliver offers 630ah lithium for 2022 models... how many amp/hours does it take to run an ollie for 24hrs? please advise. 10-q dan
  9. the state of minnesota is developing a new campground on superiors north shore. please see link: Split Rock Lighthouse getting new 'drive-in' campground as area gets new mountain bike trails (msn.com) 10-q dan
  10. its an 800dollar option...seems more handy to have than a honda 2200i.??
  11. please see link: Forget The Generators: The 2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid Can Power Your RV AND Your Neighbor's RV! - YouTube looks like a feature worth having. advise w/ thoughts. 10-q dan
  12. john thanks for the input... im interested in having one too...looks great.! keep me posted on how warm/hot the truck bed stays when closed.?? 10-q dan
  13. do you have to use the key to open each lift lid?..
  14. shade cloth interested me....a 12x20 piece is 100bucks...would cover the whole side of the trailer and me light. see link:Shade Cloth, 70% Black (greenhousemegastore.com) only need 3 hard points on top and poles/anchors at the bottom...????
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