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  1. Thanks to all. So the problem was i needed to scan a larger then normal piece. Every shop i contacted could not do it. Fedex office store could. Once it was scan getting a shop to make it vinyl wasn't hard. Below is the finished product. Hull 546 Robin's Nest is complete. Mattnan yes we must have been right behind you. We got ours on 11-5-19. Again thank you all for the help and the oliver community is great you all rock.
  2. Mainiac and Mattnan I am looking to get a map that I have scanned and made into a decal for the front of ours. Hull 546 Robin's Nest. The map is a commissioned piece of art that i got it is about 28 inches high and about 18 inches wide. Any help for us fellow Mainers would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Propanegear.com. call them and they will set you up. They got me what i needed for the camp chef grill and the outland fire pit . They are outstanding
  4. Oh absolutely I agree and it never hurts to have more then you need. And yes we have a Ollie II. Half ton pulls it with nothing other thena tow package.
  5. So we tow with a 2018 Silverado 1500 tow package 5.3 L with active fuel management crew cab short box. The truck is more then enough to tow the Oliver. In very steep inclines i can still pass semi trucks with no problem at highway speeds so power is not a huge issue. Now when it comes to stability I tow with no weight distribution nor any sway control. Most pickup now a days have yaw control and sway control built in and with apply the brakes accordingly. Towing fuel mileage is to be expected at around 12mpg. Now disconnected I average 20.4 and have gotten 23.9 over a 400 mile range. Have had no issues what so ever with heat or any other conditions for that matter. Now with this being said this is my experience. I have a CDL and have driven and towed with all sizes of trucks from compact trucks to class 8 semi trucks. I am comfortable with the GM 1500. Full disclosure I was a GM master certified tech for 20 years so take it for what it is worth. My advice to anyone do research on the vehicle that you feel comfortable driving and make sure the specs meet the the work load it is going to be doing but your comfortable with. My humble opinion and experience. So for me the grade is A plus.
  6. Looking for just more info on other then national parks. At the moment we are using the Recreation.gov app which is very good but only does federal lands and national parks.
  7. I am posing a question to all on here. What useful apps are you using or apps that you have tried and have not been so good.
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